Lucky Seven returns

Hello from Oakland. I’ve been to the Bay Area tons and tons of times, but spent very little time in Oakland. Here’s the new Lucky Seven.

1. Kip Wells is THE topic in my email this week, so let’s get right to it. What should the Cardinals do with him? Put him in the bullpen? Release him? Keep letting him try to get right? Please, don’t just spew venom.

2. If Wells is out, who should take that place? Reyes? Franklin? Someone else?

3. What was your take on the Cardinals draft? Good/bad/dunno? Too conservative? Too risky? Does any particular player from the draft class excite you?

4. Mark Buehrle is another topic that comes up often in my mail. So tell me what you would do if you were Walt Jocketty. Would you make the deal, giving up something significant to get Buehrle for three months? Remember we’re not just talking about giving up a non-prospect. It would take actual value to get Buehrle. Or would you simply wait until the offseason, knowing that the chances of signing him as a free agent without giving up any talent are very good?

5. Who’s going to win the U.S. Open?

6. In some ways, this is a dead period on the sports calendar, after the NBA and NHL ended and before football gets started. Do you look at it that way? If not, what are your favorite summer sports events? US Open, Wimbledon, NASCAR, Formula 1…. lots of choices.

7. Best movie you’ve seen this summer?



I can’t believe I’m the first one. I never get to be the first one.

1. I say release Wells. I wanted to give him time, and they did. He has not shown consistent improvement, and has looked really bad at times. I’m sure he’s a great guy, but that doesn’t win ball games.

2. If the offense was hitting the way they have been lately when Reyes was starting, then Reyes would have gotten a few wins. I say bring him back and see if the rest of the guys can hold down the fort until Carp is ready.

3. It’s hard to judge a draft until a couple of years later, but it wasn’t encouraging the way Kopp pitched for Clemson in the Super Regionals. True, it’s only one game, but he’s also the only one of the picks other than OF Brown, from my own Huskers, that I got to see play.

4. I say no on Buehrle. That’s all.

6. I love baseball. MLB or College World Series. This is one of the few times when living in Omaha is something to get excited about.

7. It hasn’t come out yet, but being a big Transformers fan growing up, I am excited to see if Michael Bay can make a good movie.

1. Summary execution would be premature, so the answer depends on how hard it is for Wells to get loose. If he can warm up fairly quickly, move him to the pen in a long-relief, mop-up role and hope you don’t have to use him — the team doesn’t have anybody for this role right now, and it hurts, e.g. the problems the pen will have this weekend after the stress last night. If not, outright him to Springfield to try to get fixed (why mess up Memphis?), and if he refuses the assignment, let him walk and see if anyone else is desperate — REALLY desperate.
2. For right now I’d say give Hawksworth a shot, since TLR and Dunc seem Reyes-phobic for unknown reasons. Reyes is the correct long-term answer, but now isn’t the time to create additional tension by ramming him down Duncan’s throat.

3. Quite good, with some definite sleepers, but maybe a little conservative. Porcello seems like a talent worth taking a risk on, and the team is rich enough to engage Boras, so I’d like to have seen them take him in round 1. OTOH, Kozma would probably have been gone by sandwich-round time, and he definitely has the potential to be useful. On balance, they did well.

4. This is not a year to play rent-a-player. I’d look seriously at him in the off season, however.

5. Someone we’ve never heard of, probably.

6. Lots of good tennis happening.

7. I don’t do movies, but my wife liked PotC. I love her anyway.

1. Release him and give ANYBODY else a shot.
2. I don’t understand why Franklin hasn’t been given a shot. You don’t need an eith inning setup man unless you actually have a lead.

3. I’m ok with it. I’m, of course, excited about my boy Jess Todd from my alma mater.

4. I’d go for him, but wouldn’t give up too much. If too much is asked, you just wait until the end of the year. Only problem would be if the Yankees try to get him.

6. MLB for me. Don’t like racing cars in a cirlce 300 times.

7. So far I’d have to say 300, although it wasn’t released in the summer technically.

1. Bullpen. His ERA (before last night) was actually pretty good in innings 1-4. He’s a headcase, not a guy with no talent.
2. Reyes. Oh, and move Thompson to the bullpen so Franklin can start.

3. Check with me in 3 years.

4. Wait, maybe forever. Just what we need, another guy making 18 million a year who’s on the downslope.

5. If no one shoots par or below, does anyone truly “win”?

6. Summer is for baseball. That per se makes it not a dead time; it just clears all the other minor sports off the TV.

7. Haven’t seen it yet. Knocked Up not funny, Ocean’s 13 not funny, Spiderman 3 lame, Pirates lame. Not a good summer so far.

1. Release
2. Reyes

3. Too conservative, but not bad.Kyle Russell and Jess Todd excite me the most, but Kozma isn’t a bad pick.

4. We’ve already seen this movie. Facing tonight’s starter Dan Haren should serve as a reminder in why you don’t sell the farm for an established soft tossing lefty. Granted, Buehrle is pretty good but please no. If it doesn’t involve Rasmus, I could see considering it, but outside of that forget it.

5. Golf? really? to each his own.

6. i only watch baseball.

