Photos from SF

I’ve returned from All-Star week, and am now able to post my photos. Also, some news from the park — Daniel Berk covered the workout today and reports that Wellemeyer will go on the DL with an elbow injury that resulted from banging his elbow against his knee on his delivery (OUCH!). Cavazos will be recalled. Additionally, Eckstein will be activated and Ryan sent out.

Anyway, on with the photos.



The All-star break is over (thank god we can get back to ball that has meaning)! What is TLR thinking benching one of the most feared bats in the league I would think that would be a situation to bring Albert in the game. Sometimes I think TLR is looking to Chicago and next season. Anyway!
I am wondering when we are going to get to see Ankiel again I watched him play in Des Moines agains the I-Cubs and he looked pretty good I think its time to give him a shot and take a chance. Worse case He doesnt make it and we find out that he isnt a major league caliber player and he would get a shot to play on another francise.

Management needs to quit making the headlines with where they will be next year and start winning games and getting a winning product on the field. I read we have a F for a grade and I think thats generous!

Dan from Des Moines

Dang, with Wellemeyer down, how about we make Franklin or someone else temporary starter rather than Wells, I like what Wells has done from the bullpen, not what he has done as a starter, I mean yeah the guy has given us 3 good starts, but he’s also given us 11 or more bad starts, but from the bullpen, he has yet to do bad.

Dude, They sell Sierra Nevada Pale Ale AND Anchor Steam at AT&T Park (or whatever it is this year)!? Or was that someone’s tailgate beer? If they serve those beers at the stadium THAT’S AWESOME and I’ll take two oat sodas,Gary.

I wouldn’t want to take our setup guy out temporarily. Lets not forget that Carp is due to return soon.

Nice photos, Matthew. I’d love to go to an All Star game someday. Maybe I would even be able to stay awake til the end, in person.

Well I’d much rather us take our set up man out for a shortened period of time than throw Kip Wells out there on the mound again….kapeesh? What’s the worst that could happen, we end 5 games below .500? Oops, too late we’re already there.

Franklin’s record as a starter has been mediocre. He has found his niche. Maybe he could be a good starter I will admit, but still, he is great where he is.

I agree, the thought of Wells back in the rotation makes me cringe. If the Cards are serious about the second half, they are going to have to make some firm, quick decisions.

We’ve seen the status quo. It is not good enough.

Hey if not this year, what about Ryan next year. I know that he still has to prove himself for an extended period of time, but he look stronger, faster, with more range and a stronger arm than Eckstein.

I look forward to going to an All Star game.

What an exciting All-Star Game this Year! The only question on my mind, and probably many other MLB fans as well … Why, oh why didn’t Tony LaRussa let Albert Pujols pinch-hit when the Nationals had the bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th ??? Hello, Earth to LaRussa … The Nationals deserved better! Albert bats at least five (or maybe six) straight .300+ seasons and was NL MVP this past year, wasn’t he? Geez!

I’m anxious to see Eck in the lineup again, wish Edmonds was ready to go too. By the way, what happened to Stinnett? Is he back into retirement?

Here’s a trade that makes enormous sense to me, solves problems for both teams, and should be easy to pull off. Best of all, we lose no current stars or prospects. It is a trade with the New York Yankees.

The Cardinals trade manager Tony LaRussa to the Yankees in return for manager Joe Torre.

It would be good to see Torre back in a Cardinals’ uniform and it would allow LaRussa prove himself in the adoring spotlights of the NY media.

What do we need to do to pull this off?

Stinnett did not go back into retirement, he was sent down to Triple A Memphis when the Cardinals activated Yadier Molina from the Disable List, Tony LaRussa has commented saying that when baseball is able to make its roster bigger that he’d call Stinnett back up.

Actually, Stinnett did retire again. He did not report to Memphis, because he would rather spend time with his family instead of play in the minors.

It’s the second inning in Phila. Reckon TLR has had enough Wells yet??

Why don’t TLR bench or release Wells, Kennedy and Encarnacion they are just a drag on the ball club. Why did they let Belliard get away only hitting 305 now. I think the Cardinals let winning the world series go to their heads. They sure wasted a lot of money on Kennedy. BAD DEAL! ! !

Belliard didn’t hit terribly well when he was here, no guarantee that he would improve in another year. Kennedy had performed more consistently, though he was in a down year last year, history indicated he was more likely to bounce back than Belliard. Hindsight is 20/20. I agree on dumping Wells, he should be cleaning out his locker right now.

