Brutal timing

In the midst of what, if it holds up, will probably be the Cards’ best win of the year, of course the rain has begun to fall. And it’s pouring.

On the bright side, it looks like a very narrow band, so hopefully  we’ll finish this thing before nightfall.

Thoughts on the game thus far:

* Not a good game for Keisler obviously, but I don’t agree with the emails I got suggesting that he’s got to go. There’s no clearly better alternative at Memphis, and he was decent enough in his first two starts. One good, one so-so, one bad — that’s about the ratio you expect from a sixth starter.

* The run total isn’t the highest, but this may be the best I’ve seen the whole lineup hit all year. One line drive after another. I’ll touch on this in my game story, but this was the first time all year that this lineup really looked like when they were good in 04 and 05.

* Big game for Brad Thompson, who badly needed some success. He’ll likely be lost in the big picture, but without his five outs, this is a different game.

* Presumably Tyler Johnson comes in to pitch the remainder of the 9th. He could be in line for his first big league save.

* Hancock was late arriving at the park, to the point that it worried some of his teammates, but he did show.



Nice to see Izzy make short work of it when the game resumed. Did he have any signs of stress from the long rain break? Also, how’s Dunc’s head?

Do you think Duncan’s bump on the head will keep him out of the lineup for a few days?

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