Maroth, plus one tidbit

Here’s what I know as of this moment:

* Maroth is very much in play, but not done yet, per the latest I’ve heard. I expect that it will happen, and soon, but no official confirmation and I get the impression it isn’t completely, 100-percent done with I’s dotted and T’s crossed.

* I still have no word on what they are giving up.

* For what it’s worth, I thought this was an interesting stat: In 18 career starts against National League teams, Maroth has a 3.75 ERA and has allowed only 10 homers in 112 2/3 innings.

-M, iTunes on shuffle and home-brewed Intelligentsia coffee in hand.


According to the trade rumors, we would give up Looper and Encarnacion for Thames and Maroth. That seems stupid to me. Maroth is another Kip Wells project, and Thames can only hit well against Left Handers, while Juan can be an everyday OFer.

I have always wanted the Cardinals to get Maroth, ever since he lost 20 games a couple years ago. It takes a **** of a pitcher to keep going out every fifth game when he knows his chance of coming out with a win is slim. They have to have given up one of their bullpen arms, Springer or Tyler Johnson, and probably a prospect from Springfield. That’s just my first instinct when I see this deal, because I know Detroit is having trouble with their bullpen. I could be wrong. ****, maybe they sent Wells to join Detroit’s bullpen.

heymatto70, those trade rumors you’re referencing are from last November, not now.

A friend of mine sent me those rumors. Hopefully we don’t get rid of too much.

I think a reliever is a good guess, and maybe something else. But I really don’t have anything to go on at this time, unfortunately. Still trying to sniff it all out.


Looking at the Tigers bullpen, it makes me think that Tyler Johnson is unlikely. They have a number of lefties already. Which leads me to believe it is either Springer or Franklin. Still think it is a reliever as the major component of this deal.

isringhausen i heard might be involved in this

I would not think Springer because he came here for the sole reason of helping out his autistic son because St. Louis had some wonderful programs he was interested in. And it better not be Franklin; that would be an insanely stupid move considering how great he has been. He is our set up, and we can’t do much without that. My guess is Flores.

There is no way Izzy is included in this. They aren’t going to just sign away our closer without another closer to fill in.

Well they do have some spots they’re weak in, like back up short stop Neifi Perez and LF Craige Monroe, and holy **** has anyone seen what Magglio Ordonez has done this year for them, it’s almost jaw dropping he’s batting .383, with 13 homeruns, 67 rbis, and 1 stolen base.

Speculation is fun ain’t it? From a Tigers’ fans viewpoint (BTW congrats on creaming us in the series), I don’t think you have to worry about a southpaw going. While I would love to see us get a guy like Izzy in this deal–it doesn’t make sense from the Cardinals perspective. I’m hoping Franklin.
My guess is we may get a minor leaguer though since there is no room on our roster right now.

I hope Mike helps you guys get to the post season again.

Hm. Bullpen. Prospect. Minor leaguer. Not left handed.



So, what exactly does a “player to be named later” mean? Does it mean that they will settle on a prospect during the off season?

It used to (and I presume still does) mean the trade had to consumated within 6 months and that the players involved had to change leagues. Obviously the 2nd stipulation has already been satisfied.

Mike Maroth is a class act and an all-around good human being. He was a credit to the Detroit organization and will be to yours as well.

Didn’t they say it was for a player to be named later as in “farm system” player? If that’s so…haha…watch it be Rick Ankiel and then he;ll go to Detroit and be their star player behind Maggs. Seriously thought I wouldn’t mind Maroth. He’s a lefty. And so what if he lost 20 games a few seasons ago…Jeremy Bonderman also lost close to 20 games that same season. He’s not Jeremy Bonderman of course, but he’s better than throwin Kip Wells out there every 5 days, haha.

I’m glad it won’t take away from anybody currently in the bullpen. I doubt Ankiel would find his name on this list, ditto for Rasmus. John Rodriguez on the other hand may be available. I figure if they aren’t going to use him, they might as well shop him around.

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! I have recently said that this is an exciting season. So WHO will the Tigers get. Can’t add much to what has been said. Like everyone, I hope we don’t give up too much.

I think one thing is that the Cards never want Kip Wells to start another game. Hey, he might have shown the pen could be his only small shot at success. Wellemeyer looked a little better last time, but he is one that would benefit from starting in the minors if we really think he has a shot.

Reyes has to turn it on. Maroth and Ohka can’t fill three spots. Oh the fun.

Well I see someone who hasn’t had success as a starter, but it’s better than having 4 starters, I say we go get Joel Piniero.

I say go with what we have. If that is a problem for this year, so be it. If Carp and Mulder end of coming back effectively that is like two trades or signings.

Not to say Piniero would not be worth a shot, Crazy. I just don’t want to get crazy trying to salvage this year at the expense of the future. I am not saying we have yet.

I do mean it as a permanent thing tnt, but Looper’s on the DL, Carp’s on the DL, Mulder’s on the DL, Wells isn’t doing good enough to start anymore, Reye’s has been having a few problems this year and I have a feeling he’ll fix it, but I’m not sure. Wellameyer can only go 5 inning before they have to bring in relief and we need someone who can give us some innings. I think that getting this rotation would do us some good: Brad Thompson, Todd Wellameyer, Mike Maroth, Anthony Reyes, and Piniero will do okay for a bit until Looper comes back, then we could send Piniero to the bullpen.

And I’m not trying to salvage this year, we need starters and he’s a starter. >.<

Why on earth aren’t the Cards giving Rick Ankiel a chance? He is playing center field for Mempjis so he must be a pretty good outfielder, at least better that Duncan, and he is hitting great. What are the cardinals waiting for? There is no way he could hurt them if they brought him up. He has earned it. They keep rotating other players like Skip Schumacher between the minors and majors. Why not Ankiel????? Goldens2

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