Jimenez in, Keisler out

Kelvin Jimenez had his contract purchased from Memphis. He is in uniform and available to pitch tonight. Randy Keisler has been optioned to Memphis. Tuesday’s starter remains unannounced.

Chris Duncan is fine and in the lineup.



Interesting move. I don’t know anything about Jimenez. Good news about Duncan!

who will be pitching on sunday?

Wells. There’s no change in the Sunday or Monday assignments; they’re just rolling them over on their fifth day until Keisler’s turn comes up Tuesday.


How long will we keep playing Preston Wilson? He usually strikes out. When he does hit, it seems its a double play grounder. Time to go with another outfielder.

I really hope you’re not watching the game tonight. Preston just pulled a Preston, and BIG. Following THIS classic three pitch at bat he proceeded to throw a fit, like it was the first time this has happened to him. Breaking your bat might be acceptable when you have to choke down some bad umping. But when you look as foolish as Wilson at the plate were talkin’ hello AAA.

I love Albert, but teams are learning how to get him out more consistently. Don’t throw him strikes. He will not take a walk.

budgin/manor85224, sure Wilson is a bit of a problem but, as the cards.com story related, LaRussa had guys w/ better than a career .214 average with the bases loaded available on the bench but chose to stick with Wilson (to the dismay of my wife and I) because he got a hit off Dempster last week (using up the sum total of his luck). What ever happened to playing the percentages, or is that really only about over-managing lefty-lefty match-ups… jasonmariekup, as Albert settles in he’ll take more an more walks and teams’ll be hurt more and more often by Rolen, have faith, it’s already starting to happen.

Back on the topic at hand, Jimenez has been a reliever (and an effective one) this year. Until an announcement comes through, I’d guess that the routine for Tuesday will be either a bullpen game, or Franklin moving the rotation. If he can handle the extended work load, that’s what I’d favor — if you have somebody who’s pitching effectively, you’re better off getting more innings out of him than the setup role allows.

As for whoever was complaining about Pujols not taking a walk, he’s still getting one in a bit over 10% of plate appearances, which is not dramatically off his rate from last year. It’s down a little, but that’s explained by willingness to pitch to him. Hard to walk if they throw you strikes.

I think I’ve lost all respect for Tony LaRussa…shame. I think he needs to concentrate on his club’s floundering start to the season and leave the other stuff to us. Do you think Joe Torre, or any other Yankees manager, cares what New York writers think or write about the Red Sox? I think not. Manage your team Tony, and stop worrying about what the journalists write or whether it looks bad on you or the organization. The Post has every right to print that article, and most fans enjoyed it I’m sure. Lou Piniella even thought it was funny. Lighten up man.

Exactly, slforre. Hurray for Bernie standing up to him. Don’t back down!

My heart feels empty, yet heavy.I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of such a fine young man, and I send my condolences to everyone who knew Josh personally. I wish I did. I can only imagine how tough this must be for the Cardinals players and staff, especially after what happened to DK and now J.H. My heart goes out to the Hancock family and the entire team. Mourn today, but keep our lost friends in our hearts and in our memories they will live on. R.I.P Mr. Hancock. You will be missed.

Well, Jocketty really blew it not even making a serious effort to re-sign Suppan, didn’t he? And even Marquis looks like a world beater.

I said it last year and I say it again, Dave Duncan is no pitching coach, and Jocketty is no GM. I still am upset he let Renteria get away.

As to bubgin’s comments about Wilson, he is a strikeout in waiting, has no arm, and represents what has become a distinctly lousy outfield. Duncan is like Michael Jackson in that he wears a glove in one hand for no apparent reason, Edmonds is finished, and Wilson, well, let’s just say that he stinks, and that’s being kind.

Don’t you really wish Jocketty had had the guts to go after Soriano?

Walt, keep playing it on the cheap and you’ll start to see fans staying away from the new ballpark. Put a quality team together or suffer the consequences.

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