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We were told before the game that because of how much all the relievers have been stretched out, this is one of those games where Looper might have to take one for the team, a la Marquis a couple of times last year. So if you’re sitting at home screaming at the TV about why nobody’s even up in the bullpen, that’s pretty much it. TLR told us that they just don’t have the bodies tonight to be comfortable going to the pen before the sixth or so.



This makes sense, in an unfortunate sort of way. It’s a good example of the “cascade” effect that follows a completely blown start like the one last night: it may cost you two or more games, not just one. All the more reason to fix the Wells problem. Sympathies to Loop.

Truth be told, I’m a bit surprised the team didn’t make some minor-league move to get a fresh reliever or two on the roster following last night’s travesty. Is everyone in the bullpen out of options?

I was surprised by that too, and frankly I should have asked, but it was a weird postgame. My guess, though, is that it might have had to do with logistics in getting somebody out here in time for the game. They could certainly option Jimenez, and bring up, say, Falkenborg. Cate would not have been an option because he started last night.


Of course now we know Looper left very early due to shoulder issues. The bullpen had to survive. Go Scott Spiezio.

We are at the point we have to admit that this team will not make the playoffs. I am not saying they should not give it their all. I am not saying to give up and have a fire sale.

I am saying that a quick fix or two is not enough. It is time to make decisions as to where this team is going and to cultivate the best possible team for next year.

That said, maybe the time for Rodriguez, Ryan, Gonzalez, and Hawksworth is soon. Reyes now.

I think they are pretty much toast for this season so regarding one of the Lucky 7 questions I don’t think they should mortgage next year or any of the future (when hopefully Carpenter & Mulder will be healthy for the whole season) for Buehrle. I’m glad TLR tried hard to give the bullpen a break. They’ve been severely overworked the last four or five (or more) games.

I do wish that he would sit Encarnacion on the bench. When playing in an AL park let him hit and otherwise use him as a pinch hitter. I think he is one of the laziest and most lackluster defensive outfielders I’ve ever seen. Tonight he made an error that in my opinion was nothing more than the inability (or unwillingness) to focus on the game and he NEVER plays aggressively out there. It really aggravates me when you’ve got guys like Duncan and Taguchi working their tail off going after balls sitting on the bench and Encarnacion lopes to balls that drop a few feet in front of him. Granted Duncan is not as polished as an outfielder as Encarnacion is but I think he makes up for it by his desire and I think he is improving. Sorry about the vent but he really gets to me.

Here’s what they should do.
First start by moving Kip Wells to the bull pen, he can’t pitch as a starter, he’s shown that, he can only go 4 innings before giving up massive runs to the other team and costing the teams needed wins, so the bullpen would work best for him. From what I have seen Ryan Franklin has been phenomenal when given the chance to pitch, so I suggest we move him to the starting rotation. Second Kelvin Jimenez is not doing good at all so it’s a waste to have him go out there and give up even more runs, example Kip Wells 1.1 innings pitched giving up six earned runs, then bringing in Jimenez who gave up another six earned runs, throwing that game out the window, so move him down and bring up anyone from the minors to take his place, they have to be better than him. Third make this your starting rotation for the mean time until Carpenter and Mulder get back, it may not be the best but it’ll due until we get those guys back-Ryan Franklin, Anthony Reyes, Braden Looper, Brad Thompson, and Wellameyer (he’s had some good games and some bad games, but I think having him as a starter and leaving him out there to eat up innings when he’s doing bad will make him do better in the near future) And making this the batting line up will give the cardinals some more runs David Eckstein, Juan Encarnacion, Albert Pujols, Chris Duncan, Scott Rolen, Jim Edmonds, Adam Kennedy, then whoever is going to be the catcher for the day.

This is just my opinion, but it’s got to be better than we’re doing right now, and that is losing 17-8 to the ROYALS (WORST TEAM IN BASEBALL) and then turning around and losing 14-3 to the Oakland Athletics. And yes I know you’re not the manager and it’s not your call to make this decision, I just got caught up in the moment due to the frustration I’ve built towards the 2006 World Series Chumps

Wow. Boy that got ugly in a hurry didn’t it? I just feel so bad for the team right now. haha. The Wells experiment in my opinion is completely over. Then the next night Looper takes it in the rear. I don’t blame the pen for the extra runs though. They’ve been overworked all season long because the starters can’t get their stuff together through more than 5 innings often enough to give the pen a rest. It’s just a sad thing to see.

Enough is enough!! To start thinking about next years team now is just giving up and not trying to get help to fix this team now. Maybe we won’t win the division, but maybe we can keep the other team from scoring 15 or more runs each game. It makes me sick to see Encarnation play as if he doesn’t even want to be there. To have the ability and not use it is inexcusable. I know Dan Haren must have enjoyed himself last nite. I never thought he was give the time to succeed in St. Louis. I say make some moves now and not give up on this year. Look at the Yankees and how they have turned it around

OK, your point is made. Juan has a hitting streak. He usually puts up decent numbers, but he is not a dependable offensive or defensive player. Now that he is hitting a little, move him however you can.