GO CARDS! Man these guys are awesome. Maybe if we all throw in a five or ten spot the birds will pick up a less than terrible ball player. Can someone add up the $ they’ve spent on such mega talent (bargains{garbage}) such as Wells, Welle–whatever, how about our back up back up catcher, did he actually strike out BUNTING! Does 3 swings Wilson even play for the team anymore or did we get lucky and he’s lost in West Virginia being hunted by — well Viginians. When does football start?

Hmm, such a shame that we lost Jeff Suppan, and I know that Matthew keeps saying that his era of 5.00 is bad this year, but at this point in time last year wasn’t it a little bit higher until he had an excellent second half of the season actually pitching better than Chris Carpenter did? And the Cardinals need some changes: Manager, General Manager, pitching rotation, centerfielder, second baseman, third baseman, etc. I’m tired of the decisions TLR keeps making to pitch pitcher such as Kip Wells when he’s obviously just not the guy to have in this starting rotation, I’m upset at Walts inability to spend any amount of money at all, I’m tired of pitchers on this team going out there and giving up 5 earned runs in one innings to completely blow the game wide open, our offense is struggling, Jim Edmonds bats .250 now and strike out 150 + times, our second baseman can’t even get a batting average near .250, our 3rd baseman has completely lost his power, Aaron Miles hits good but makes 3 errors in a single inning. I’m just simply getting tired of seeing this happen this year. We need a change and we need it now.

Thanks for the Stinnett update. I hear Carpenter had a setback today, can our pitching situation get any worse?!

To that, I must say yes on that, bring back the 2006 Jason Marquis, bring up the 2007 Anthony Reyes, keep Wells in the rotation and you pretty much have the worst starting rotation EVER.

I don’t think getting rid of rolen is such a good idea. Anyone can have an off year, and power-wise rolen is having just that. However, he provides the best glove in the game at the hot corner. What runs he may not drive in with the bat, he’ll save with his glove.

We “probably” have the best bloody marys. Classic.

I agree, dump Kennedy and Encarnacion and stick Wells in the pen. Use the $$ from those two and get after the pitching we should have gotten last winter. (With every game a sellout and every game on TV it’s not like Walt doesn’t have the money to spend.) Just a reminder, one guy, Carpenter, can’t change this team enough to get over .500 and win the division. And a note to Jimmy Edmonds from one of his biggest fans, YOU’RE GETTING PAID FOR THIS, THE GAMES COUNT SO **** IT UP AND GET ON THE FIELD!!!

There are a couple of people I’d like to see in a Cardinals uniform, but I don’t see it happening any time soon, if ever, because Walt would never use the money to get them if they would end up being a Free Agent any time soon: Juan Pierre, Miguel Cabrera, Francisco Rodriguez, and Dontrelle Willis.

Man, I’m bummed out and angry but not to the extent that some here are… yeesh, chapping on Edmonds, who’s played hurt perhaps more than anyone else on the team? cut Rolen, who’s been playing awesome at third despite major injuries for years? missing Marquis because he didn’t **** as bad as recent acquisitions (and, please, who among us knew Reyes would forget how to pitch… who anticipated the injuries and who didn’t think the Wells pick-up was at least reasonable [though we all agree that the team’s stuck with him way too long]). I’ll repeat, if the team’s not hitting maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with the hitting coach…

Yes, so why don’t we make Larry Walker a hitting coach, he already said he’d like to have some sort of job in the majors, either being a manager or a hitting coach, so why don’t we give him the job.

pujols not batting for rowand in the 9th made everyone feel cheated. ok, but last weekend, i felt more cheated. i went to all the games and watched bonds hit 0 hr’s. sure, some of the pitchers challenged him, and probably bonds was trying too hard to hit hr’s so he could close the gap in time for the la@sf homestand. but percival and others put four balls nowhere close. i want my money back! btw, if the all-star game had been tied, i think tlr would have let pujols bat — just like how he likes to let starting pitchers have a chance to get the win but not the loss. he still should have put in pujols, but it’s also possible he was protecting his beloved slugger’s ego.

The 2007 Cardinals disguist me.

Kennedy: Yes, poor. But how would know for sure? Yes, I agree the Cards should have tried for more, but Kennedy had at least a decent track record.

What if we had signed some of the pitchers we tried for: Burnett? Padilla? Schmidt?

I have to believe the Cards need to go 50 and 25 the rest of the way to win the division. It won’t happen. It is time to plan and structure this team for the next three years.

Oh, I calculated 90 wins as the benchmark, of course if could be more, or less (unlikely)

New hitting coach??? Ok by me, but be careful of guys like Walker. He is apparently untested and being a great hitter doesn’t automatically make him a great teacher. Some of the best coaches in the league (and managers) were never great players.

