Lucky Seven, one day late edition

Here’s Lucky Seven, assembled in fits and starts at a couple of different locations.

1. When Juan Encarnacion comes back, who should be sent out/sent down/released?

2. Should Encarnacion immediately begin playing full time? If so, how much time
would you like Ryan Ludwick to see? If not, how would you apportion the playing

3. If you could add an above-average Major League player — not a star, but a
quality player — at ONE position and one position only to the 2007 Cardinals,
where would you add someone?

4. What’s your take on Izzy so far? Satisfied? Surprised? Still not happy?

5. At this minute, who’s the best player in the NL? In the AL?

6. Aside from your own house, where was the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had? If you do make coffee at home, what beans (or ground coffee) do you use?

7. What’s the best (or least unpleasant, if you prefer) airport for having a layover?



1. Not Ludwick, hate to say Taguchi, probably Schumaker, sorry Skip. Spiezio, Miles handle left-handed bats from bench, occasional starts.

2. No. I know they are both righties, but let Ludwick get half of playing time, 40% in right, 10% in left.

3. He has been borderline star, but how about Buerhle who loves Cards, or Carl Crawford.

4. Izz? Happy and slightly surprises. But hey, how did we let Al Reyes get away? He is dealing with the D’Rays.

5. A.L. Well, Vlad over A Rod. N.L. No clear cut winner, but probably Adrian Gonzalez.

6. Sorry, but I like a little coffee with my creamer, so I am not really qualified to answer.

7. I don’t fly that much, but was alright in Atlanta and London Gatwick.

Just to clarify for everyone…

On No. 4, I’m not looking for a specific player. The point is, what position would most benefit from an upgrade to an above-average Major League player. I’ll save the “what individual player do you want” for a later Lucky Seven.🙂



1. I’d release Preston “K” Wilson. By the way, why didn’t TLR have Spezio hit for Wilson against Dempster and the Cubs last Friday? That was a brutal give away game.

2. Give Ludwick a chance to develop – go 50/50. Juan isn’t going to win you many games.

3. I love Jim Edmonds, but we need a productive center fielder. Jim hasn’t been himself for over a year now.

4. I used to get anxious and sick when Izzy came in. This year he has been excellent – a pleasant surprise. Props to you Izzy!

5. It’s hard to choose just one best player in each league, but I’d take Carlos Beltran and A-rod right now. And, I really hate New York – both of them. Next, I’d take Albert, even at his sub-par 2007 start along with Big Papi.

6. I used to like black coffee, until McDonald’s started serving French Vanilla Cappucino. Am I still considered a man?

7. Dallas / Fort Worth is an easy airport to get around, lots of good eats and shops, including a PGA Tour Shop, and there is something special about the ladies in Texas – good scenery while you wait. Second best is St Louis with Cardinals shops and Cinnabon right next door.

1. It’s probably best to send Skip back down or maybe Ludwick. I would really like to see JRod get a shot at some point. So maybe both.

2. I think Juan should play enugh to get back in shape. probably 60/40 or 65/35.

3. We probably could use an outfielder or a starting pitcher.

4. He’s doing great. Keep on rocking, izzy!

5. in the AL it’s got to be ARod. NL: lets go with Jose Reyes.

6. Best Coffee is always at Starbucks. But IHOP coffee is really tasty too.

7. Best Airport for a layover is Chicago O’Hare. Lots of food and stands🙂 First time I was there, I had a 5 hour layover. The Cardinals were in Chicago playing the Cubs and I sat in a bar in one of the terminals and watched.🙂 It was great.

1. So Taguchi. Ludwick has shown the ability to add some punch to the lineup and Skip bats lefty and is a better defender.

2. Encarnacion hasn’t shown the ability to hit AA pitching, so I’m not sure what good he’ll do with the big club. Ludwick should keep playing, and LaRussa should just play the hot hand in RF as the season goes on. Hot, being relative, of course.

3. A quality bat in RF would be great.

4. Satisfied and surprised with Izzy this season. Not surprised he came back after surgery, but it’s great to see him getting the job done again.

