Eck still out

The lineup is posted, and David Eckstein is not activated today. More later.

Miles SS – Schumaker CF – Pujols – Duncan – Rolen – Encarnacion – Kennedy – Molina – Wainwright



What do you think Matthew?

What’s up with Rolen? He plays great defense and has a lot of experience, but has be inconsistent and sometime temperamental the last few years. Supposedly he has been healthy most of the year, but seems barely able to hit the ball out of the infield.

I have done some analysis (I can explain later in a long post if asked to), and here is my ideal lineup (based on SLG and OBP):


Rolen/Spiezio platoon




Edmonds/Taguchi Platoon



Of course this assumes health and letting Duncan stay in against lefties.

To me this indicates the Cards must get a good cleanup hitter, allowing Duncan and Encarnacion to slide down one notch.

Then again, maybe we need to package Juan E, Reyes, and one or two other we can spare to try to get an rbi man.

I know I haven’t addressed starting pitching. Who know where that’s going?

Oh, it does seem like a while back when the Cards had a juggernaut offense and added a Larry Walker as extra icing on the cake.

I like your platoons there tntnt, just one questions, what do we do when Preston Wilson returns? Do we make it a Rolen/Spizio, Duncan/Wilson, and Edmonds/Taguchi Platoon? I’d like to hear more about this, what is going to be your batting order, because I don’t like Rolen hitting in the number 2 spot, but I do like Spiezio, Taguchi, Encarnacion, and Miles batting in that position, and what’s your idea for the pitching rotation? Mine is Thompson, Wellameyer, Wainwright, Maroth, and Reyes; until we get Carpenter and Looper back; then it’ll be Carpenter, Looper, Wainwright, Maroth, and Thompson.

Preston Wilson isn’t returning this year.

Are the Cards planning on resigning Preston Wilson for next year (or more)?

what the heck, why won’t he be returning this year, I though he old had a minor injury, not anything serious enough to keep him out the year.

Uh, no. Wilson has pretty certainly played his last game as a Cardinal. He underwent season-ending knee surgery and I would be shocked if he wears an STL uniform again.

I see, interesting, interesting, so just out of curiosity, have you heard any trade talks the cardinals have been suggesting Matthew?


The only reason I thought about Rolen there is because he has a fair OBP, but low SLG. Maybe a change in the order could help, who knows?

It’s 5 to 1, Reds, in the 7th right now. Schu, Dunc, Juan, Scott are currently 0 for 11 in the game.

I know one game does not make a season. I am not saying the season is over. This team CAN be boring. I am saying that AS IT IS MADE UP NOW, this team CANNOT make the playoffs.

Edmonds, Eck, Carp and several other would have to go on extended absolute tears. Maybe the starting pitching will work out, but there are still so many questions. This lineup needs a cleanup hitter and more team speed.

Please…Let’s plan for next year the best we can.

Hey, I haven’t listened to Pearl Jam much. I plan to change that.

No, you got it all wrong, I wasn’t saying that was a bad idea, I just like Spiezio when he plays to bat second because he’s done good from there, and when Rolen bats, I’d like to have someone with speed there instead.

get eck back asap; move miles to 2nd, move adam k. to another team, & use spezio with miles; duncan in left needs to bat 2nd ahead of big al; dunc, left, edmonds, center, encanarcion rt w/ lud sharing time in each outfield spot based on situation; same w/ so; molback, start/pen nice soon; out w/ wells, reyes, schumaker. cards are on their way to many victories

Wait, what did you mean?

i apologize for the confusion.i suppose writing in full sentences, not to mention with more clarity, is in order. to state the obvious, i believe 3 pieces must return healthy for the cards to pick it up, i.e., carpenter, eckstein & molina, who is now back. new arrivals, kennedy & wells have had ample opportunity to perform and have failed. neither shows much promise to me so move them out. they remind me of two former cardinals, tony pena and andres gallaraga, who simply never got off the schnide in st. louis, despite their talent. of the new role players that have been playing due to injured starters, the cream seems to have risen to the top. ludwick shows promise at the plate and in any outfield position. to the contrary, shumaker looks lost at the plate and should go. miles, so & spezio have reproven their abilities and deserve to stay with the club as quality substitues as well as starters when needed. when edmonds returns the outfield looks formidable with he, duncan and encanarcion starting. the only glaring weakness is duncan defensively but he must stay in the lineup and first base(the only other possible position for him to play) looks to be occupied for a long time with puhols. carpenter & maroth can anchor the starting roles while tony juggles wainright, looper, wellemeyer and mulder, hopefully upon his soon return along with carp. this makes wells and reyes expendable. the addition of percival in the pen with hamilton, izzy, cate (who looks top notch), tyler johnson and flores make the pen tough as nails.
concerning duncan hitting ahead of puhols, it seems he might see a lot more hittable pitches, like he did last year, than what he has been thrown so far this year. this move, however, may be somewhat problematic. finally, the new kid brandon ryan looks eckstein like in hustle and excellent defensively. i wish his enthusiasm would rub off on puhols and encanarcion but i suppose it is hard to teach these guys new tricks. i don’t want to sound very critical of albert as he seems mentally fragile at times and needs to be nurseed along gently and apparently juan is juan and he is giving it his all, despite his quiet and laid back manner.

my conclusion is, if these changes and moves occur, the cards can rally to win the division and then who knows what may happen. remember last year. what do you think?

Interesting philosophy. I myself think that Wainwright can be good at starting at times, other times it looks like he’s lost focus, he seems to have changed a bit from last year, his curve hasn’t been showing a whole lot, and I think if he gets that pitch back, he’ll be like an ace, as far as Kip Wells goes, I personally don’t like him as a starter, he seems to run out of energy after 4 innings of pitching, so I think the bullpen will be his spot.

philosophically speaking, it is amazing the patience tony has with his players. i seem to be just the oposite in my initial thinking, then try to calm down and clearly analyze each situation, day by day. (i am retired so these luxuries i get to indulge). further, and more importantly, tony and dave have the insight on all that is going on from injuries, to egos, personal trials his guys are going through so i have found it difficult, if i am honest in my thinking, to second guess him. furthermore, he treats his players as men where i would get in the face of each and every one that pulls stunts like albert, not watching a thrown ball into his glove or turning his back to the infield on a sharply hit double play ball and then slinging it into center field. that is what happens way to often when any player spins and throws yet it occurs often and i can’t stand to watch it. so, call me billy martin, i suppose, but i would never stop trying to teach these youngsters how the game is supposed to be played. since yesterday, eckstein now seems to be out for some time, so much for my great idea on that. wells is scary from the pen or starting as he seems to be very much like marquis temperament wise. reliefers need to be stone cold, bloodless overachievers that KNOW they will never deliver a bases on balls, much less a hit. wainwright, to the contrary, showed me last year just those required qualities as he successfully stepped in for our monster, izzy, and totally shut down everyone he faced. with izzy, perciful and wainwright in the pen i believe i would give ryan a shot as a starter and see if he can handle it better than wainwright. of course, last year i was screaming to make a starter out of wainwright so i suppose we all can have a change of heart from time to time. signed, the lonely cardinal fan (only when they are losing).

Hmmm, interesting, but you forget, this year from the bullpen, Wells has and era of 0.00.

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