Correction/Update — Cate optioned

Contrary to the plans last night, Troy Cate has been optioned to Memphis. Chris Duncan has NOT been placed on the DL. Brendan Ryan is here, called up from Memphis.



What a roller coaster ride this season has been. I read the article about Marrero’s comments on LaRussa. Well, at least we don’t as yet have pitchers and catchers coming to blows.

It might be assumed that we will have Miles at short and Kennedy at second. Do you think Ryan actually might get a start or two at short?

I’d be very surprised. I think it’s slightly more likely than Esposito getting a start, but it’s not like Eckstein is going to be out a long time. And once he’s available, they’ll go back to 12 pitchers.


“…slightly more likely than Esposito getting a start.” Interesting. How long can Bennett go without a rest? He’s not a kid any more and it’s a tough position. (Of course, with Ryan apparently getting the start today, “slightly more likely” looks like a reasonable assessment…)

Heh, yeah, well proof that I’m not infallible. As though you needed any.

The deal with Bennett is they’re looking for a veteran. Off day Monday helps, and the conditions have helped — it was cool in CO, and the roof’s been closed here in Houston. By the end of a muggy week at home, may start looking like a different equation. But I think by that opint they’d hope to have brought somebody in.


You are still a great sports reporter. I wanted to be a little smug, since Ryan got a start today. He did go hitless.

Stinnett will bet here.

I wish you would have given more love to Taguchi in your piece on Sunday’s win over Houston. Pujols was brilliant, and is the start, but the go-ahead run is always the toughest especially in late innings at away fields. Taguchi is the man.

It’s a fair criticism. I made a judgment call. Joe Strauss and I discussed (after I had filed) the approaches we took to the game story today, and though I haven’t read his story, I get the impression he will talk up Taguchi more.

But to me, the AP homer in the 8th was big too. That was a go-ahead shot as well, and was absolutely vital after they’d let the lead get away.

Like I said, I definitely grant that it’s a fair criticism. But to me, Pujols doing it again, in Houston, in those TWO situations, and after the two monstrous balls he hit earlier, that was what I went with.

Thanks for the feedback…


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