"You hate people." "And yet I love gatherings."

It pretty much gets crazier every day here. Or as an old associate of mine once said about NASCAR driver Dale Jarrett, "gettin’ weirder every week."

Anyway. Here’s what’s going on…

* Kip Wells came to the park today thinking he was the starting pitcher. He arrived, looked at the lineup card, and saw the same thing the rest of us did — that he was not, in fact, the starting pitcher. Instead, Brad Thompson starts tonight, Todd Wellemeyer tomorrow, and Wells is bumped back to Sunday. TLR told Thompson and Wellemeyer last night that they’d be moved up, but said he did not get an opportunity to tell Wells. Nor did he call him this afternoon. So Wells came to the park and found out by leading the lineup card. Urp.

* Adam Kennedy is sitting for a fourth straight day. TLR basically said, he had the benefit of the doubt because of his track record earlier in the year. Now, he still gets some of that, but the better player plays. So it’s Spiezio at 2B and Ryan at SS against a RHP tonight. In talking to Derrick Goold and myself, Kennedy was a very good sport, said he understands that he’s not the best option right now.

* Yadier Molina played catch, said he was encouraged, and we’ll see how he comes through tomorrow.

* Tomo Ohka will start in Memphis tomorrow night. Coincidentally, that’s the night Wellemeyer now starts for STL. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that that’s not a coincidence, but we’ll see.

I sort of wonder if this is what it feels like to cover the Red Sox or Yankees.



With the sole possible exception of the implied (and maybe not intended) insult to Wells, this all looks pretty good to me. Having Ohka as a minor-league pitching option may come in handy, and kudos to Kennedy for acknowledging that if there’s someone who’s playing better than you, they should get the playing time. Wonder if Ohka’s uniform size is the same as Wells’ despite him being a little shorter? If so, I know how to solve several problems at once …

The only thing still bugging me here is the move not made: bringing Ankiel back to St. Louis. Rany Jazayerli had a nice line on this at Baseball Prospectus today: “Honestly, I don’t understand why he’s not up already. The Cardinals claim they don’t want to call him up because he’s out of options, which means they couldn’t send him back down. Um, not to be obtuse, but isn’t the whole point of calling him up to keep him?” I concur — for all that I respect the way Skip Schumaker handles himself, he just hasn’t shown he can hit at the major-league level. Time to bite this bullet and give Ankiel the call. With this done, they’ll have done about all they can to make lemonade out of this batch of lemons, IMHO.

Sounds like Scott Rolen all over again… luckily TLR’s a genius… again, here in (much) greater Detroit TLR’s buddy would never make this kind of gaff. The Tigers even kept last year’s mid-season excision of Dmitri Young mostly out of the media and, when pressed, were terse but direct. Wells isn’t as valuable as Rolen but its disrespectful behavior on TLRs part in any event.

Hey, just out of curiousity, is it likely that the Cardinals will go out and get Joel Piniero also. The guy isn’t doing good that year, but it may be because he’s in the American lead and I think he’d be good if brought to the National League.

Ankiel is out of options. He needs to play full time in Memphis rather than part-time here. Maybe bring him up in Aug or Sept.

Sun is Thompson’s regular start. He only made 78 pitches tonight. Why Wells on Sun, or is that not at all certain. Replace Wells or Wellemeyer with Ohka? Pick your poison.

Don’t give up on this year, but concentrate on next year. Don’t rush prospects, trade the best prospects, rush Carp and Mulder back, or hesitate to move a veteran or two.

“He calls himself ‘Magnolia Fan.'”

Do either of you think that Joel Piniero would be a nice add to the Cardinals rotation?

I looked at his stats. They are eerily like Kip Wells. No success since 2003. Losing records, lots of hits per inning, and era over 5 in 05, over 6 in 06. Plus, his contract is 4 mil.

Yes, true, but he pitched in the American League, a league knwon for it’s power, maybe in the National League he can turn it around and be successful.

Everybody needs to cool down a little on Ankiel. I saw him play this week in Des Moines. He can punish a fastball, but he’s VERY susceptible to breaking pitches and offspeed pitches – even from righthanded pitchers. The Cards are trying to keep him under the radar because he’s obviously NOT ready for the big leagues (full time) and he’s a free agent at the end of the season. They want to be able to resign him and keep him for 3-4 years, rather than bringing him up this year and watching him sign with another club. Finally, what about Kevin Millwood as an option for our starting rotation? Why isn’t any body mentioning him as a possible solution?


I agree that we should cool on Ankiel for now. Millwood has ability, but a 9 mil salary.

I still say that we should not trade for anyone and give up our best prospects. I think we should try to trade Encarnacion and Eckstein for prospects. I know there are obstacles to that.

Next Year:

Carp and Mulder healthy. Buerhle signing without us giving up anyone. The last two slots competed for by Wainwright, Thompson, Reyes, and hopefully Hawksworth. Ah, a nice thought.

I am not saying give up on this year, just we should not damage our future. But then, I can be a risk taker too. Maybe the right trade will materialize.

What about the lineup I suggested next year for starters. Chris Carpenter, Mark Mulder, Mark Buehrle, Adam Wainwright, and Braden Looper. I suggested that in another blog post, but noone has replied to let me know what they think of that. I think Wainwright if he straightens himself out a bit and does what he was doing last year with that 12 to 6 curveball would be an Ace and Braden Looper when healthy can pitch brilliant. I think moving Anthony Reyes to the bull pen would be best for now, he’s not doing so good as a starter with an era above 5 being a starter for 2 years and having a 2.70 era as a relief pitcher, keeping Franklin as a relief pitcher for next year, and trying to trade for another second baseman, or moving kennedy in as a back up player or something.

Also, in a couple of years Miguel Cabrera’s contract will be coming to an end and he said he wants to play alongside Albert Pujols, so anyone else think we should sign him when his contract is up, and rather than trading Juan Encarnacion this year keep him until his contract expires, I’m just saying this because he’s one of my favorite outfielders.

Kip Wells is **** lucky to be on a big league roster. He’d be no better than a .500 pitcher on an American Legion team.

Just out of curiosity, does the person who posted the blog every reply, and who thinks Migueal Cabrera would have a chance of being signed to the Cardinals when his contract is up? Also, wow Kip Wells pitched 2 scoreless innings and got a win, see what I mean, he’d be better at relief. =]

Well, I see Reyes is starting tonight….since he can’t get out of the first 3 innings, maybe they should have him play 1st base until the 4th inning, then go in and pitch.

Rofl, that’s crazy, so what do we do with Albert Pujols then, have him pitch? ha ha ha. He’ll be fine, I have a feeling we’re going to see similar to the 1 hit complete game he had against the white sox sometime in the near future.

Of course I could be wrong about that. =D

Another batting practice outing by Reyes, now 0-9. Combine Reyes’ record with Kip Wells, and they are something like 2-21.

Letting Suppan get away without even an effort to keep him doesn’t look like too good a decision now, does it, Mr. Jocketty?

Jeff Suppan, who is signed for four years at more than $10MM a year, has a 4.90 ERA and has thrown plenty of BP outings himself lately. Five straight outings in which he’s given up at least four earned runs, with a total of 26 earned runs in 28 innings over that time.


Why do the Cardinals have such a problem spending money?

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