Belated Lucky Seven, Minors edition

Hazy day at the ballpark, but any day at the ballpark can’t be all bad. Here’s Lucky Seven, almost a week and a half overdue.

1. Which player on the Springfield roster will be in St. Louis FIRST? Among the choices: Colby Rasmus, Bryan Anderson, Jaime Garcia, Chris Perez. (Juan Encarnacion doesn’t count) And if you think someone else will be here before any of them, say so.

2. Which of those players will have the best career, long term?

3. Same questions, but about Memphis. Which M-Redbird will be in St. Louis first? Ludwick, Ankiel, Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Narveson, Hawksworth.

4. Which Memphis player has the brightest future? (OK, maybe this one is only going to have one answer, but we’ll see)

5. What’s the best possible configuration for the Cardinals’ lineup, given the current roster? Nothing is off limits. Get creative.

6. What summer movie are you most looking forward to?

7. What’s your all-time favorite summer blockbuster movie?



1. No doubt about it — Chris Perez by August of this year.

2. Best career will belong to Rasmus. Starting CF and a solid 2nd or even 3rd hole hitter for a decade.

3. J-Rod. He’ll get the first chance, just because he’s on the 40-man roster.

4. As much as I want to say Ankiel, it will actually be Narveson. I don’t see him ever getting a real chance with the Cards, but he’ll find his way to another organization and be a respectable 4th or 5th starter.

5. I’ve been calling for Spiez to bat leadoff, and it looks like I got my wish today.

Spiez rf

Edmonds cf

Pujols 1b

Duncan lf

Rolen 3b

Molina c

Kennedy 2b

(Pitcher) p

Eckstein ss

Glad to see Lucky Seven back
1. Byran Anderson has tallent but needs to stay where he will play. Garcia is probably the cardinals #1 pitching propsect so I think he will probably be first but if Joe Mather keeps killing baseballs then maybe…

2. Again, Garcia. He is a good, young pitcher.

3.Rodriguez will be with the Cardinals before the end of the year.

4.Narveson and Hawksworth are both pitcher with great futures.





4-5Rolen or Edmonds (Whoever is hot)

6 Molina


8-9 Miles or Wainwright

1. I have no idea.

2. Colby Rasmus

3. Rodriguez

4. Narveson

5. Eckstein-SS








6. Pirates 3

7. The Great Escape. It premiered on July 4, 1963.

Yah…Uh… I ment Ludwick.(Rodriguez was a typo)

I have nothing to add for questions 1-4, but I want to shake things up for question 5:

1. Jimmy Edmonds- He is usually very patient at the plate.

2. Albert Pujols- Just until he gets hot again

3. Chris Duncan- protect Albert until Albert is back at #3

4. Scott Rolen- He is making contact and will get out of this slump

5. Scott Spezio- Clutch-Situational hitter…will get RBI opportunities

6. Yadier Molina- Righty to switch things up to make relieving pitchers difficult on opponent

7. Adam Kennedy- Lefty (see above for explanation)

8. David Eckstein- Can get on base to force the pitcher to pitch to pitchers, especially when the pitcher could have been the 1st out of the next inning (confused??).

This lineup would never happen, but I got creative. Plus, it alternates lefties and righties (granted Spezio bats lefty), which may make life diffult for opponents’ bullpens.

1. Rasmus
2. Don’t know about any of them

3. Ludwick

4. Ludwick (again)


1.Spiez OF

2. Duncan OF

3. Pujols 1B

4. Rolen 3B

5. Edmonds CF

6. Kennedy/Miles 2B

7. Molina C

8. Eckstein SS

9. Pitcher


6. Don’t really watch many, but I’m looking forward to seeing Shrek 3 and Spider Man 3

7. Don’t know

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