Happy Birthday!

A big, big happy birthday to my dad, who is as responsible as anyone for my love for baseball, my passion for music and at least some of my more bizarre personality quirks.

I hope it’s a stupendously happy day that includes good music on the stereo, good food either at home or out, good friends, good wine or scotch and a win for your Dodgers. I just wish I could be there. But we’ll be thinking of you all day.


(now playing on the iPod: Uncle Tupelo, 89/93 anthology)


Hey Matt: In the UT, Wilco, Son Volt vein (sorta), do you know Chuck Prophet, Alejandro Escovedo, Steve Wynn, Golden Smog, The Black Keys, Peter Case, The Black Angels, Television, Giant Sand/Howe Gelb, Vic Chesnutt, or any of the folks (like the Waco Brothers) on Chicago’s Bloodshot Records? Just wonderin’… I’ve been at this alt-whatever-you-wanna-call-it stuff since the days of the Feelies and the rest of the early 80s Hoboken scene… Alan

And a great day it has been. Listened to Coltrane’s “Meditations” along with some Miles Davis/Coltrane together, and then Coleman Hawkins.

We are about to open a Glenmorangie Burgundy to be followed by (and , also, to follow) a rare burger topped with Bleu Cheese. Several nice bottles of wine have shown up at the door as well.

And maybe, just maybe, Billy D. is coming back to Gatorland for a shot at a threepeat.

A superb birthday, indeed. Go Cards.

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