Molina has fractured wrist, on DL – confirmed

Got confirmation that Molina is out 4-6 weeks w/a fractured left wrist. Brian Esposito called up from Memphis.



we should resign eli marerro.

My first thought, too, was maybe we can get Eli back up to the Bigs. Why not??? Bringing up a .174 hitter isn’t going to add much.

Eli is persona non grata with the organization.

If I remember correctly, in Eli’s only game at Memphis this year he allowed 5 SB’s. That’s pretty rough.

My understanding is that his departure was less about performance and more about attitude. Check the second version on my Molina story today for TLR’s quote on Marrero. Clearly he was very displeased with Eli’s approach to things.


According to Rooney, Esposito has been given No. 35.

Matty Mo’s old number.

Hmmmmmmm ….


Matthew, what are your thoughts on this story I posted on my blog:

“Well, more news on the Cardinals coming out today. Buzz Bissinger went on XM Radio and said he did not believe that Tony La Russa would return to the Cardinals in 2008. Bissinger, for those who do not know him, wrote Three Nights in August, a book featuring La Russa and the 2003 Cardinals team and three games against the Cubs late in August of that year. Bissinger is still a friend of La Russa and stated that this is his opinion, not something Tony said.”



Defense will be the biggest concern in looking at a catcher…with a little offensive potential I assume.

Trade…One downer is obviously that if a trade is called for, the Cards have other needs.

Is it feasible to just get by for now with Esposito or someone else from our system? I know that is just trying to survive until even another injured player returns. Ahh!

Well, Wellemeyer pitched reasonably well. Oh well, another statistical twist: Wellemeyer has already won more games this year than Anthony Reyes.

Oh…Could Mike Matheny be available for six weeks? I know, that is purely a wistful thought, don’t take it seriously.

Former Birds…

Look who is leading the AL in starter Era, Dan Haren.

Look who has 13 saves for Tampa Bay, Al Reyes.

What is going on with Mark Mulder?

Is Esposito enough of a stop-gap and does he have the same kind of “twitch” reflexes as Molina? You know, the kind of reflex that would make a fighter pilot jealous? If not, who’s out there that could help? I heard Javy Lopez’s name on the game broadcast last night but I’m not sure about him. Why not try to trade for Jason Saltalamacchia from the Braves? Do we have anything the Braves want and are they willing to part with him? After watching Bennett one-hop a throw to second on a pitch-out of all things, I’m not real comfy with our backstop situation.

To tntnt2001: I’ve been keeping an eye on Haren since the trade, just to see if I might be right and Murphy’s Law would manifest itself. Yep, I was right. Al Reyes is a bit of a different story, though…aside from that dreadful outing against the Nats on the 27th (which I had the misfortune to watch in person) the bullpen hasn’t been too bad. When half the ‘pen has a sub-2 ERA you know there has to be run support issues somewhere, so while Al is doing pretty good, we don’t exactly miss him (but I’d much rather have seen him on Sunday than Flores!).

Right you are bourb. Our pen has been quite good. Amazing when you consider they have lost Kinney and Hancock, with Wainwright and Looper at the start, and now Thompson in the rotation.

Bennett can’t throw, but is solid elsewhere. Esposito may or may not get in a game.

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