The Future

Greetings from AT&T Park, my favorite ballpark in the Majors. The Futures Game gets under way a little after 3 pm CT, kicking off the on-field portion of All-Star Week.

I’ll try to check in with updates, observations, etc. over the course of the next several days, starting with this: Bryan Anderson is the starting catcher for the US team in the Futures Game, batting ninth. Colby Rasmus is not in the starting lineup — the starting outfield is Jacoby Ellsbury, Justin Upton and Jay Bruce.



BULLETIN: The White Sox have resigned Buehrle.

Wellmeyer is headed for the bullpen. Question is, who’s next? It will have to be either Looper or Thompson. From what I see, Thompson is the best starter. He is younger, can pitch deeper into the game. If Thompson goes back to the bullpen, I figure he’s out of here next year. Some team will be glad to have him start for them. If Looper goes back to the pen he will stay, but better to get a trade for Thompson asap if he goes back to the pen. It looks like the team is committed to keeping Looper in the starting lineup no matter what.

When Carp returns, the bullpen is going to get crowded too. Both Wellmeyer and Cate may be gone when Carp returns.

Hmm, how about we just make the starting rotation: Carpenter, Looper, Wainwright, Thompson, and Wellemeyer?

Not bad crazy. Maybe Carp, Wainwright, Maroth, Looper, Thompson

PLEASE! Kip Wells back in the rotation? I know he pitches well against the Phillies. I know he has done well in the pen. Tony has won far more games as a manager than I have. There are limitations to his choices. I know Wellemeyer is still a project as a starter. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

It just seems that we have to make some strong decisions if there will be any chance this year. I can’t get past Wells performance from 2004 until the present. Does anyone really think he will turn it around?

Maybe this is just a one game experiment. Somebody help me out with this one.

Does anybody know where I can get a box score to the Futures game?

Hmm, to be honest I completely forgot about Maroth, lol. How about we just go to like a six man rotation so that way everyone gets 1 extra day of rest and make our rotation for after the All-Star break this in order: Maroth, Looper, Carpener, Wainwright, Thompson, and then Wellameyer. This give our Ace one extra day of rest after every start. And how about the batting order be thi when everyone’s healthy: Eckstein, Miles, Pujols, Duncan, Rolen, Edmonds, Molina, Encarnacion, and pitcher. I know that our “starting 2nd baseman” is Adam Kennedy. But to be honest, I just don’t like what he’s doing this year, I thought with time he’d get better, but obviously it just doesn’t seem that’s going to happen. I think the Cardinals need to make a trade in order to get a 2nd baseman who can hit for average and has a good OBP and then make him bat second. And I type alot.

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