Extension for Franklin

Cards just announced that Ryan Franklin has signed a two-year extension with a club option for 2010. I don’t have dollars yet. Interesting deal…



hopefully this isn’t a career year for him.

Does this lead to Izzy’s option not being picked up? Kinney should be back next year to help with the setup role, and there are some good RH arms in AA & AAA (particularly Chris Perez and Jason Motte). Sign a less expensive closer now and more money for a bat (SS?) in the off-season?

Hey, Matthew — 24 HR in 73 games is amazing enough, but it just occurred to me yesterday what Ankiel is doing, leading PCL in longballs as a converted professional. I can’t remember the last time someone in pro sports changed their specialty and has this kind of dramatic results, albeit on the farm. This is SI-cover kind of unreal to me…seems way understated so far as I just stumbled across it.



Mark, yes, true, most folks here are thinking “where the heck is Ankiel?!” but kid gloves, and fear of losing him upon (potential) demotion seem to be the order of the day… too much thinking, if you ask me. By the way, I still want a new hitting coach… what success has Hal McCrae (spel?) ever had with teaching hitting or fixing hitting woes? Anyone? And why do I cry every time I look at either the Tigers’ or Yankees’ coaching staff and think about the Cards’ version of the same?

Hitting coach? How about Larry Walker? He’d make a good hitting coach, the guys must know something about hitting I mean come on 3 straight years with a .360 + average.

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