News: Carp plays catch

* Chris Carpenter threw a baseball today for the first time since his operation. He made 60 throws at 60 feet, and plans to throw again on Friday. He’ll throw every other day for 10 days, after which he’ll be re-evaluated. From that point, he could begin throwing off a mound. Got a story going up on the site shortly.

* Gary Bennett seemed to be doing fairly well, but he’s out of the lineup.

* Scott Rolen is back in the lineup.

* Even with a RHP on the mound, Aaron Miles is starting over Kennedy.



Was TLR serious about Taguchi being the emergency catcher? My first reaction was to snicker, but apparently some fans think he was serious.

Did Harang make any comments about beaning Bennett? I always wonder if opposing pitchers apologize after games. I don’t think it was deliberate, but it sure was bad timing.

Well, somebody has to be the emergency catcher. I’d guess Spiezio before Taguchi, but you never know. But it does have to be SOMEbody.

Harang called Bennett after the game. And seriously, I can’t imagine anybody would even begin to suspect that it was in any way intentional.


I think it’s good news about Carpenter. Take it slowly!!!!

I read somewhere that Mulder is throwing. What is his status and / or timetable? Anyone?

My pitching rotation for next year:

Chris Carpenter

Mark Mulder

Adam Wainwright

Braden Looper

Mark Buehrle

Now that’s a good rotation

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