Saturday's decisions, and their ramifications

Here are the moves:

* Reyes recalled from Memphis, Jimenez optioned

* Eckstein placed on DL, Ryan recalled

Here’s what they mean:

Reyes will start Sunday, Wainwright Monday, then Tuesday and Wednesday are up in the air — depending partly on Looper’s status. Thompson will be available in relief today, and likely only today, then is expected to start on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Wells is considered a longshot to pitch in relief today, having just gone two days ago. He’ll be more available tomorrow. However, Thompson is a guy they won’t hesitate to use in a game that’s somewhat in doubt. I get the feeling that Wells is more there as a mopup man. His status for later in the week as a starter is also more in doubt than Thompson’s. TLR would not commit either way.

Ryan is starting at SS, with Miles at 2B. TLR said Ryan could start again tomorrow vs. another left-hander.



It’s not a good thing that Eckstein is the DL, I hope they get him back soon, and hopefully Reyes will be back to the way he was in the World Series last year and not what we had earlier this year. Hopefully we can get this team turned around and back on the right path.

Yeah maybe we can get turned around. It looks like we have to concentrate on next year.

Again, do you think we might have a rotation at the start next year of Carpeneter, Mulder, Buerhle, Wainwright, and Reyes or Hawksworth?

I hope V Gonzalez can improve his defense. I would love to see him in the lineup.

I’d like to see a couple changes to the Cardinals, for starters, I’m not a big fan of Jim Edmonds, yes he’s good at defense but he’s lot the pop that he used to have and has basically become nothing but a defensive player, so maybe someone in center who can both hit and field. I’d also like to see the Cardinals add some more speed to the lineup, speed is good, it can add to runs, we need someone who can steal bases and a lot of them, like not like 10 a year but 30 or more. We also need to get Adam Kennedy back on the right path, he’s a good second baseman but from what he’s showing so far this year he can no longer hit the ball and that’s not good. And I’m not the expert here tnt but I’d like to see maybe a combination package, you know 6 possible starters. Have Reyes and Hawksworth switch every other start end up with like both of them with 16 starts next year.
I think that’d be prety cool, what do you think?

i still don’t think it’s time to surrender the season. remember that we have a lot of season left to gain 7 1/2 games, also remember how little time it took houston to catch us last season. something that i think has been lost to cardinals fans during these recent tribulations is that our offense has been productive, as it is tonight. it seems that we need to focus on only one aspect of the game, albeit an obviously important one, pitching. carpenter will return, wainwright is learning to swim, we can hope reyes’ recent success at aaa will translate to the bigs. it’s an uphill battle, but this brand of cardinal baseball has a lot of grit. never forget last year

Yes, their offense is finally working, oh my god and so is their pitching, scoring 10 in the fifth rather than giving up 10 in the fifth lol.
One game isn’t going to make that big of a difference, if they don’t go out there and play somewhat like this everyday they’ll do what they did the two previous games and I don’t want to see that again. And last year, yes they may have won the World Series, but it’s only seen as something good to Cardinals fans, you ask any other baseball fan and they’ll talk bad about the 2006 Cardinals despite the fact they won the World Series and their reasoning is 83-78, that’s what I hear every time I mention the Cardinals then they say how bad they were that year. What we need to do is prove all the naysayers wrong by winning more than 83 games this year, I want to see the reformation of the 2004 and 2005 Cardinals next year. two back to back 100 win seasons, now that was nice.

Cant’ compare this year with last year too much. Mostly different rotation, different second baseman, losses in the bullpen (Kinney, Hancock). Then again, even last year we did see problems with production and lack of team speed.

To critics of last year’s worlds series win, I would say: Well, 3 teams tried, but couldn’t stop us. Come crunch time, we outplayed them, period.

No the season is not over. It is just that the team with Thursday’s composition had no chance. Now Reyes is up (remember though his era was 6, but we expect better). We keep pulling for Edmonds (now a platoon player), Rolen (a good defense, light hitting infielder, ala Dal Maxvill), and Encarnacion (hitting streak, and some pop, but low on base, rbi percentages, and defense). Still, we are scoring runs…and pitching is issue number ONE.

I don’t want to trade people like Rasmus and Perez for pitching. But Wellemeyer, a four inning starter, Thompson, Looper, who can be sure. Reyes was a five inning starter before. I still almost want to say: By July, time for:



I have been holding off on Ankiel, but three! home runs last night.

Last nite’s victory and the fact that the Cards scored 15 runs shows that there is life after death. The Yankees have done it. Why can’t the Cards. It is not too late to make some moves and go get someone who can still help this years team. Why isn’t anyone considering bring up rick Ankiel? He is hitting well with power in AAA. Why not give him a chance to see if he can do it in the big league? At least he would, in my opinion, be better than the lazy Encarnation. He has at least proved that he still wants to play and I admire him for that. He couild have just walked away, but he is still trying. I say give a good shot at it!