5. Best player in NL right now is Jose Reyes and it’s A-Rod in the AL.

6. I like Einstein’s coffee, the Hazelnut flavor. As for at home, whatever’s on sale at the store, usually it’s Folgers.

7. Not much experience here, but I did have to spend a night in the Newark airport and it was not fun.

6. I was sad when that coffee shop on Washington Ave. closed–the one that was a video store, too. I can’t remember the name of it. They consistently had good coffee.

7. Denver airport, I think.

1. When Encarnation returns, send Schumacher down while JuanE gets some at bats. Of course, this also depends on Ludwick continuing to get the job done. What a breath of fresh air in the batting order since he came up!

2. LaRussa is always good about giving everyone enough plate appearances. Ludwick will get at bats even if JuanE plays regularly. Who’s to say Edmonds might not sit?

3. The outfield must have priority when it comes to dealing for quality players.

4. Izzy is getting progressively better. Nice surprise to see walks, hits allowed go down.

5. No idea who is the best this year, I’m just a simple Cards fan.

6. Not into gourmet coffees. At home I like Seaport’s ‘between roast’, a blend of their regular and dark roast varieties. Don’t look for Seaport Coffee north of Louisiana!

7. Worst layover is a no brainer, the domestic terminal in New Delhi. Inchon Airport in Seoul has great accomodations for long layovers.

1. With the outfield so stacked with players maybe the cards should just trade somebody. I’d hate to see anybody go but somebody has to step down.
2. I don’t know. I just hope his season won’t be like what happened to Bigbie last year.

3. Having just one full-time staring pitcher that you could always rely on would be a big plus.

4. He has over exceeded my expectations. He has done a good but could be better job.

5. Helton and A-rod.

1.) Urgh….I was never a fan of having Schumaker with the big club while J-Rod was in AAA. Send him down? If Juan and So can handle the defense in center, yeah, send down Skip.

2.) Start Juan every third game for a week or two, see if he can slowly adjust. Hopefully we can get some early leads and Juan can get some ab in garbage time. I like what I see with Ludwick, kind of like J-Rod a few years ago.

3.)2nd base. Sorry to say it, but i haven’t been impressed with Kennedy at all. Maybe I haven’t seen enough, and maybe he will turn it around, but I would love to have above average production from 2nd. (Dreaming about Chase Utley in Cardinal red again….)

4.) I love it! Good thing I don’t manage the personnel for the team, cause I would have had AWainwright still closing, with Izzy as a short reliever. I’ve been impressed though. Now, we need to get him a bundle more oppurtunities to save some games.

5.)Hmmm…NL? At the moment, Derek Lee. AL? Well, if the injury stuff is over, Felix Hernandez.

6.) I like coffee, only with tons of milk and sugar and stuff.

7.) Cincinatti wasn’t too awful.

1. Wilson, although Encarnacion’s performance in the minors on rehab has not convinced me that he himself should be on the roster.
2. If he’s going to be on the roster at all, play him as much of the time as his conditioning will allow. Two reasons. One, he’ll probably need to play himself back into shape. Two, if (as I suspect) he’s going to turn out not to be an asset, better to find it out sooner than later, and fix it.

3. Many possibilities — the studs-and-scrubs approach is showing its down side this year — but I’d say RF. You simply cannot do well with offensive shortcomings at 1B and the corner outfield positions. 1B isn’t a problem, to put it mildly, and Dunc is productive enough in left, but more is needed from right.

4. So far, so good. The whole rest of the team should only have “problems” like Izzy.

5. NL: The best player? Pujols, of course. The player who’s *playing* best (very different question)? Derrek Lee, Matt Halliday, maybe Jose Reyes. AL: A-Rod.

6. Not a coffee drinker, sorry. My wife grinds hers from beans, bought from a supplier called Ohori’s.

7. Domestically, Cincinnati, with relatively comfortable conditions, acceptable restaurants and bookstores. However, if you’re going to have a layover, do it internationally — the people watching at a big European hub like Rome Fiumicino, Frankfurt, etc., is so fascinating that creature comforts really don’t matter.

1. Easy answer Skip Shumaker, might not ever be ready.

2. 50/50 unless/until Ludwick starts to struggle

3. Starting rotation, just don’t think we got enough to get through the season, even if Mulder and Carp come back and pitch average at best. Hitting will come.

