Lucky Seven, transcontinental edition

About to leave my hotel room in LA to go to the airport and head to Detroit. Now that’s a road trip that makes sense. Anyway, here’s lucky seven for this week.

1. What does it appear to you is the biggest problem for Kip Wells? Stuff? Command? Approach?

2. What would you do about him? Move somebody else in the rotation, and if so, who? Or acknowledge that this guy needs to be good if this team is going to be good, and let him keep working on getting sorted out?

3. The Cardinals have 15 Interleague games this year — 3 each against Detroit, Oakland and the Angels, and 6 with Kansas City. How many will they win?

4. Who should DH for the Cards in Detroit?

5. Do you like Interleague Play? Should it stay in its current, semi-rotating format? Increase? Decrease? Stop rotating? Be gone altogether?

6. Do you have a Presidential candidate yet? I don’t want to know WHO — the point here is not to start any kind of back-and-forth of THAT variety, I assure you. I’m just curious how many of you already know whom you’ll be supporting, and how many are still looking.

7. What’s the best full-fare US airline? The best low-cost or short-haul airline?

-M, ready to get home.


1. Ability to pitch when runners are on. It’s in his head. He has the ability to be very good. I have confidence that if he has time, he will be very well off.

2. Nothing to be done until another pitcher shows themselves ready from AAA or from the DL. Let him work it out. IF someone emerges, put him at AAA.

3. 10

4. JROD.

5. I’m fine with it.

6. no idea. I will decide once the parties are decided.

7. Alaskan airlines and Midwest.

1. confidence/command.
2. let him sort it out, but for only so long.

3. 7

4. Ryan Ludwick

5. Minimize interleague play to a couple of series…better yet, just kill it.

6. 2 come to mind I’d have a tough time picking from, but I could be swayed.

7. Neither. I drive the Madden Cruiser.

1.) Definitely command. I remember as a young pitcher in my jr high days, I had a huge problem with aiming the ball. Doing that throws off your mechanics and things get screwy. He reminds me of watching my wild self in little league, haha. I walked a lot of batters, as did Wells.

2.) I know we spent all that money on him, but I’d actually swap Franklin with Wells just for a few starts and let Wells try some short relief. Not as a setup man. That would shake up the pen a bit, but so what? We’re losing games before we even get to the pen so what does that matter? Starters should go 6-7 at least.

3.) 6 games the way they’re playing.

4.) Let Duncan DH and throw Ludwick in Left.

5.) I like it, but American League should abandon the DH in my opinion. It was created to excite baseball, but all it did was give a ton of great hitters to the American League and save their pitchers from more work. Baseball is played with 9 players. Not 10.

6.) Leading Candidates are Guliani for Rep. and Clinton for Dems. And since I fear the day we ever elect another Clinton…I’ll vote for Guliani any day. I don’t care about a woman being president. But please don’t let her be first. Please. I’ll take anyone else.

7.) I’ve done pretty well with Southwest Airlines. But I don’t have much knowledge of airlines.

1) Sadly, I see too few games(being up around Chicago) to really know, but for the next one…

2) Sadly, I think for now we have to stick with him. Unless you want to put Keisler back into the rotation, we don’t have a lot of MLB ready pitching. Hawksworth should probably stay down a little longer for more experience before throwing him in the fire, Narvy’s broken right now, and there’s not really anyone else that I’d want starting a MLB game yet.

3) 8-7 interleague record. The hitting seems to be coming alive a little, and the Royals should be counted on for 4 wins.

4) Ludwick or whoever’s spot Ludwick takes in the outfield.

5) I like interleague play, but I’m conflicted, as is the previous poster about the DH situation.

6) I’m a fan of both the NM Democrat(Richardson?) and Obama, and would likely vote for either of them if they get the nomination.

7) Only flown AirTran in my adult life and was plenty happy with the flight.

1. Don’t really know but i’d say that the time that he has missed because of injuries is effected his confidence. Being 1-8 isn’t a real confidence booster, but then agian i don’t know.
2. If he can really be a good pitcher then you should let him do that. Sure it may be a struggle along with some time but what else are you going to do.