Yeah and some of the best coaches in the league were hitters, some were, some weren’t. He’ll be good, trust me, just give him the job and watch this team start hitting the ball, I think he’d do really good with Chris Duncan, I think he could be the next Larry Walker, this kid’s got talent and Larry Walker can help him as wells as others develop this talent.

I wouldn’t put it all on walker completely yet. He might turn out to be one of those guys that it turns out had the talent and wasn’t taught it; someone who just was able to hit, not learned it.

Who ever said adam kennedy was a good sign was crazy. I had the best idea lets sign a shortstop and move Eck to 2nd base he doesnt need the arm or the range he is lacking at the 4 spot it just makes sense. to the people that think rolan is just having an off year come on he hasnt played well since the WS last year I am telling u there is something going on, its like he isnt wanting to play. Honestly TLR should have been sacked when he got the DUI hard to set a good example from the holding tank. Cut the loss now with him and see if new blood (Joe Girardi) will work!
Dan from Des Moines

Joe Girardi has said that he doesn’t want to manage at this time, because he wants to be with his family. I too would like to see him as the Cardinals manager also, and despite what others keep saying on here I want Larry Walker as the hitting coach, and as for a new pitching coach, I’d like to see that guy from the Cubs, I mean come on, look what he did to Jason Marquis. I’d also like to see Mike Maroth either move to the bull pen or cut that crappy pitching that he’s doing out, we need wins, you were supposed to help this team, but you have an era of 5.75 in 4 starts with a record of 0-2 with the Cardinals. If he doesn’t start pitching good, I say we move the starting rotation to being: Wainwright, Looper, Thompson, and Franklin until we get Carpenter back.

Hmm, some people in here started saying that something was wrong with Albert Pujols, saying that he had eye problems because he wasn’t hitting like he had normally been. Me, I said give him time and after the All Star break he’d start to hit the ball better. Well in the 3 games since the All Star break, Albert Pujols has 3 homeruns, and I know it’s too early to say, but I think I might be right and you guys might be wrong. =P

Wow, 6 homers in the same game thus far and still 2 more innings left. 2 of them by Albert Pujols. Wow, I’m in shock right now, is this a dream? Someone pinch me.

It’s obvious to me that M knew the backlash from the All-Star game would be savage. No post since the photos thing. But I must say that I think Rolen will be great next year, if not the second half this year, same with Wagonmaker (Wainwright).

Good to see the Cards win for a change I just wish it was on a day the the Brewers and the cubs didnt.
I hear people getting on Mike Maroth and some of its undeserving, he lost his first outing because of the bullpin and he just got touched this last one he will be back. he just isnt throwing the best ball of his career now (but look I dont think anyone is in the franchise) and he is alot better than Reyes for sure. Mike is a quality person that will not embarrass the team, hes a lefty, and still fairly young keep him in the rotation and show him how great the STL fan base really is!

One thing the Cards need now is the leader they seemed to be missing all year and maybe the benching at the all-star game has hurt Alberts pride and he has decided that he needs to pick it up to “true” Pujols form. Im still saying that we need a shake up and we need to go after Girardi cause by god I dont want to see him in pinstripes next season!

Pinstripes are what the Yankees wear, the Yankees already have a manager, that the players have already said if he leaves then they’re going to leave, why do you think the owner hasn’t fired him yet?

I know thats what the Yanks wear and if they dont catch the Sox they will fire Torre anyone that thinks The Boss wouldnt is crazy. As far as the players go I dont think that matters in NYC.

Hey what the heck are we going to do without Cardinals baseball until Monday? This *****, and the Wife is getting here honey-do list ready…..dangit!
Dan from Des Moines

Okay, why would the boss fire Torre after A-Rod and Jeter says that that’s the only manager they’ll play under, you remove A-Rod and Jeter from the Yankees and they have no team.

Pujols has made similar comments about La Russa, yet you don’t seem to have a problem with the Cards firing him. You remove Pujols from the Cardinals and that is the end of this team.

Trust me, Torre’s not leaving.

And Pujols would still stick around if LaRussa left, and LaRussa is just a bad manager that the Cardinals need to get rid of, if Albert wants to leave if he leaves, so be it, I’ll just stop being a cardinals fan and be a fan of whatever team he moves to, because I prefer Pujols over this team anyways, look what they’re doing this year.

