Ryan likely on the way up

Eckstein and Rolen are both feeling some pain, looks like they’re both out tomorrow at least, leaving the team short of infielders. As a result, they’re going to go ahead and put Duncan on the DL, and are expecting to call up Brendan Ryan for tomorrow’s game.



Well, Ryan hasn’t been tearing things up in Memphis, but doesn’t he appear to have good potential that could emerge in the bigs? Realistically, Eckstein may not return next year, so maybe this is Brendan’s big shot.

His stats are so so I guess. An ops of .621. But hey, he has four triples and ten stolen bases, so his legs have been working a little. A boost in team speed for the Cards doesn’t hurt.

An OPS of .621 in the PCL isn’t so-so, it’s baaaad. Balls fly out of PCL parks like money on the way to Iraq. Still, I’m glad they’re making this move. You’re right about thinking ahead to next year, and they may as well at least give Ryan a cup of coffee to see if there’s hope.

I do wish, though, that they’d bit the bullet and put Dunc on the DL earlier. It seems like the Cardinals brain trust has become somewhat DL-averse in recent times — which is odd since they were masters of using it for the last couple of years. Has there been some change in either the front office or the rules for DL use that they haven’t come to terms with yet?

Right you are. An ops of between .700 and .800 is so so probably.

What do you think about Edgar Gonzalez? He is a good hitter. He has a rep for not working on defense though. Hope he changes and works on both hitting and d.

A few things —

* One, this is not a long-term thing. They’re not expecting to do without Rolen or Eckstein long, and I don’t expect Ryan to start any games. He’s here because they need somebody who can play 3B/SS/2B if something happens during a game to Spiezio, Miles or Kennedy.

* There’s no pretending Ryan’s numbers have been good, BUT the PCL is not what it used to be. When you’re playing in those western parks, yes. But Memphis doesn’t play in many launching pads. Again, those aren’t eye-catching numbers in any league, but just remember that the park/league factors vary dramatically between the eastern and western PCL teams.

* This team is adverse to putting stars on the DL because they’d rather go a man short for a week than do without a star for a week. I don’t always agree with it, but it is a matter of philosophy on their part.

* I’m still a Gonzalez fan; love his bat and I don’t think his D is as bad as his rep. TNT — where did you hear he doesn’t WORK on it? I’ve never heard that. It’s my understanding that he’s extremely dedicated to it, but it just doesn’t come easy at all. And in the case of a callup today, he wasn’t the guy because you really wouldn’t want to play him anywhere but 2B.



I really can’t remember where I read it, I read so much everyday. I think it probably was in an article on St. Louis Today.

Anyway, I don’t think they meant he would not work on his defense, but that he loved hitting so much he sometimes didn’t focus enough on his d.

I just found an article from the April 24 Commercial Appeal (http://www.stlouissportsforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=722} which commented on Edgar’s hard work on defense and his good play at Memphis.

Well, do you think he might fit in next year at second? I notice he seems to have decent speed and line-drive ability. He has 13 doubles and a .365 obp. Who knows, maybe he will be our leadoff hitter next year. Nothing against Adam Kennedy, but he really needs to step it up.

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