7. i have a 5 month old so getting out of this house and seeing a movie is nearly impossible and I haven’t attempted it. I’ve been tempted to, but I’ve heard nothing but bad reviews on everything i wanted to see. Maybe the new Bourne movie will get me out.

1. Look at it this way:
Last year I had almost given up hope on Marquis and this year he is doing fine. Maybe it was going to Chicago that helped him or maybe he just had a bad year. So if Wells needs to pitch somewhere else (meaning the Cards release him) its not really going to help the Cardinals. There’s already four pitchers in the rotation that were relievers last year so getting rid of the only starter might be a mistake.

2. Another reliever isn’t going to fix the problem but it can’t get much worse. Since there’s not a lot of arms in the market right now, the best alternative might be to just stay with Wells in the first place or Reyes should be called back up.

3. Wow. Didn’t realize how many Arkansas fans were commenting on this blog. Jess Todd will hopefuly be a good choice in the long run.

It was a little risky going with a high schooler in the first round.

4. Its a little late to start building a team. Wait and and build next year. Doesn’t have to be Buehrle.

6. I like the last 2 laps in NASCAR.

I am so glad that everyone is finally starting to get the picture on Wells. I say release him now and try to get someone who will have the ability to go further than one inning. He has to know that he has been given every chance to prove he can do the job, but he has failed miserably. Some say wait until the off season to sign a free agent, but Walt Jocketty can’t seem to get anyone to come to St Louis or maybe he just doest’t offer enough.Oh sure I know he brought McGuire to St. Louis, but that was a package that was a done deal and everyone knows it. LaRussa, Jocketty, Duncan,Mcguire. Everone else that he signs has been ready to retire or a cast off of another team. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I would welcome your comments, So I say trade anyone on the team for someone who would turn this team around now! Losing to the Royals, who are 15 games under 500 17-8 was the last straw for me. If I had season tickets, I would give them away and that is coming from a Cardinal fan of 62 years. Thank you. Donald Gray

1. As far as Wells goes, the real question is…why keep him? He leads the majors in losses, helps us get absolutely destroyed by arguably the worst team in baseball since Reagan was in office (Royals), has an ERA which last I checked was hovering just under 7.00…so my question is why? But apparently La Russa loves this guy so much…in fact, I probably wouldn’t be shocked if Tony pencils him in to start the All-Star game. He makes me want Sidney Ponson back. Now that’s bad.

2. Who should replace him? Well, Reyes is tearing up AAA, however, as we’ve seen before…that’s AAA. I definitely wouldn’t go with Franklin, just due to the fact that he’s doing such an excellent job in the pen this year. I know that Ohka was recently released, and there’s always some guy that dunc could pull off the scrap heap and chances are, he’ll perform better than Wells has. Who couldn’t really.

3. Didn’t pay much attention to the draft this year. Kozma seems like a good kid. We’ll see how good it is in like 4 years anyway.

4. I’d definitely wait until the offseason to deal with Buehrle as a free agent. I love how everyone thinks he’s dying to come to St. Louis. I remember an interview like last year saying that he loved Chicago and that it was his kind of town. Like I said though, I’d wait until the offseason…and I wouldn’t overpay for his services. Even with that no-hitter in his pocket.

5. Probably some no-name guy…or Tiger Woods.

6. I don’t think this is the down time in the sports calendar. Baseball’s going on, along with MLS, U.S. Open, Wimbledon, the never-ending talk about who’s NFL draft was better, and probably some more stuff that I’m forgetting and/or too lazy to type right now.

7. Haven’t seen a good summer movie yet…Spider-Man 3 was garbage so that doesn’t count. I wanna see Knocked Up.

1. If the management thinks they won’t make the playoffs, maybe let him miss a start or go to the bullpen. If they think the Cards will make the playoffs, respectfully release him now.

2. Reyes. Bring him up or trade him. Franklin is doing well as a reliever, but did not do that well as a starter.

3. I don’t follow the draft much.

4. Again, if the Cards are driven to make the playoffs, trade for Buerhle, but watch who you give up. No Rasmus or Perez.

5. Don’t know.

6. Thank goodness the NBA and NHL are finished. I don’t follow them much. Still they are fine sports, with seasons too long. I don’t follow Nascar much. Baseball is my number one sport, so this is a great time.

7. I haven’t seen many, but I really liked Spiderman 3 as a fun movie, though some didn’t like it.

Donald — please don’t hijack threads. Thank you.

1. I suppose if you move Wells to the bullpen you can get rid of Jimenez. Which would be just fine with me. If that’s not attractive to Tony and Dave, than cut him. He’s done. And I’ll scream if he gets another start.

2. I would keep Franklin where he is unless our new man at AAA is truly capable of taking his place at setup. So, then you give Reyes a spot if you have to.

3. I liked it just fine. Glad we got a lot of pitching. I’m glad we got **** first. I hope they’re right about him.

4. There’s no way on earth that we should trade away our future for him. We’ve had a great run of playoff appearances and it won’t kill the team or the fans if we miss once. Between all of the busts and the injuries this year they certainly have excuses for why they won’t make the playoffs (not to say they’re completely out of it) Wait until next year.