That isn’t what I was saying. I personally don’t think that Torre is going anywhere, but your argument against him leaving, and why someone would be crazy to fire him, seems to apply to the Cardinals as well, yet you advocate for firing La Russa. What makes the situation different? La Russa has done more in the last three seasons with a lower payroll than Torre. When Torre was with the Cards, he didn’t do that great, but La Russa brought us World Series, not to mention guiding the team through some of the darkest times emotionally with the deaths of Kile, Jack Buck, and Hancock. Shouldn’t that get him a little slack? I don’t agree with everything he does, but I have to figure he got the third most wins in baseball history by knowing something I don’t.

I would be terribly disappointed if Pujols left, but I wouldn’t stop supporting the team because of it. And as for prefering Pujols over this team, he is a part of this team, whether you like it or not they win as a team and lose as a team. I’m sure you liked the team a lot last October…

That was me speaking out of anger. I don’t like the team playing they are this year, I don’t like losing, I never have, I never will. I liked the 2004 and 2005 team better than the 2006 and 2007 team, whether they won the World Series last year or not, they upset me a lot during the regular season, just as they did in 2004 and 2005 during the playoffs. It would be horrible if Albert Pujols left this team, but I don’t think he would, wheter Tony LaRussa did or not. I think he has come to love this city.

Look, okay, I don’t care whether he won the World Series or not, I don’t like Tony LaRussa for his decisions. Bringing in a pitcher with an era of 11.00 early this year to replace Kip Wells when Kip Wells gave up 6 earned runs in 1.2 innings, getting a DUI before this season even started, putting bad pitchers out there on the mound when they were doing just fine from the bullpen, and sitting Albert Pujols during the All Star game.

Oh not to mention he’s completely given up the sacrafice bunts which is what made David Eckstein such a dangerous person to face with a runner on third with less than 2 outs late in the game, and he doesn’t ever have anyone steal a base.

Eckstein hasn’t had enough situations this year to drop down sac/squeeze bunts. Besides, this team needs Eck to be hitting and getting on base. He was struggling earlier in the year, and you don’t snap out of a hitting funk by bunting; you snap out of it by swinging. As far as him stealing bases, with back and leg problems this year and last, how can he?

They have tried to steal, but early in the season when no one was on base it makes it hard to steal. In fact, I believe they’ve stolen a base today, in addition to an attempt by Rolen. Eckstein was hurt, and hasn’t come up in a lot of sac bunt situations. You don put that play on with Molina on third, either and he has been the most consistent hitter in the bottom of the order.

I see the Eckstein point was made for me. Thanks

As far as the decisions TLR has had to make, what choices did he have? Can’t take Franklin out of the setup role if he is doing beautifully in it, can’t stop pitching Wells because there isn’t anyone else to start right now due to injuries (although once Carp and Mulder come back, that shouldn’t be a problem), couldn’t stop pitching reyes for similar reasons, and right now it seems that not hitting AP in the ASG was one of the best things he could have done (see his player of the week honors, and a seemed renewed swing that he hasn’t quite had the past couple of weeks).

I agree completely, though I can understand frustrations with Wells.

I am frustrated with Wells too, but again, there’s no other option. When Plan W, Carp and/or Mulder come back, I think you move Wells to the bullpen again because there’s a good chance that they will need some time to readjust to MLB hitting and we;d need someone from the bullpen to come out and eat up innings, and what better than another starter?

That’s true. Like I said, I can understand the frustration. Doesn’t mean they have any options.

Actually you can put Franklin into the rotation, whether he’s pitching beautifully in the bullpen or not, we need starters as of right now not relief, I wasn’t referring to eckstein stealing I was referring to the team as a whole, Well was good in the bullpen, why not switch him and Franklin for now until we get Carpenter back, then we’ll have our starting rotation be Franklin, Thompson, Maroth, Wainwright, and Looper, then when we get Carpenter and mulder back we can have our starters be: Carpenter, Mulder, Maroth, Wainwright, and Looper giving us 3 guys in our bullpen who we can use for 5 innings at a time when we need them to, example: when not that long ago I believe Maroth pitched badly or someone else did, we brought Wells in for relief and he went 5 innings only giving up 1 earned run. And since Molina isn’t hitting all that well, why don’t we simply move him to batting in the number 2 spot so he can see more pitches and get him to start hitting. I’m not saying this as a permanent move, I’m saying just do this until he starts hitting.

There’s a difference in mentality between starters and relievers and especially with late inning relievers. Right now, Franklin is locked into that mentality that when he’s in there, the lead is safe and he can successfully hand it off to izzy for the 9th in a save situation. I doubt that Wells, or anyone else really, is going to be successful in that role. With what little leads we’ll get from our rotation, our pen needs to be iron clad in the late innings.