To Crazy Insanity. Wells in the bullpen, maybe, maybe not. Maybe it is just time for him to go.

Franklin in the rotation? No. He is good where he is at, and was only a mediocre starter (admittedly better than most of what we have). Try Reyes, and maybe even Hawksworth. Depending on Carpenter and Mulder to come in and help anytime soon is folly.

I agree the Cards should plan for next year, but still try to be competitive this year. Don’t move the best prospects. Bring up Reyes, Hawksworth, and Percival. Usually I would say no, that Hawk and Perc need more time. But…

If it could be done, I might even put Ryan and Gonzalez in at short and second. Poor Adam Kennedy… and Eckstein is a physical wreck. Still this suggestion is over the top I guess.

Hey, has Scott Rolen become just a defensive specialist? He has little pop or rbi performance. Maybe he will improve, but maybe not much. Maybe convert Gonzalez to a third baseman. Again, I guess I am reaching. But hey, maybe this team does need an overhaul.

Hey, what do you all think of this possibility for next year?

A starting rotation of Chris Carpenter, Mark Mulder, Mark Buerhle, Adam Wainwright, and Blake Hawksworth.

This is to tnt. So what you’re suggesting is that rather than starting a guy who’s had some experience in the majors we bring up rookies with no major league experience what so ever. Oh my god that’s brilliant I mean look at how well it worked for Kelvin Jimenez, I’m glad I didn’t think of that one myself a starting rotation of nothing but pitchers with an era of 10. Thanks buddy, I hope Tony makes that move right away.

I’ll say this, a mediocore starter such as Ryan Franklin is better than nothing but rookie starters.


You have a point. Franklin has been so good in his role it is hard to think about moving him. But you are right, he would certainly be better than Wells, and maybe Hawksworth. Tough call.

The big thing is ability, veteran or rookie. Hawksworth would be better than Wells or Weaver, but not as good as Buerhle. Hey maybe put Franklin and Hawksworth in the rotation and we will see which one of us wins. Ha.

Fun to think about. Sad the Cards are in such a pickle.

Yes it is sad that the Cardinals are in such a pickle, but I think that moving Reyes and Franklin into the starting rotation and maybe having Hawksworth in the relief spot for a while would be better, because remember the guy hasn’t had any real experience as a starter in the majors and you don’t want to bring a guy up from the minors and put him directly in as a starter because they may be asking for trouble.

What ever, the marlins played with mostly rookies and they did well!!! How come nobody ever wants to give rookies a chance, hello, our super first base man Albert was a rookie at one time!!!

Because just because one rookie does good, doesn’t mean that they’re all going to do good. And the Florida Marlins and the San Fransisco Giants are known for being the best team at getting rookies that actually do good, the Cardinals Anthony Reyes, wow what a rookie?

ya because they don’t usually give their roockies a chance, I bet Gonzalez would do well up there he’s hitting .302, better than Kennedy .211 who they’re not even playing anymore. Why did they pay so much money to Kennedy to not play him!!!! at least give Gonzalez a shot. And it’s not just 1 rookie who did well, I can name a lot from the other teams because they actually give their rookies shots!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm, lets go back to the beginning of the year when a certain announcer said exactly what Adam Kennedy’s problem is. He’s trying too hard and when you try too hard, you end up doing not so well. If Kennedy would stop being so tense at the plate and stop trying to drive in runs when there’s noone on base his batting average would go up way higher. And not every rookie does good when you call them up from the minors. Example, Skip Schumaker, he kept giving off .300 batting averages in the minors and he’s batting what .198 or something?

ya, but they don’t give Schumaker a chance either!!! They have him on the bench most of the time. When he’s an everyday player he does great!! Like in AAA. I bet if he could play everyday he would be a .300 hitter. They just don’t stick with someone long enough to help them get their rithum. like Ludwick was hitting .330 in AAA and he’s hitting .268 now, and I doubt it’ll get much better than that because it’s hard to just come off the bench all the time. Not that I’m making excuses for Kennedy, (remember I’m a Gonzalez fan) But still in schumaker and Ludwick and Kennedy’s case, it still must be hard.

They’re rookies look for their stats to drop as they come to majors, it’s strange with albert though, he didn’t bat anywhere near .300 in the majors and he was fantastic in college, so fantastic the charts though it was best to walk him rather than pitch to him with his .500 + batting average and 22 homers and 80 rbis. The guy’s the best hitter in baseball, whether he’s a rooke or not, not all rookies are that way though, most of them don’t do good until their 4th year in majors and some never do good.

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