Welcome, Mike

With the way the schedule shakes down, I’m going to Cincinnati over the weekend but not to New York, so I’ll miss Mike Maroth’s Cardinals debut tonight. I’m curious like the rest of you, so I’ll definitely watch (though maybe on the TiVo, since a free night at home with Mrs. Dude is a rare treat, so dinner and a movie is more likely during the evening).

Anyway, in the meantime, I got a note that Maroth has launched a website, which includes his blog, so I wanted to get a link up for y’all to check out if you want.

It’s at MarothBaseball.com, and the blog can be found here.

Hope y’all are well.

-M, doing exciting stuff today like cleaning out my car and putting laundry away.


St. Louis got a great guy in Mike Maroth. He even in the hard times went out there and did his job and never complained. Believe me all of us here in Detroit are going to miss him. I am sure he will do a great job for you as he did here. Good luck to you Mike.

I am the first Cardinals fan in this forum to say this….wooo hoo. Welcome to Saint Louis Mike, you’re very welcome here and we hope you like it here as much as we like you here.

From a statistical standpoint, this is a trade to be cautiously optomistic about. A guy that has a 21 loss season under his belt and elbow surgery last year is one to know about the dangers. However, he is an innings eater and has good success against the NL. What is great about this trade from a personal standpoint is that he has a good character and will be a nice impact on the clubhouse.

Mike, welcome to St. Louis! You did a great job tonight in all phases of the game: pitching, hitting, picking runners off bases, and getting the double plays. You are a breath of fresh air. Good luck to you! I hope you enjoy great success in St. Louis.

Well, we can’t expect Maroth to only give up two hits every game. Still, he was impressive as a professional, well-rounded pitcher who fill a middle of the rotation slot.

The Cards still need a lot of help. I still say this year is done. Try to to play hard and be competitive. Plan for next year.

I just wanted to say that we are NOT done this year. It’s still ONLY JUNE!!! We’re not in good position, obviously. But we’ve come back from 8 1/2 down at the All-Star break in the Tony La Russa “era”. Look what the Astros did LAST YEAR!!!!!! With guys like Chris Burke, Mike Lamb, Luke Scott, and pitchers like Brandon Backe, Wandy Rodriguez, and the old/great one Roger Clemens. THE CARDS ARE NOT DONE FOR THE SEASON BY ANY STRETCH! If you wanna give up on somebody, then go be a Devil Rays fan or something.

I was playing this baseball game and after winning 2 world series champion ships in three years with record of 94-68, 86-76, and 96-66, I decided to try my luck in Cincinnati with records of 92-70, 88-74, and 73-89, I moved onto the Devil Rays and in my first year I was 80-82. Point, Cardinals rule everyone else drools.


Don’t know what brought that up but, yay.

In the story about the game last night, Spezio was reported as saying that he, Percival and some others were headed out to mull over the game and get a bite to eat… did I miss something, is Percival about to pitch in the majors for the Cards? I thought he was getting in shape in the minors…

Right. The Cards are not done this year. They still need two top flight pitchers. Who will they be? Carp, Mulder, and/or Buehrle, Zambrano?

They need another hitter or two. It’s a long shot to believe that Edmonds and Rolens will rebound. All I am saying is do not sacrifice too much talent, or rush veterans on the Dl or prospects in the minors.

The team can still win, but the team as it’s made up now, CANNOT.

I concur. We need to focus now on the hitting if we are to win. Even if Edmonds comes back strong from the DL and Encarnacion produces better, what protection does that give AP and Duncan? We need someone that can back them up.

Buehrle, Buehrle, Buehrle. I’m a Cardinals fan, but Buehrle is one of my favorite pitchers in baseball, I want Buehrle on the Cardinals.
Am I the only one who would have like to see the cardinals sign Juan Pierre and (unrealistic) Alfonso Soriano. Seriously, with this batting order the cardinals could do some wicked things: Juan Pierre, David Eckstein, Albert Pujols, Alfonso Soriano, Chirs Duncan, Scott Rolen, Juuan Encarnacion, and Yadier Molina. Yeah, I’d be a wicked crazy manager spending some money. =]

Zanbrano? I hadn’t heard talk about him. He’s a great pitcher and all, but after the thing with him and Barrett, I pretty much lost all respect for the guy. I was sad to hear that the Cubbies ended up trading Barrett…

I’ve really liked the idea of Buehrle ever since I read that he always wanted to pitch in St. Louis sometime last year. Somehow I don’t think it’s going to happen, though. It’s going to take a pretty big deal going off of what I’ve been hearing, even if he does want to pitch here.

Nah, I don’t think so, the Chicago Whitesox aren’t a playoff team so basically they’re just going to try and salvage this year by getting anyone at all to try and help the team, even if that be a mediocore hitter because they’re last in almost every category. Batting average, pitching, runs scored, etc. And why would they try and make a big deal for a pitcher who’d be a free agent at the end of the year anyways, noone’s crazy enough to make a big deal for a pitcher that they could just sign at the end of the year if they really wanted him that badly.

I beg to differ with you on that one. There are at least TWO teams crazy enough to make a big deal for a pitcher like that…the Yankees and the Red Sox. Both have seemingly limitless payrolls and both would sign him to a big contract to keep the other from getiing him. I hope we’re in the running though.


“Everyone knows where my heart is at and where I want to stay and how bad I want to stay here,” Buehrle said. “If anyone has a question or thinks I’m going to St. Louis after the season, if I’m a free agent, or if it gets to that point, they are wrong. I want to stay here and do everything I can to stay here.”


Maybe you should watch ESPN more often slforre, Boston is no longer willing to make a trade for him, which leaves the Yankees and the Cardinals, and it’s not worth making a big deal for a person who’s going to be a free agent, and honestly who cares if that’s what he said he’s going to be a free agent whether he likes it or not and I don’t believe the White Sox are going to resign him.

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