Friday tidbits — CORRECTION

Greetings from Great American Ball Park, where I intend to consume between six and 10 Skyline Cheese Coneys over the next three days. Good times.

Here are a couple of tidbits pregame today…

* Fairly standard lineup tonight, given who’s available. Taguchi CF, Miles SS, Pujols 1B, Duncan LF, Rolen 3B, Encarnacion RF, Molina C, Kennedy 2B, and then the interesting one — Thompson P.

* Wainwright has been pushed back to tomorrow. Maroth will make his second Cardinals start on Sunday. Looper will then slot in on Monday, with Wellemeyer Tuesday. Reyes does not have a start in the next five days. I’ll ask shortly what the plan for him is, but I’d imagine they’d send him to start at Memphis rather than using him in relief here. I don’t know that though; I’m just fielding a guess.

* Correction/backtrack on the above. Early in the afternoon, I was told that it would be Wellemeyer on Tuesday. However, both TLR and Dunc say that it is in the process of being decided as to who will start Tuesday. So I’ll keep following that. I’d still guess that it will be Wellemeyer, with Reyes the odd man out, but neither the mgr nor the pitching coach would announce/divulge/confirm that.

* Spiezio is still in the hospital in NY. According to media relations rep Brian Bartow, he’s getting better, but he remains in NY for now. The team didn’t get out until well past midnight last night — ugh.

* No other roster moves as of today, but of course, stay tuned.

* Oh and one other thing, Tool is playing at the arena next door tonight. Hmmm, if we can get a really quick game and a really quick postgame, maybe I could get there by show’s end. Nahhh.

-M, fresh off four solid hours of live Pearl Jam on the drive over here.


I thought Eckstein was coming off the DL today. Did that not happen? Also, why was Wainwright pushed back a day? Was it just because Thompson hadn’t started in awhile, or was there another reason? And why wouldn’t they use Reyes in relief, get him some positive experiences like Wainwright had last year so that maybe someday he can not give up five runs in the first three innings? I think that they have a bright future with Wainwright, Reyes, and Hawksworth, but Reyes needs to get it together and win a game at some point. I know, he did pretty well against the Mets, but who knows what would have happened if the game had continued. I would just like to see more of the guy that one-hit the White Sox last year and beat the Tigers in Game one of the World Series and it doesn’t seem like success in the minors got him much closer to that.

I apologize for the length of the last post. I had a lot to say…

See my notes for more explanation on everything, but Eckstein is an any-day-now deal, and they bumped Wainwright just because of all the hassle getting out of NY last night. Thompson had already traveled ahead, he was on schedule, so they just stuck with him and bumped Wainwright back to Sat.


I was at the TOOL show in St Louis last weekend. Amazing!

Thanks for the info. Enjoy those cheese coneys.

This is to bulldoggo, I think the reasoning that they did not move Anthony Reyes back to the bullpen is because of something Matthew told me, he’s only got 7.0 innings of relief pitching since being brought to the majors and because Tony sees him as “Starting Material” and believe he has some “Good things” to bring to the mound. Also, no need to be sorry man, I’ve typed long than that. =D And no far Ryan I wanted to go to the cool Tool show, but unfortunately I live about 200 miles from any majors cities that they would play at, I have no form of transportation, and well I’m lacking in money. And my favorite song of theirs is Trust, anyone else like that song. Pssst….Bulldog I think this post was longer than yours, not sure, just a hunch.

Nope, I was wrong, it’s a bit shorter. :p

How long can the Cardinals continue with the lack of offense from Rolen? He uses up too much of the payroll considering his lack of production. Is his contract due to expire soon or is he tradable? How can the Cards get rid of Rolen and free up some of that money for starting pitching or another power hitting infielder? I am tired of Rolen popping up or striking out with runners on base.

Can anyone really say what is happening with this team? It is a wild, perplexing, fun ride.

Rolen: He has become a good defense, little offense player. The good: yes the defense and track record. The bad: inconsistent offense the past few years (mostly anemic this year) and periods of being temperamental.

Rolen may be the biggest mystery of the year. He is not that old. He has been mostly healthy. Why does he look like he can barely hit the ball out of the infield most of the time? What do we do if we want to make a change at third base?

I think Rolen’s not hitting consistant because he’s still got problems with his shoulders that he’s trying to work out, I know it’s been a year, but it’s still a possibility. And a change at third base, how about our good old man Scott Spiezio, last year they said if he would have played that entire year, he’d have a .300 average, 30 + homers, and 100 + rbis. I’m not saying to remove Scott Rolen completely that’s just a suggestion since you asked, and I think rest him for about a week or so and then just bring him in late.

Your ideas sound OK.

I have done some analysis (I can explain later in a long post if asked to), and here is my ideal lineup (based on SLG and OBP):


Rolen/Spiezio platoon




Edmonds/Taguchi Platoon



Of course this assumes health and letting Duncan stay in against lefties.

To me this indicates the Cards must get a good cleanup hitter, allowing Duncan and Encarnacion to slide down one notch.

Then again, maybe we need to package Juan E, Reyes, and one or two other we can spare to try to get an rbi man.

I know I haven’t addressed starting pitching. Who know where that’s going?

With about 4 or 5 of the starting RHB lineup against lefties hitting under .200, I don’t see letting Duncan sit when a LHP starts against the Cards. With any luck HE might learn to hit lefties.

Second, some people to think that Thompson is out of his element starting and needs to go back to the bullpen asap. In my view, Thompson is making a better starter than he did a setup man. I would keep him in the rotation over Looper any day.

Yes, I like the idea of Thompson being a starter, but I wouldn’t start him over Looper any day, I’d change this to this year rotation after Looper and Carp get back though: Chris Carpenter, Braden Looper, Adam Wainwright, Mike Maroth, and Brad Thompson, I think that’d be a good rotation.

And yes tntnt I like your lineup there, except I’d change it around a bit for when Rolen starts. SS-David Eckstein, 3B-Scott Spiezio, 1B Albert Pujols, LF-Chris Duncan, RF-Juan Encarnacion, CF-Jim Edmonds, 2B-Aaron Miles, C-Yadier Molina, then the pitchers spot, when the lineup is changed it’d be this way: Eckstein, Encarnacion, Pujols, Duncan, Edmonds, Rolen, Miles, Molina, then the pitchers spot.

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