Juan Encarnacion activated, and in the starting lineup batting sixth. Skip Schumaker optioned to Memphis.



Juanderful, I guess. But let’s allow Schumaker to skip the celebration.

Let’s hope he gets his timing back at the plate quickly. We need help already today, with Reyes walking the dang lead-off man to start the game…leading to 2 first inning runs. THIS is why the hitters are not relaxed at the plate, letting the game come to them! Well, here’s to better offensive production:

” ‘Nother caucasian, Gary.”

I’ll give Juan time to be Juanderful (never got the bat off his shoulder in his first AB), but maybe the time has come to send Reyes down to learn how to pitch. Walking the pitcher and leadoff man with seven successive balls?

Send him down while there’s still a chance of him becoming a major league pitcher some day.

Well I don’t expect Juan to come back and start hitting the ball well just yet. But at least there’s some closure over the position, rather than the platoon of hacks I just can’t stand watch take at bats. I don’t know if he’s really any answer at all. I am hopeful that his presence alone will add a freshness of feeling and perhaps a sharing of the weighted load hanging over the offense.

“Friends like these huh Gary?”

Matt, I’m not up on the complexities of waiver rules, DL assignments, and so on, so a question.

All indications are, based on Encarnacion’s rehab stint, that he’s not really recovered, by any stretch of the imagination. What I’ve heard is that they *had* to bring him up or release him, because he’d hit the maximum of 20 days allowed on a rehab assignment. So how long will they have to have him up now, if (when) it turns out that he isn’t ready to hit in the bigs? I’m no Encarnacion fan, but fan or not, this particular move looks to me like a problem looking for a place to happen — which this team emphatically does not need right now. How long before the problem can be fixed by sending him back to the DL to get fully ready to play?

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