Derby Night

The thing is just too bloody long. The event is great, but way too much filler. But anyway, a few tidbits…

* This should help end the myth that AT&T Park favors LH hitters. Bonds is ridiculous — he hits all those home runs DESPITE the park. It’s a brutal park for left-handed power.

* With that in mind, notice how AP swung tonight. In Chicago in 03, he was all over the field, left right and center. Tonight, everything was pulled, because that’s where you have to hit it.

* Dave McKay joked that Berman jinxed Pujols by mentioning that he had no outs yet in the second round, after which Pujols immediately made several outs in a row.

* McKay and Pujols both said that it was absolutely brutal to see in the early rounds. It was tough on the hitters, leading to the low totals, and it even had some effect in that the pitchers started lobbing them even more than usual in hopes of making sure the hitters could see.

* AP had a big smile on his face in the clubhouse afterwards. It was clear that he really enjoyed it, and he absolutely loved having AJ there.

* Vlad Guerrero is awesome. Man it’s fun to see him just erupt on the ball like he does. I appreciate the guys with smooth, easy effortless swings too, but it’s really entertaining to see explosive swings like his. And according to people I’ve talked to, he’s also a terrific guy. So it was cool to see him win.

-M, ready for dinner.


I envy you, Matt. That’s a great park, no matter who plays left field there. (BTW, I saw BB hit two HRs there, one into McCovey Cove that never made it as high as our seats were. Chemically enhanced or not, the guy’s something to watch.)

Question on the pulling. When I saw the Cards play in Colorado last year, I got to see El Hombre take batting practice, and it was amazing, like watching a precision machine at work. He was working on hitting behind the runner, apparently, and 90% of his swings produced line drives that landed in right in a spot about 15 feet wide. Were the homers tonight similarly “focused”? Or was he spraying them around left?

I was rooting for Vlad from the get-go, aside from Albert. For my money, he’s the best hitter to watch in baseball. His range is tremendous. His arms are so long that it allows him to fully extended on anything away from him. Truly awesome to watch slug away.

Albert Pujols was 10 feet away from forcing a face off. Dang, and I was hoping it would go out, I was almost sure it would at first the way it hit off that bat, I was like YESSSSSS, then I was like Dannng it. >.< Well, lets just hope that this homerun derby has awakened a long awaited monster that lives inside Albert Pujols simply known as El Hombre. I hope this carries on after the All-Star break and he starts hitting homeruns like crazy.

You are living the life my friend…Enjoy it and order some garlic fries while you’re there!

Yes, too long.

I love the contest, but after 2 1/2 hours I turned if off, feeling worn out. Maybe if Albert had made I would have soldiered on. They need to do something to keep the excitement and cut an hour off the broadcast.

I’ve got a couple of suggestions that would make it more interesting to those at the park and those watching at home. How about a break in between rounds, or after every 2 hitters, how about we let a couple of people go down there from the audience and let them hit the ball every now and then and if they are the one to hit it the longest they win a prize, how about a couple of band performances in the middles something like local bands and already famouse bands, and finally how about some attractive women in between breaks like women in boxing how they show the totals in homeruns in bikinis (aye?) or women who go out there and sing or dance or something?

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