Wish You Were Here

Monday is by far the longest day of the All-Star week, starting with press conferences in the morning and going through the HR Derby tonight. But it’s also the day that it really starts to feel like a big event.

TLR’s morning presser didn’t reveal all that much, though was anybody surprised to see him put Bonds in the 2 spot? Not I. And of course he went switch-left-switch-left-right-left-right-left. I don’t think Leyland has any situational lefties in his pen, but if he does, the NL is ready.

Pujols was sunny and entertaining during his media availability session, which was nice to see. I got the feeling that he kind of enjoys not being THE center of everything, the way it’s been once or twice at the ASG for him before. But I may just be imagining that. Still, it did seem like he was enjoying himself. And I have to say, it’s impressive to see a guy field questions back and forth between English and Spanish, then English, then Spanish again. Even if you speak both languages fluently, that can’t be easy.

The availability session did start to take on some of that Super Bowl Media Day vibe, with a couple of different sets of completely off-the-wall, non-ball-related questions, but it wasn’t too bad. We were all able to get our work done, so as long as that remains the case, no worries.

Right now, the NL stars are on the field taking BP, and it’s an absolute zoo out there. The field is open to media, but it’s not like you can get anywhere once you’re out there. On the other hand, it’s mild and sunny, and the All-Stars are taking batting practice at a great ballpark, so even if you can’t actually work, it’s a pretty nice place to be.

The Derby gets under way at 7 CT. It is, of course, way too long — they really should cut it from 10 outs to 3 or 4 or 5 in all the rounds but maybe the final — but it’s a fun event.

Bonds just stepped in to take BP. I’m in a workroom underneath the stadium as I write this, and we could actually hear the roar for him under the concrete.

Anyway, just an update for now. I’m going to go back out and watch some more BP.


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