Friday afternoon updates from H-town

From cool and fall-like to steamy and, well, Houston-like. Here’s what’s going on at Minute Maid Park and elsewhere.

* Eckstein is in the lineup.

* No detailed results on Chris Duncan yet, but he’s feeling better and Dunc the Elder hopes he could be released tomorrow. No DL move made; they’re thinking there’s an outside chance he could be available on Tuesday.

* I’ve noticed this before, but Brian Esposito is a helluva BP hitter. He really puts on a show.

* Anthony Reyes starts for Memphis tonight. (updated link, to the live boxscore of the game) 

* Florida State begins its march to the national title tonight at Howser Stadium in Tallahassee. Viva Pingball!

* Another of the great competitive events in America gets under way today as well.

* Mrs. Dude is dead on about Albert Hammond Jr.’s album. Liking it more with every listen. The new Dinosaur Jr. is really fantastic too. Highly recommended, as an old fan of theirs.



So what’s Esposito’s “show” like? I had never thought of him as particularly likely to be helpful in the bigs. (How far away is Bryan Anderson?)

Well, that’s the thing. Throughout his career, Esposito hasn’t hit much in games. But every time I’ve seen him in BP, he can absolutely hit the ball a mile. Just crushes it. It’s odd.

Anderson is not ready. He’s doing very nicely at AA, but he’s not raking at AA. He’s hitting really, really well for his age. And his defense is still developing. I’m _extremely_ high on Anderson — other than the obvious guys, he’s my favorite prospect in the organization. But he’s definitely a guy not to rush.


Reyes through 98 picthes, 71 which were strikes. Gives up 3 hits and 1 run, strikes out 4 with no walks, and still takes the lose. Talk about not getting a break.

Ill have check out the new Dinosuar Jr. record. I could use some good new ********* music.

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