4. He is a stud. Glad he is back on the horse.

5. NL- Brewers coaches AL- not sure yet

6. Amsterdam…good coffee at 8 am At home Folgers Fog Lifter brewed dark

7. Worst- O’hare on a busy day & Denver in a blizzard

Best- any place with a good bar and TV

After covering baseball for 20 years I have come to realize that Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport is the absolute center of the universe. The entire universe revolves around O’Hare. I wouldn’t be surprised if some alien culture from another planet is actually using O’Hare as well without us knowing it.

Answer to #3:

Kennedy out. Eckstein to second (where he belongs). Insert big-sticked shortstop between Pujols and Rolen. Result: The return of a once devastating lineup in St.Louis.

Ahhhhhh….I’m beginning to reminisce of Renteria…

1. Preston Wilson should be out of there. He is bad. Schumaker should be given a chance.
2. I’d like to see Ludwick play because Encarnacion and Wilson are not all that good.

3. Right field. Put Ludwick in center, and get some RF. Wilson and Encarnacion won’t cut it.

4. Izzy is doing great, much better than last year.

5. NL best – Fielder

AL Best – A-Rod

6. Don’t drink coffee

7. Any long layover is a killer.

1. St. Louis beating Detroit last year was the biggest fluke in the history of baseball!

2 Man, I thought St. louis would be bad this year but MAAAAN!!!!

3. Looks like the Tigers are ready for another shot and If I were a betting man I’d take em!!!

4 . chances of seeing a repeat of the Tigers and Cardinals world series…1 in a million because…..


5. Man the Cardinals look AWFUL!!!!!

6. DID I mention how bad the cardinals are this year!!!

7. WOW whats the worst record for a team in the year following a world series win?? Look out the Cardinals are on a mission to beat it!!!!


Please ignore the troll, all.



AWWW I dont mean no harm!!!!

I mean I’ll be the first to admit my team gift wrapped the series last year believe me I have issues with my Tigers for not showing up at the world series!!!!

But it is glorious to see the Cardinals floundering like a dying fish!!!!!!!!

Takes a little sting out of my Tigers collapse last year.

Won’t bother you any more have a good year……

Hey grindline,

I don’t mind you having fun with us. I would be doing something similar, maybe with a little more class. Which would you rather be the fan of? A worlds series winner struggling in May, or a world series loser doing well in May? I really do wish the Tigers well this year.


Sorry I didn’t ignore the troll.

1. Gotta send down schumaker, maybe a trade involving JuanE at midseason after he gets some trade value
2. Play Juan 2out of every 3 games

3. Second base (roberts or utley)

4. Izzy is the least of our problems. Thumbs-up for recovering from brutal last year

5. NL-Jake Peavy AL-Johan Santana

6. Mtn dew

7. The airport in LA was pretty terrible during a delay there. OKC is a pretty nice airport(but small)

1. Juan Encarnacion. There have to be consequences for messing up.
2. Juan should definitely begin paying full-time. He’s taken the Redbirds’ money all this time, probably just playing video games or something, and . . . oh, you said PLAYING. Never mind.

3. I would have Cal Ripken, or Larry Bird, or Ann Coulter, or Mike Shannon or someone write the game wrapups and run this blog.

4. I don’t pay much attention to Izzy anymore. I liked him when he was with Black Sabbath, though.

5. I’m pretty sure, at this minute, all the players are sleeping. So I’d say the best players in the NL and AL are Barry Bonds (’cause he’s not doing drugs at the moment) and Pacman Jones (’cause he’s not embarrassing baseball. Yet.).

6. The best cup of coffee is whatever Angelina Jolie would bounce out of bed to fix me in the morning.

7. The best airport is O’Hare, ’cause I’d rather sleep on a concrete floor at O’Hare than so much as breathe the air in that city.

