May 2007

Sunday morning — moves confirmed

* Ryan Ludwick up from Memphis, batting sixth and playing right field.

* Preston Wilson on DL with sore right knee.

* Brian Falkenborg up from Memphis, present and available.

* Dennis Dove optioned back to Memphis.

* Also, Adam Kennedy becomes the seventh different leadoff man in the last seven games.


Carp to have surgery

Out "at least three months." More to follow…


Belated Lucky Seven, Minors edition

Hazy day at the ballpark, but any day at the ballpark can’t be all bad. Here’s Lucky Seven, almost a week and a half overdue.

1. Which player on the Springfield roster will be in St. Louis FIRST? Among the choices: Colby Rasmus, Bryan Anderson, Jaime Garcia, Chris Perez. (Juan Encarnacion doesn’t count) And if you think someone else will be here before any of them, say so.

2. Which of those players will have the best career, long term?

3. Same questions, but about Memphis. Which M-Redbird will be in St. Louis first? Ludwick, Ankiel, Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Narveson, Hawksworth.

4. Which Memphis player has the brightest future? (OK, maybe this one is only going to have one answer, but we’ll see)

5. What’s the best possible configuration for the Cardinals’ lineup, given the current roster? Nothing is off limits. Get creative.

6. What summer movie are you most looking forward to?

7. What’s your all-time favorite summer blockbuster movie?


Lineup shakeup

David Eckstein is in the lineup, but not leading off, tonight. He’s batting eighth. Skip Schumaker is in right field, leading off.

More to come.