News-ful Tuesday

Lotta stuff going on at the ballyard today. Here’s the quick-and-dirty, and I’ll have lots more on all these topics later in the day.

* Duncan is cleared to play and in the lineup, playing left and batting second.

* Rolen went through a full, extensive workout. Ran the bases at pretty much full exertion; he’s taking grounders at third base as I write this. Also taking BP today. My guess is he’ll sit out tomorrow and play Thursday, but he’s definitely making progress.

* Mulder threw off a mound, but it was really only at about 50 percent. It didn’t even really look all that much like pitching. Very deliberate. Still, it was a step. Off a mound is progress.

* Wilson is at a point now where he expects to have surgery, and it’s simply a question of how invasive the procedure will be. That decision will be made in the coming days.



You have listed today’s pitcher Wellemeyer at 1-1 and a 7.57 era; where do you get that? The stats list him as 1-0 with a 3.86 era! That’s a big, big difference.

One is his total for the entire year – 7.57. The other, 3.86 is his era with just the Cards.

Also, for what it’s worth, I don’t personally do those things. Stats on our site are automatically generated.


Hey Matt!

I just wanted to get your take on something. I read an article about a month ago on MLB’s home page about a minor league pitcher named Neighborgall, at least I think that was the kids last name. Anyway, the article talked about this kids dynamic pitches, but lack of control. Then it mentioned this guy in south Florida, a former big league pitcher, whose name I can’t recall. It said that this guy helps out pitchers with mechanic or control issues, and supposedly they come out throwing even harder than before.Here’s the question…

Is this something the Cartdinals could consider doing with Kip Wells? Afterall, they seem determined to keep him, and according to an article on the Card’s web site, they are open to any alternatives concerning Well’s!

Well, ol’ Kip lasted 1-1/3 innings this time, allowed 6 runs. Now 2-11. How much longer? Isn’t there SOMEONE in AAA or even AA that would do better? This is another example of Jocketty’s playing it cheap.

Kip Wells, maybe a nice guy, but a lousy and washed up pitcher

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