I don’t think that Encarnacion is lazy, rather he’s upset with the way that the team is playing this year and probably wants to be traded to a team who can make the playoffs. Several people don’t like playing for losing teams and don’t put in effort when the teams doing bad because they don’t like losing and think there’s no way the team can make it anywhere. I think all he needed was a boost of confidence and last nights 15-6 wins might wake him up a little bit, I say in the near future look for Encarnacion to be more energetic and less lazy.

It’s the bottom of the first and Reyes is giving up runs as usual. Looks as though the stint in AAA didn’t work. Here we go again.

I think I know what his problem is. He can’t pitch.
=D No, just kidding, that’s not it, he’s just nervous when he pitches in the majors, whenever he gets over that he’ll start to pitch good, just give him some time, afterall it’s better than having Kip Wells out there.

Oh and for those of you who don’t know, this is, this is my other msn account.

If only Yogi could have seen Reyes in action yesterday (de ja vous all over again). Maybe someone else could pitch the first inning for Reyes, then put him in. That might help. He’s a teriffic pitcher after the first inning.

No one’s missed Edmonds in the lineup lately, Gooch and Ludwick have been making contact very well.

The guys are hanging in there, not losing any more ground, still plenty of time to make a run if they get any pitching at all. No news on Looper’s condition or on Troy Percival? Is he slated to come up soon? Whatever shape he is in couldn’t be any worse than the other fill-ins in the bullpen.

I know how it is to pitch bad in the first inning, every time I play wiffleball with my family, I’m usually on my brothers team, he usually gives up like 6 or more in the first inning, but no need to worry, that’s all he gives up, most of the time me and my brother come back and win. How about me and my constantly getting walked or hitting a single, and then by brother backing me up with a grandslam, or whatever.

I’ve watched Encarnacion since he came up as a “5 tool player” with the Tigers… he’s always lacked passion. Compare his play and attitude in any year to the commitment of Albert Pujols, the joy of Ivan Rodriguez, the wry smile and lack of fear of Jim Edmonds, the work ethic of David Eckstein, the intelligence of Yadier Molina, the fury of Gary Sheffield or the consistency of Placido Polanco… if there’s no joy in the Mudville that is St Louis — the best baseball town in the land — then he oughta just hit the road.

the cards are desperate need of 2nd base help… there is a 2nd baseman in the reds organization named Jeff Keppinger that I played with at the University of Georgia…He currently is hitting over .360 in AAA ball…Current Memphis hitting coach Rick Eckstein is very familiar with him… the cards could make a trade for him w/a low level prospect…if anyone can pass this information on to the brain trust in STL

Okay, so you want him to hit the road and in return the cardinals would do what? Make Ludwick the right fielder, who only hits .220 in his career. No, I think not, I think keeping Juan Encarnacion who’s in a 18 game hit streak and batting .270 this year in at right. You may think that he’s lazy, but he’s at least getting on base so the cardinals can score some runs.

Dear Satan, how many RBIs did Encarnacion not drive in last night with his double plays? He had a good night at the plate the night before and has had a whole slew of hits w/o runners in scoring position over the last two weeks, pfeh. People are ripping on Rolen, who — it seems to me (w/o checking the numbers) is driving in runs) for hitting exactly the same percentage, can’t recall if you were one of them. Granted I’m no major leaguer but I’ve always preferred playing with incrementally less talented folks who show desire than more “talented” folks w/o passion. I’d say that, as Cardinals fans, we agree to disagree.

Question, are you the same type of person who was ripping on Albert Pujols when he began the year out 1-17 and wasn’t driving in many rbis for the longest period of time. Remember Encarnacion only has about 120 at bats this year and just got called off the DL. You never know, his bat could get hot just like Albert Pujols did. And remember Jim Edmonds, master of striking out, I don’t hear you ripping on him, he’s done nothing but strike out for the last three years.

For me, Pujols and Edmonds have track records I trust, Encarnacion, not so much. I cut folks I trust slack, and don’t those I have no reason to trust. Jim’s been hurt and is likely on the downside of his career, at the same time who knew he was playing with a bad hammy all year? Encarnacion’s been hurt but never had either offensive or defensive seasons like Edmonds, until he does I’ll continue to have little or no faith in him despite short streaks of solid offensive play. Let’s play nice, eh?

Um, did you forget that Encarnacion finished one of his years in Florida with a perfect fielding percentage in the outfield in 140 games or somethng like that. And when given the opporunity to he can steal you some bases, but with Tony LaRussa managing he won’t get many chances to steal, Tony’s not known for letting people steal, he’s known for small ball, I say let the guy do what he knows how to do and that’s steal, and Encarnacion finish last year with decent stats and was one of our best hitters until he injured his wrist.

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