Cards claim Wellemeyer

The Cardinals claimed Todd Wellemeyer off waivers from the Royals today. He’s expected to join them on Friday in Detroit. No word on who will be sent out, but Kelvin Jimenez has options and Brian Falkenborg does not.



Why? Wellemeyer, I mean.

It seems all of the offensive woes have diverted some attention to potentially the most damaging problem, starting pitching. Remembering Adam W last Fall makes watching his struggles now extra painful.

Who knows where Wells is going? I suppose the Cards are willing to take a minor chance with Wellemeyer. There is likely to be more pitching shakeups over the next few weeks than lineup issues.

I hope Adam is not hurt. To what extent might he be better suited to the bullpen? In the meantime, go Braden, Anthony, and Brad…and hurry up Blake.

Of course I was also alluding to the secondary fine tuning needed in the bullpen, and that starting pitching problems affect the bullpen makeup.

When given a small lead to hold, the bp has been good in pressure situations.

I don’t think Wellemeyer will be seeing action in the 7th or 8th inning of a 3-2 game.

Likely he’ll see the 4th inning of an 8-0 blowout. Who cares what he throws, as long as he can eat some innings. After all, a 23-0 loss is the same as a 8-0 loss. It just so happens that Hancock was really good at keeping it closer to 8-0 as opposed to 23.

If the point is to eat up innings, why not bring some young arms up and let them get a little seasoning in the Bigs?

Wellemeyer isn’t going to develop into another Chris Carpenter or Braden Looper, is he?

So, what’s the point?

I’m just curious….
Sidney Ponson put up bad numbers for the Cards last year almost every time he touched the ball. The result was that he got cut from the team.

My question is this…. How many more times does Kip Wells have to pull a Ponson before the Organization realizes that it needs to make a move?

Good lord, listening to the game on XM, the Dodgers announcers figured out that Wells was cooked after one batter in the 5th… and he gets left in for another 5 or 6 batters, a wild pitch (no visit to the mound) and a pinch-hit three run homer… let’s hope the Cards can overcome (this is not simply on Wells would be my point… and his confidence has probably taken even more of a hit).

The Cards’ management’s philosophy is to keep dredging up retreads instead of going after proven talent. I am disgusted at the way management has gutted this former 100+ game winning squad. This stinks like the Florida Marlins.

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