A sight I have never seen

As of 3 pm MT, it doesn’t look real good at Coors Field. There’s light rain falling, but that’s not really the issue. We had a big ice storm at around 1:30, leaving chunks of ice all over the streets, sidewalks — and the outfield. There’s a tarp on the infield, but there’s a layer of ice/hail/sleet covering the outfield. If they can get this field playable, it’ll be a major credit to the Denver grounds crew.

Stay tuned.


(currently playing on the iPod: Dinosaur Jr., Beyond)


I heard there’s some pretty severe weather there…is that true? Tornado watch for Denver right now. Anyway, one quick note: if you find time, I changed my blog from In the Cards to Birds on a Blog and the address is http://www.birdsonablog.mlblogs.com.

-Brady Holzhauer


Mr Leach, you cannot have sleet at 49 degrees. I know there was a a lot of ice there, but everything you see is hail. That part of the world gets some very big hail storms. When you are a mile high you are much closer to the upper atmosphere’s freeze levels. It also doesn’t have to fall as far and doesn’t melt as much. You were there for a perfect hail day. It was only about 70 degrees when that storm hit.


Thanks for correcting me. Was it really necessary to take such a tone though?


Well, I didn’t think I was harsh. I guess the Mr part seemed way too proper. I could have just said, “Yo, Matt, it can’t sleet unless the temperature is below freezing,” or something like that. Sorry if I ruffled ya.


Thanks, I appreciate the reply… no worries.

I have em. What is gonna happen to this team?

Hailstones=ice. So, maybe it wasn’t an ice storm, but the precipitation was, in fact, ice.

–Mrs. Dude, librarian.

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