5. I always cheer for Tiger. so…. Tiger.

6. This is my favorite time of year because I don’t have to listen to **** from other sports. Specifically Football. I enjoy watching 30 minutes of baseball on sportscenter🙂

7. Pirates, By FAR. Fantastic film. Great fun.

1. The whole pitching staff is a work in progress, there’s no strong spot in the rotation for the weaker pitchers to develop under. So Wells et al are working from a significant disadvantage. To be a reclamation project in this environment is almost unfair and unrealistic. That said, Wells can’t stay where he is.
2. The organization can’t rush a young arm into the rotation and why bother given the very low probability they can take the Central. Hence, bring up someone who’s been in the minors for a sufficient enough time to learn from the experience. Reyes is a big question mark.

3. No clue.

4. No trades at this point. Maybe if the team was in better contention. Save the talent and money for the off-season.

5. No answer.

6. There’s a hockey league?

7. “The Lives of Others” You have to suffer subtitles (may be hard for bloggers!) but its well worth it. If you need English, then “The Painted Veil”.

This one is for tnt, why is it that you didn’t like Spider Man 3, is it because it focused more on what went through the comics and that is the love story? I liked that movie because it was funny and adventerous, not to mention had my favorite villain from the comics in it…..venom. Also to everyone else, if you haven’t seen Pirates Of The Caribbean At Worlds End, it’s an awesome movie I suggest you go see it.


I did like Spiderman 3.

Kip Wells…..2-11 with a 7.0+ ERA. Maybe Jocketty can get a bag of batting practice balls for him while he tries to dig up another retread.

Oh my bad, I read that wrong, I thought you said you didn’t like it.
My bad, my bad.

And gwzimm Kip Wells is horrible, so horrible in fact that we threw Scott Spiezio out there on the mound the next game and he pitched better in his one inning of pitching that kip Wells did, oooh burn towards Kip Wells a 3rd Baseman/Outfielder pitches better than him.


1) I believe the Cardinals should shift Wells to the bullpen in a 6 or 7th inning role initially. Very similar to what the Astros have done with Lidge. Wells has good stuff, and should be given an opportunity to turn it around in another fashion. Some may disagree, but Wells is a veteran, and we can gain way more than we lose by replacing Jimenez with Wells.

2) Since Wells would be going to the pen, in my scenario, Jimenez should go down. Reyes should be called up, and given every chance to prove this organization right. We have a winner with Reyes. Hopefully he will show up the second time around.

3) I think the Cardinals draft addressed some needs, and it also netted us some excellent talent, even if they aren’t a need at this very moment. Kozma was probably a weak first choice. I would have gone with a college shortstop, but we have all seen what Tyler Greene has done for us. I like the choice of Daniel Descalso. Hopefully he can replace Rolen in a few years. Overall, I would say we played it very conservative. As does everyone else, Mr. Russell seems like a nice power bat to have in the minors. Let’s hope all that power translates into big league power.

4) We are just beginning to replenish our minor league system, and I believe we need to stay pat. Buehrle is a pretty good pitcher, but we all know that he is capable of posting high WHIP and BAA totals. With that said, I would certainly think twice or three times, before a trade or even a free agent contract offer.

5) Michael Jordan

6) Baseball is my favorite sport, and I am glad it is ruling the summer. So, I don’t consider this a dead period at all.

7) I haven’t been to the movies in a while, so I am going to have to say 300. That movie was amazing.

I haven’t seen 300 yet, I really want to though.

1. I say let Wells rest a bit, then put him in some late inning relief roles (like when the Cards have a lead) so he can work on whatever is wrong and hopefully not get banged up. otherwise, maybe they could trade him for a minor leaguer who could do a better job.

2. Everybody says Reyes, and I kind of agree but keep in mind, he has given up a lot of runs every game and the Cards have to score like 7 at least in every one of his starts to even have a chance to win. that’s not to say there is a better minor league option but maybe worth looking at and give Reyes bullpen time.

3. I just read a few of the picks they took. okay, but probably not another Pujols rookie season anytime soon.

4. Buehrle is a good pitcher but I wouldn’t give too much for him. if he AND Mulder are healthy and can control their stuff they can be dominating…but, the the switch from the AL to the NL always seems to be hard for pitchers (save Clemens who’s just amazing and I’d take him over anyone any day). But definately wait ’till the offseason to look at him.

5. um, not Tiger. what happened to Sergio Garcia anyway? he was a fun character to watch.

6.I like only baseball (well, NHL is good and so is golf) but I don’t get sports channels on TV anyway so I follow only the baseball.

7. Probably Ocean’s 13. there weren’t a lot of great ones yet. Pirates was OKAY (should have been left at only 1 movie though), and Bourne Ultimatum will be awesome I know…too bad when I have a chance to so it I’ll be in Ukraine and it will all be in Russian language anyway.

Now, hold on a second, something just clicked in my mind. You don’t think that Kip Wells is pulling a classic 2006 Jason Isringhausen like move and trying to go out there and pitch with an injury rather than letting the team know that he’s injured do you?

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