Strange days indeed. Most peculiar, mama. Whoa!

Maroth is obviously a done deal. He’ll start Monday in New York. Brad Thompson goes to the ‘pen for the weekend. Kip Wells still starting Sunday, Wellemeyer still on Tuesday. Wednesday TBA, though I’d guess Thompson slots back in for that game.

The weirder part today is in the bullpen. According to a release from the team this afternoon, Tyler Johnson is on the disabled list with biceps tendinitis. However, Johnson was listed on the lineup card. TLR and assistant GM John Mozeliak both say he’s NOT, in fact, on the DL yet. Muddling things even further, Tyler said that the discomfort is more in his shoulder than in his forearm.

Just another day on the carousel. This team is definitely keeping us busy.

-M, digging the new White Stripes album.


Okay I’m confused about that, is he on the DL or not. And are they that retarded to keep Kip Wells as a starter, how about you move him to the bullpen and keep Thompson in as a starter, at least he’ll give a good start rather than 7 runs in 4 innings. I’m really getting mad at Tony LaRussa’s decision to keep starting Kip Wells.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I will not tolerate personal insults, either of other readers, of me, or of people in the organization.

Then tell them to stop making stupid choices and starting a person who has no talent at pitching what so ever, yeah he had success in the past, that’s the past, take a look at rick ankiel, he realized when it was time to give up on pitching and try something else, maybe Kip should take some advice from Rick on that one and stop pitching, he can’t do it.

It just upsets me that they throw a pitcher out there who is doing horrible.

That’s fine. If you disagree with the decision, say so. Disagreement is welcome. Calling someone “retarded” for a decision you disagree with, I’m not going to tolerate that.

I don’t know how many times I have to say it, but here’s one more — I insist that the discussions here remain civil and respectful at all times.



Is there a possiblity that the Cardinals might move Kip to the bullpen and keep Thompson as a starter? And is there a possiblity the Cardinals might try and sign Joel Piniero? I know he has had some problems as a starter, but I think it’s better than throwing Kip out there on the mound all the time.

I think Thompson has earned a starting position. He’s pitched very well IMO. Kip should either be released or sent to the pen. He did do well as a long reliever last time out. But I’ll give him one more chance.

Everytime he goes out there and start though we seem to lose. I think we’ve given him enough chances, I think it’s time to look to Thompson.

Thompson’s last outing was outstanding, I like him in the starting rotation. I think Reyes, Wells and Wellemeyer are out of chances, but who do we have to step in? I can’t even name our starting rotation now, can’t keep up with it. If Maroth works out, we need at least 2 more of him. Hurry up Carp!!!!

Well, I already have a pitching rotation I’d like to see next year.

SP-Mark Mulder, Braden Looper, Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright, Mark Buehrle.

RP-Jason Isringhausen, Tyler Johnson, Ryan Franklin, Anthony Reyes, Josh Kinney, Russ Springer, and Brad Thompson.

Anyone else think that’d be a good rotation?


I wasnt sure to do this on here or email you for the mailbag but here goes…

So lately with the starters all going short outings and then appearing in interesting bullpen outings a few days later and the whole rotation being announced basically on a day to day basis, I would like to run an idea by you. I realize great baseball minds work for the Cardinals, and thus I imagine they have thought about this already but what do you think of going to a 6 man rotation? It could give starters extra rest(which most seem to need). It would allow each to just have a extended bullpen session in real game situations on their 2nd or 3rd day (something they do on the side anyway). This would further allow rest for our true relievers and keep our true relievers in their proper 7,8, 9 inning roles allowing Tony to keep his lefty match-ups intact as much as possible. We definitely seem to have enough arms, shoot Wellmeyer, Maroth, Thompson, Wainwright, Wells, Reyes. Eventually change one out for Looper and once Carp is back full and healthy go down to a 5 man rotation when everyone is good and ready. Maybe its just to crazy. I know baseball used to have 4 man rotations, and Ive heard that in Japan 6 man rotations are more common. Any MLB history behind a 6 man rotation? Are Walt and the boys thinking about this at all?

C’mon on Crazy, lighten up. I get frustrated too, but keep it constructive. Hey, I get a little insulting on some other message boards, etc. This is not one of them.

Looper? I don’t think he will figure into the Cards long term plans. Thompson? Better chance as a starter. Reyes? I am about to say he needs a fresh start somewhere else.

I am nervous that we might get too wild and make irrational decisions this year. We need 4 or 5 players to get us out of this hole, not 1 or 2 to get us over the hump. I applaud management making efforts, but pleas don’t get too aggressive on moving good prospects (no sign quite yet). Help is on the way next year.

Maroth? Definitely worth a shot for the right price. This team has more than one or two issues regarding pitching, offense, and defense.

OK. Here’s a question for you all to consider: What is the definition of insanity?

The Answer!?- Repeating the same action over and over(like trotting Kip Wells out every 5-6 days) and expecting a different result.

Now, this is not a stab at anybody. It’s just something I was told a few years ago and it seems to apply here.

