Just in case you were wondering

I just wanted to let y’all know, in case anybody has noticed, and cares, about my lack of bylines on the site recently.

I’m still on the beat, and still at the park, and picking up some game coverage this week. But for this homestand, MLB.com has me working on a bunch of other projects, with Daniel Berk taking the bulk of the game coverage. You may have seen my Darryl Kile piece on Thursday/Friday, and I’m also working on another story for MLB.com. Taking the NYM series off, but back on duty in Cincinnati.

Not that anyone was crying in their beer or anything, but just in case it seems that I’m neglecting the beat, now you know. And knowing is half the battle.



I read your piece on Darryl Kile the other day. It was really lovely. Like a lot people quoted in your article, I too can’t believe that its been five years since his death. Reading your piece brought that whole time back to me. What a strange emotional time that was to be a Cardinal fan. Darryl passing in a such a strange manner and Jack Buck losing his battle with Parkinson’s in the space of a week. Also, to think that only Pujols, Edmonds and Izzy were on that team, is crazy. It made me miss Morris, is that crazy?

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that your piece moved me.

Thanks for the writing,

Casie Neu

P.S. Love the Clerks quote the other day.


The day D.K. passed is one of those times I remember where I was and what I was doing. It sometimes seems like ages ago since he was out there on the mound.

Question. Why is Wells scheduled to start Sunday. That is Thompson’s scheduled turn.

Just realized his record against the Phils is great. Still, this rotation can change any moment.

Just wanted you to know, Matthew, that your piece on DK brought tears to my eyes. Very touching, especially that you got such amazing comments from Jimmy. I HAD missed your by-line, but I’m rarely surprised by the actions of mlb.com

I was actually just coming here to ask you how much time you allow yourself to come up with some of the headlines (after reading “..Feastin’ on Eaton..” – just the headline so far not the article), but then I actually read the byline.

I just read the DK piece and loved it. Glad you mentioned it because I had completely missed it otherwise.

Good to know you’ll be back with us soon.

Thanks for the heads up, dude. I had noticed Daniel was doing more game coverage stuff. I guess that’s why they hired him, though. So they could get the dude to do other stuff for them…
Loved the piece on DK as well. The one thing that always sticks out in my mind most about that day was seeing Joe Girardi, in tears, telling the Cubs faithful there had been a tragedy in the Cardinal family. And as someone else said, Jimmy’s words about DK really pull the taers. Good job, dude!

Any ideas on the backup catcher position when Molino returns? Will Stinnett stay in some capacity? Does he want to ?

For all new Mike Maroth fans:

Well if he does what he did last night, then heck, i’m a new maroth fan. xD

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