1. Skip.

2. I’d like to see Juan and Ludwick splitting time for a little while.

3. Either 2nd base or RF.

4. Thrilled: outside of the one bad outing against Chicago, he’s been great. I just wish he had more save opportunities!

5. NL: Fielder or Bonds. AL: A-Rod

6. After a tour of a local family-run coffee co-op in Costa Rica. That cup of coffee will never be beat.

7. O’Hare isn’t too bad.

1.) I’d send out Wilson, go with a mixture of youth (i.e. Skip,Ludwick) and veterens (Encarnacion, Taguchi, Spiezio)
2.) I would like to see Juan get most of the AB’s, if he’s not striking out 60% of the time. Otherwise I’d give the majority to Spiezio and Ludwick.

3.) New manager…if that doesn’t count, then a starting pitcher.

4.) Surprised and thrilled. Happy for him too.

5.) NL: Without a shadow of a doubt, it’s Jose Reyes…in the AL: Tougher for me- Either the all-around game of Vlad Guererro or Carl Crawford.(*note those are two guys I’d LOVE to see in St.Louis AND they both play positions at which we need help)

6. Of course I had to comment on coffee. D’Amico Coffee from Brooklyn. Been ordering it for 25 years and it can’t be beat.

1. I would send down skip for sure. Wilson needs to be traded and even if we cant get much out of hime cut ties I say!
2. You have to try and get Juan PT thats why he has the contract and plus He is a vetran and thats what we need someone with experience. put ludwig in to play when he needs off or send him down.

3. We need a guy at Right that can play every day plain and simple! (my opinion is to move edmonds to right and sign a center fielder with speed).

4. My opinion on Izzy Is TRADE!!!!! He cant win in pressure situations. There is a team that needs a closer Im thinking Boston and they are deep with pitching so try and get a starter.

5. AL Vlad or Beckett (werent we close to getting him? hmmm), NL Bonds (dont like the attitude but he is one of the most dangerous guys ever if you could have immagined…. eck, duncan, albert, bonds, rolan, edmonds,kennedy, molina, and pitcher. talk about a murderers row!)

6. dont do coffee

7. worst layover Fargo, ND just need cows on the terminal and u would have green acres!

best Frankfurt International the woman are beautiful and the beer is the best!

1. Skip.
2. Split playing time with Juan getting a larger portion; 70/30 or even 60/40.

3. Starting pitching; I’m still optimistic that the offense will come back soon.

4. Well, I have one shirt with a player’s name on it…that name is Isringhausen. So, I can’t be objective. ;o)

5. AL: A-Rod; NL: I’m going out on a limb and saying Jeff Suppan. I think his veteran status and consistency has given the younger Brewers the confidence to not worry about the outcome and just play ball.

6. I make my coffee at home with coffee from Ugly Mug Coffee, out of Memphis. And, it’s fair trade, too!

7. Atlanta is the gate to ****. St. Louis and Denver have been my favorites.

1. Jimmy’s potential replacement needs everyday playing time. Skip to triple A.
2. 50/50 until one stands out.

3. Rios to right.

4. He’s definitely the least of worries this year.

5. Holliday And Beckett

6. Coffee…ugh…

7. Never flown

doesnt matter WHAT anyone thought of detroit,ever,look at the line scores:WE won the championship and detroit didnt. matter of fact,in the three world series weve faced eachother in,seems to me st louis has won more than weve lost(1934,2006). i like detroit,outstanding team that will only get better.but,bar none,we won,and,at the end of the day,thats all that matters,SO,go get a big stick or arm,get some good defense and play well,cause,no matter what,its st louis that can say we were the best of 06,and,weve the rings and flag to prove it. yes,we only won ,what,83 games,so what? when the postseason hit and we were together and healthy,we won what we needed,UNLIKE boston,new york(mets and yankees),and,detroit. its all about winning the big one,and,complain all you want,in 06,thats EXACTLY what we did.

1) I expected it would be Skippy. Probably best option.
2)Bring Encarnacion back slowly.


4)Izzy is back to the good ol’ Izzy, as I expected. I knew he’d recover from his injury struggles of last year.

5)Best player in NL now: JJ Hardy

In AL? Don’t pay much attention. We no longer get Orioles games [or any MLB] on our FOXSports cable station, so I don’t see AL except on the Saturday FOX Yankee Game of the week.

6) Best coffee? Don’t like or drink it.

7)Best airport for layover: Washington National or Atlanta. Worst: Detroit, Dallas, Nashville.

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