I wouldn't hold out much hope for the Creedence

Taking a break from writing my offday story for tomorrow, an examination of what Kip Wells needs to do to get right (please, no snarky comments). And I realized that we haven’t had much music around the ol’ blog lately. The ball-to-rest-of-life ratio has slipped way out of whack.

So in case anyone cares, here’s a brief rundown of what I’ve been listening to lately. Thoughts/suggestions/pans of course welcome and invited.

Kaiser Chiefs: "Yours Truly, Angry Mob" — not as crazy about it as some, but it’s good, catchy pop. I can listen to it repeatedly, and that’s worth something.

Albert Hammond Jr.: "Yours to Keep" — the whole album isn’t memorable, but parts of it are really fantastic. About half the songs, I just love, and they keep me coming back to the whole thing.

The The: "Soul Mining" — Yes indeedy, this is old school. I always liked them, but never owned it. And now "This Is the Day" is on a commercial for something or other. That, to me, is one of the absolute most perfect, beautiful pop songs ever written, so I had to get the album so I could listen to it more often. "Uncertain Smile" is a really amazing song too. Fantastic record. Hi, Dustin!

Dinosaur Jr.: "Beyond" — Mentioned it already, I know. Couple times, probably. It really captures the sound of old (but not ancient) Dino. Like a less produced "Where You Been" or something. Just because it’s the original lineup doesn’t mean it sounds like "Bug." It sounds very very very familiar to me, but in a good way. And my favorite Dino records are Where You Been and Green Mind.

Kings of Leon: "Because of the Times" — One of y’all noted a while back that Caleb "still can’t write a melody" or some such, and I won’t argue because frankly I don’t care. I’ve always loved KOL for their overall sound more than anything specifically lyrically or melodically. I just love the way they sound, and they sound better with every album.

Black Crowes: "The Southern Harmony…" — My favorite BC album is "Amorica." But I heard "My Morning Song" on the radio in Detroit one night, and it was SO perfect, SO what I needed to hear, that I dug out the album. Still strong. A few forgettable numbers IMO (Hotel Illness, to name one), but I love it.

Bob Dylan, post-protest, pre-Jesus stuff — Went through a few of them, "Desire" and "Blood On the Tracks" and "Blonde On Blonde." Great rock songs. Everybody has preconceptions about Dylan, but whatever. They’re just amazing albums filled with amazing songs. I can listen to ’em all again and again and again.

LCD Soundsystem: "Sound of Silver" — got this recommended to me a while back, and it’s stayed in constant rotation for weeks. Not sure how to describe it, because some of it is all over the place, but I’m loving it.



You might try Dylan’s 2006 “Modern Times.” It’s hypnotic and ethereal at times but pure Dylan at every point.

I’d recommend moving Kip Wells to the bullpen for long relief. Or packaging him in a trade with Rolen for a top-notch starter…perhaps Mark Beurhle? (sp?)

Putting aside that your comment has nothing to do with the topic here…

Would you really give up three more years of Rolen for a few months of Mark Buehrle, when he could likely be had for money only this winter? I know I wouldn’t.


Fave new records.

Dittos on the new Kings of Leon record. It’s the sound of a band taking shape and taking chances. They’re no longer a modern semi-faceless, stonery-hippie-type Allman Bros. I like the other records…. a lot…, but they’re always been a little too closely reminiscent of early influences. This record is them making their own thing.

Heartless ********’ new record All This Time. Rootsy, singer-songwritery awesome female vocals with a really good band behind her. Maybe like a mix of the good things of Alanis Morrisett with Lucinda Williams. Very good stuff.

Amy Winehouse’s new record Back To Black. Another really great female vocal outing from this British mix of, say, Etta James paired with nice hip hop grooves. It really works.


Hearless Bass *****. Dang censorshite.

t ards.

The new Rush CD Snakes and Arrows is really good. Only one “heavy” song and it’s the first one. The rest is laid back and deep. Also, the new Wilco is unreal.

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