Morning updates

* Rolen is out of the lineup again. He said he isn’t feeling much better, but the expectation, based on past experience, is that he’ll be able to play over the weekend.

* Kennedy sits again, as well. TLR said if it were a RHP on the mound, he’d play, but with Kennedy struggling, he didn’t want to bury him by sending him out against a LHP.

* The weather is, for the moment, holding. No rain falling yet, and everybody has heard something different about when it’s going to start coming down. Sounds like there is some hope for getting the game in, though.

* Go Bayern!

Currently playing on the PA: Gnarls Barkley, "Smiley Faces." Nice choice.



I didn’t know you were a Bayern Munich fan, haha let alone a soccer fan at all? Even if they win, they gotta go up against Man U and I don’t think they can handle them after what they did to Roma yesterday. haha. Interesting to hear ya say that.

I’m not a hardcore fan, but to the extent that I follow soccer, I definitely pull for Bayern. Went to a game at the old Olympic Stadium several years ago and just had a great experience.


Bayern, ouch, I watched most of it and they got seriously outplayed… sad, I’d historically been a fan as well. And never liked AC Milan.
Hoping not to hijack things, but following on yesterday’s post, I’m just stunned that TLR and DD let Wainwright throw 113 pitches in six innings at this point in the season after he closed last year…. lo and behold, starting the innings in the mid-to-high 90s, Wainwright gives up two runs. So the bullpen’s got issues, they can be addressed. A tired Wainwright at the end of the season… I don’t think that’d be fixable.

Oh, yeah, and how ’bout that Spartan Hockey Team… it was a nice low key parade on Tuesday, though my boys (4 and 2) wanted a longer one.

Yes, and again my boy Chris Duncan comes up big. That’s 2 games you can officially give Duncan the credit for winning with his bat. I don’t know why he’s not starting all the time. So what if he’s not a defensive asset? I haven’t seen him make any major mistakes in left. And it’s true he doesn’t hit every game and he strikes out often, but hey it’s not like he’s gonna strike out anymore than Preston Wilson, and hey while he’s doing it…actually driving in runs and winning games. Besides Duncan is young, still learning. Wilson’s got one foot out the door. I can’t imagine why the Astros didn’t want to pick up his 8 million dollar option? haha.

Guys just need days off sometimes, and the mgr likes to play everybody, as we all know. It was a day game after a night game, and a perfect chance to get Taguchi a game (esp. given what he’d done against Maholm).

Duncan’s not a platoon player. But when he does get a day off, it’s going to be against LHP.


Will be heading down to St. Louis in a few minutes, for tomorrow nights game. My first this year. Seven hour drive makes a 5 game Pujols pack and a spare game in May seem like a pretty major commitment. Hope it doesn’t get rained out. My last game was in the playoffs against the Mets. The one that got postponed to the next night. After driving 6 1/2 hours got the word on the radio that it was rained out. Had to give the playoff tickets to my cousin in St. Charles and drive back home. Still have never been to a playoff game. The rain owes me one. Looking forward to seeing Reyes against Sheets. Anthony always seems to draw the ace for his start. Will be listening to some old-time gospel, and some barbershop quartet as well as some bluegrass.


Altho the game is rain delayed tonite, I see the strikeout king, Wilson is in the lineup. This guy struck out 120 times in 500 at bats last year (no wonder the Astros released him) and walked a ******** 22 times. We’re talking about the answer to a pitcher’s prayer when Wilson steps to the plate. Play Shumaker or ANYBODY else out there.

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