Mountains and molehills, or, Carp plays catch — UPDATED

Greetings, all. Coming to you from the press box at 3:15 p.m. CT, and there are a few more people already here than on some days. That’s because the most scrutinized long-toss session of the season to date is going on below us. Chris Carpenter is in fact playing catch with Jeff Murphy on the field.

He started at roughly 50 feet or so, moved it out to 90 and now looks like he’s at about 120. Obviously we’ll know a lot more tomorrow with how he comes through it. And then we’ll know much, much more when he throws off a mound.

I’ll have a lot more details later in the day and as the week goes on.

Update: He will play long-toss again on Thursday. If all goes well over the coming days, he will throw a bullpen on Saturday.



Hope Carp gets well soon. I miss the 3-0 Jeff Suppan. He’s continuing where he left off in October

Any news on how carp reacted to his long toss sessions??

Is it not a great sport when a player can formally rehabilitate from an injury by “playing catch”??

Who knew I was doing rehab all those years with my Dad in the backyard!


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