3. Hopefully more than last year. I’ll go…6-9

4. I’m not sure if Encarnacoin should field or shouldn’t field, but ethier way i’d put him DHing and put Taguchi in his outfield spot.

5. Its nice to be able play agianst some of my favorit players like Cliff Lee (bummer we aren’t playing him this year)so its good and it gets your team ready to play AL teams in case they make to the WS.


Best airline? Reminds of the movie Rainman when Raymond would only fly from Cincinnati to Los Angeles on Quantas. My vote is Quantas. It’s hard to figure out who to vote for President. There are no more B movie actors or former baseball owners running this time around. Where’s Fred MacMurray when you need him.

1. His pitches are finding the fat part of the bat.
2. Make sure he is healthy. Give him 3 to 4 more starts to work it out. If he doesn’t, cut him loose.

3. 7 – 8 if they are lucky.

4. Chris Duncan

5. I like it but, it is not a fair schedule so I say get rid of it.

6. It is too early.

7. In our little airport, Delta is the only real option.

1) I’ve only seen him once on TV, looked like a confidence thing. He gets that Weaverish “look” when things start to go poorly.
2)Leave him in rotation to work it out, at least for a few more starts.


4)Chris Duncan

5)I detest Interleague play. The Cardinals have NEVER played in Baltimore, so it is pointless for me. Seems to be fairly popular, so just cut it back considerably, and ditch the fake rivalries, like StL-KC.

6)I’ve got a couple of candidates I like. I’ll support whomever my party picks.

7)Not thrilled with any airline. I usually take the only one available that goes where I need to go non-stop. If Southwest ditched the cattle-call boarding, I’d be pretty happy with them.

6. I have two candidates that are “my” candidates.
7.I dig Southwest. I’ve also liked Frontier. I refuse to fly American anymore.

1.) Command. He has the stuff. He just needs to be able to manage the game.

2.) I don’t mind giving him more starts. He would be a disaster out of the bullpen. That being said, I wouldn’t mind seeing Franklin get a start or two.

3.)They’re winning 8 out of 15.

4.) Spezio should DH. He has American League experience.

5.) I like Inter-league play the way it is.

6.)Anyone against the war.

7.)Not sure. It’s all the same to me.

1. I don’t think you can say he has a problem. He’s pretty much always pitched poorly.
2. Yadi needs to make these pitchers more aggressive. Tired of seeing a 1-2 count turn into a walk or go 3-2 and get burned.

3. looks like we just lost at least 4 games tonight alone.

4. Derek Lee

5. I actualy would like to see more all year long.

6. R. Lee Earmi (anyone thats got a pair) I don’t want to celebrate muslim day—ever

7. kudos to the pilots that know where the gas peddle is.

OK folks… you’re misunderstanding, apparently willfully, since I made a specific request about question No. 6.

I don’t want to know who your candidate is. I have no desire in having political back-and-forth on this site. I’m curious as to whether you HAVE a candidate at this point, 18 months before the election.



1. If I knew the answer to this, I’d be the pitching coach and you’d be interviewing me.
2. See above.

3. The Cardinals will win all the games in which they score more runs than their opponent.

4. Oh, and now I’m the hitting coach, too?

5. Interleague play is unnatural, like cross-dressing or kissing your brother (unless you’re in the Mafia and your about to kill him, like Michael Corleone did). It should be outlawed and punishable by death in those states that have baseball diamonds.

6. I’m waiting to see who Wolf Blitzer is going to vote for ’cause he’s the most smartest person in the whole wide world.

7. This is a trick question, isn’t it?

After watching him against the Dodgers, I think most of his problem is his approach……. Just like Reyes’ problem, and others. It’s partly approach and partly command. Continually trying to pound the bottom of the zone with little or no attempt to claim the inside half of the plate with an up and in fastball. When you don’t change the sightline of the batter, and constantly go to the bottom of the zone your mistakes are always hit and hit hard. If you change the sightline of the batter more often than once every three innings, you have a better chance of getting away with mistake pitches. All pitchers make mistake pitches. Some get hit some don’t.



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