Carp to have surgery

Out "at least three months." More to follow…



wow…wow. I was hoping this wouldn’t happen, but I just had a feeling it would. So total losses for the season, losing two fantastic bullpen guys in Hancock and Kinney, Josh out for Surgery all year, missing Mulder going into the season and now losing Carp (a team leader) until August at the earliest. It’s not looking good. I have patience though, but very little faith left. Unless someone starts picking it up, there’s no way we’ll make the postseason and it won’t even be close. The Cardinals have always been a team of high character. If anybody can do it, it’s the birds on the bat. Come on Cards.

My condolences are with the Hancock family and the Cardinal family. My best wishes go to Chris Carpenter on his upcoming surgery. Also, my prayers are with all of the Cardinals at this time. I don’t think any team has had to undergo so many setbacks after winning a World Series. I hope the confidence will rebuild among the players and coaches, and I hope and pray that ownership will pay the price to replace these fine athletes until those who can are able to return to play again. Keep up the effort and please know that Cardinal Nation is still with you.

This is exactly the kind of scenario that makes it necessary to do a better job in the off-season. This past winter our organization did nothing to sign any really solid arms, really solid bats, or outfielders who can hit AND play defense.So when our dependable guys get injured or are not playing well, we’re left with nothing. Just fielding a team is all we’re doing here. Now I think Rolen, and of course Pujols, will put up solid numbers by the end of the year, and probably Chris Duncan too. But beyond that the Cards are in real trouble. So…my question is what will Walt and Tony do now??? Nothing like in the offseason? Or more retreads like Ponson and Wells? Of course there’s the question of who’s available, if anybody. But this is a prime example of why we needed to sign Supp and/or Weaver. Of course, the greed of the two of them contributed to the Cards not signing them. That and the team’s unwillingness to overpay a player because “the market” dictates what a player can make. What a joke! Player contracts should be based on career numbers, not the previous year’s career-best season.

Dude…you’re not going to thank your source?

Mrs. Dude

Matt what are the cards going to do . its getting really hard to hold on to the faith that things will turn around . hancocks death was sad and he will be missed , and people think that that is the reason they are ******* right now , but they were not doing so hot before . you think that maybe the ownership and management are kicking themselves for letting suppan and weaver get away , and are there any possible trades you could see now ? please respond cause im really worried about the cards

I really think its premature to call it a season now! I do think there could be some solutions to the problems the Cardinals are having! I dont know why Edmonds is even trying to play right now, he looks like he’s done construction all day long before he gets to the ball park! Maybe he should take some time off, get healthy, then when he returns, put him in rightfield. Maybe moving him to a conrner position would take some strain off his “older” body! Griffy Jr. did it, others have as well! Now I really think they should trade or release Wells! The experiment did’t work, he’s never gonna get better, I saw him pitch in SF, he looks like a different guy after 5 innings, or when he’s in the stretch! Now they could move him to the bullpen, to replace all the arms that are gone! But the stretch thing does come into effect! The only other options would be some drastic trades to bring in another arm. Scott Rolen would be a the only “practical” player to get us something in return. Rolen to LA for Penny and there young 3rd baseman Bediment?? Or whatever his name is! And whats the deal with Mulder?? Is he gonna pitch this year? Is he ever gonna pitch again?? Now we have to watch HIm and Carpenter sit in the dugout and steal money from the oganization all year again!!

BTW, mad props to the missus for calling me when she heard on the radio about the surgery. ‘Twas good to get the heads up….


Yeah, I think Walt Jocketty needs to work his midseason magic and land us a nice starter or two. Hope they’re not too passive about money issues and open the purse-strings a little this year. The loss of Carp (along with Mulder) will be too much. The pitchers we have will be fine by themselves, but to ask anyone to fill in Carp and Mulder’s shoes for that long is just too much. This is a patchwork rotation and everyone in Cardinals Nation knows it.

If ownership allows Walt to do his thing, he’ll land us a good pitcher. Definitely looks like Jeff Weaver will be available before too long. The M’s will have to eat alot of his salary to get rid of him…

oh, yeah. Maybe we can catch a little ‘Yankee fallout’ that seems to happens every season. Carl Pavano, anyone? They’re dying to ditch him. But is he healthy?

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