I agree. It’s been a good ride lately with the Cards being competitive year after year. I’m okay with an off year or two while things work themselves out. Don’t trade away the future to save this season.

Off the topic of pitching . . . I’m liking Miles as a starter. Can he keep up the pace all season?

Few things…

* Personally, I don’t like the idea of a six-man rotation at all. Seems to me that if you can’t find five good starters, it’s even harder to find six. I’d rather see teams go the opposite direction, and go back to four.

* Tomorrow is likely Wells’ last start for a while. And Thompson almost certainly isn’t going to the bullpen permanently. They’re just shifting on the fly until they get guys back.

* Miles is hitting .304, but a .327 OBP and .354 SLG indicate to me that he may already be overexposed. I understand people like seeing a guy who gets his uniform dirty, but those aren’t impact numbers.


I agree with most of your comments, Matthew, but not about Miles. The question isn’t whether he’s better than average, it’s whether he’s better than the alternatives. Sorry to say, he is — Kennedy just isn’t working out, and Ryan isn’t ready yet (and may never be).

As for the 4-man rotation, I think that would be a fine idea, if they could just find a minimum of two relievers who could go 3 or 4 innings if need be without a meltdown. However, it’s not clear that they have them.

This is the year where the poor drafts around 2000-2003 are really coming home to roost. It shouldn’t be that hard to find league-average middle infielders in one’s farm system, nor league-average long relievers. Both would be an upgrade on what’s available, and neither are to be found at Memphis or Springfield. Some good stuff is coming in the lower minors, but things take time.

Only one guy commented on my idea pitching rotation for next year and he said that Anthony Reyes should be a starter somewhere else. Am I the only one who remembers he has an era over 5.50 as a starter and a 2.70 era as a reliever. Grrrrrrrr.

Reyes has seven career innings as a reliever. Are you REALLY using that as some kind of basis on which a decision should be made?

It’s better than having him as a pitcher giving up 5 earned runs every start and being 0-9 is it not. He’d be much better as a reliever if you don’t believe me ask Ryan Franklin, it’s worked for him has it not? =P

I would leave Braden Looper out of the rotation and give Franklin a shot there. Franklin HAS pitched over 200 innings twice in his career, and Looper had not pitched 100 innings until this month. Now where is he? On the DL. No surprise. And although he did well at first, I don’t see him pitching very well at all in the second half. Ryan Franklin threw 210, 205, and 190 innings from 2003-2005. He has proven he is capable. No one else on the staff (who is healthy) can say that. It is stupid to not use a player to their best ability. So what if he is a solid 8th inning guy.We already have a guy that can take Franklin’s place in the 8th. His name is Percival. So here is what my rotation would be if I were in charge: Wainwright, Maroth, Franklin, Thompson, and Reyes. Use Izzy, Percival, Johnson, Flores, Springer, Cate or Cavazos, even Looper again, out of the ‘Pen.

Eh, maybe this year, but not next year.

Yeah, this year Obviuosly (you’re not a golfer). Next year we’ll have Carp and hopefully a healthy Mulder,too.

Thee was an article on this page that said there’s a good chance that both Mulder and Carpenter would be back next month, is this true? Is this a possiblity? If so I’m going to plan a party on the day that they return and dance until I can’t dance anymore. =D

I’m not trying to answer for M, but I know TLR has said that Carp will be back in July as long as there are no setbacks during his rehab. He reported feeling good today, after yesterday’s throwing session. You probably read the same article I did by Daniel Berk. As for Mulder, he keeps saying he doesn’t think he’ll be back til at least August. BUT he also said it depends on how rehab goes, implying it could be sooner OR later. So it seems to me that the chance of getting Carp AND Mulder back in time to help this year is very small to non-existant. Having said that, I still think we have a realistic shot at the Central this year. The Brew crew is still quite young, and may not be nearly as good in the second half. Whereas we can get better if we get our pitching stabilized and the offense hitting on all cylinders.

Awesome, well whenever we get Mulder and Carp back, I think we’re going to start tearing up people, those guys don’t just pitch good, but they bring this team together as a unit. Also, just out of curiosity, I noticed that Troy Cate hasn’t had much success this year in the minors but so far he’s spectacular in the majors with a 1.29 era so far, so I’m just wondering, has there ever been a guy that has done horrible in the minors but when given a shot at the majors has been spectacular through his career.

With the cardinals drafting a shortstop with their pick and Adam Kennedy not doing a good job, what are the plans for Tyler Greene. Could he play second base? He may not hit for a high average , but the club could use his speed and power.

Interesting philosophy, am I the only one who thinks the problems that Adam Kennedy is going through is all in his head?

I don’t get why people are so into speed, I understand it helps but if your fast and still don’t have a good average, doesn’t that meen your speed is still not helping you get on base? What’s the point? We need a hitter, someone to drive in runs, and get RBI’s and consistancy. I still say Edgar Gonzalez AAA memphis.

…and yes it’s all in his head, I think he just can’t get out oh his slump.

… now if he has a good average and great speed that might mean his speed helps get hits that might normally not be hits. Do I make sence??

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