I’d rather have starting than relief. Franklin has said simply that he’s pitching good in relief because he wants to be in the starting rotation, he’s trying to prove himself. He came onto this team wanting to be a starter, why don’t we let him be what he wants to be? And we’re not going to get any run support with two pitchers in our rotation having an era of 5.00 +. I want starters not relievers at the moment.

so why take away that motivation? let him earn that spot next for next year like Adam and Looper did. I understand why you’d want starting over relief, but I want the best possible situation for the team. Take one guy out of his niche (Just Kip) or two (Wells and Franklin)?

Wells was good in relief, there was no reason to move him back to the starting rotation, we had a good rotation going until Wellemeyer got hurt, and I’d rather move someone who hasn’t had a shot at starting this year into the rotation over a guy who has but did horrible at it. I’m not saying this as a permanent move, I’m saying we just do it until we get Carpenter back. And as far as next year goes I’d like to see the starting rotation be: Carpenter, Mulder, Wainwright, Looper, Thompson, and someone else, whether it be Franklin, Reyes (don’t want to see that), or Maroth. But right now, I’d rather see Franklin start over Wells.

I wouldn’t mind actually going to a 4 man rotation though. Wouldn’t be that long anyways. BTW, how is Carp’s setback coming?

To be honest I don’t know when he’ll be back. And I am not sure about a 4 man rotation, because I don’t want the chance of overworking the relievers. Although the options would be a bit easier then: Wainwright, Looper, Maroth and Thompson.

Jocketty needs to make a deal for an arm for the rotation. I think we all can agree on this.

As far as the 4-man rotation, you always have a guy in the pen to eat up innings when it is needed. Wells and Wellemeyer would work well here.

Oh when is Plan W due back?

No, I was going more along the lines of Jocketty needs to spend money. And that’s a good idea but Wellemeyer is injured. And who is Plan W?

Plan W is Wellemeyer. I started calling him that after i was talking with a friend of mine about baseball. She asked about the rotation and at the time Wellemeyer had made only 1 start for us, so I said “It’s our plan B rotation with Wellemeyer in it. I guess that makes it “Plan W””

As far as spending money, I would have liked to see him go after another arm in the rotation a little more forcefully, but the only option right now that is going well is Meche. I’m just glad he didn’t grab someone like Schmidt or Batista.

See I’m a weird person when it comes to things like these. For example, I believe that if Schmidt or Batista had signed with the Cardinals I believe that there’s a chance that they might be doing good and Schmidt wouldn’t be on the DL right now, that’s just what I believe. I would have liked to see Suppan resigned and Gil Meche signed. And there’s one reliever in baseball right now, he’s my favorite pitcher other than Carpenter and Willis, his name is Franscisco Rodriguez and he’s a closer for the LA Angels.

Schmidt’s injury had nothing to do with the Dodgers, it had to do with the fact that he breaks apart like kindling. Don’t expect to pull K-Rod from the Angels, they’ll resign him to a very lucrative deal and I think he belongs there. I wanted to see Suppan resigned just because we needed a stable arm in the rotation, and the same with Meche.

I didn’t say that we’d get him, I said I wanted him, and he doesn’t belong there, he belong where every good player belongs, in a Cardinals uniform. =P

I’m an old school guy. I think that a team keeps its roster intact for a very long time. For the Cards that means keeping AP, Yaddy and Duncan. For the Angels, it means keeping K-Rod. I’d love to see him in a cards uni, but I think he belongs in halos.

That’s insanity talking. Him belonging in an Angels uniform, I like the Angels, but he belongs with the Cardinals, he’d fit in here.

IS it just me, or does Willis seem like a different pitcher than he was back in 2005 when he was contending with Carp for the CYA?

Yeah, it looks like he’s simply lost his focus, and it’s a possibility that he just wants out of Florida, but who knows?

He needs the big offense behind him. After their firesale, it wasn’t there anymore.

Eh, I think the Marlins are the type of team that go for youth all the time aren’t they? I think that he’d be a perfect fit for the Cardinals if they could get him, it’s not going to happen though.

You think everyone would be a perfect fit for the Cards. I’d like to see him on the cards actually. Be nice to have a lefty that we won’t have to worry about injuries. Though I think his delivery would drive Duncan insane.

no, not everyone, just mostly these main players: Juan Pierre, Miguel Cabrera, Franscisco Rodriguez, and Dontrelle Willis. Those are the guys I really like and think would be perfect fits for the Cardinals.

I don’t care for Pierre. Great speed, but not much for anything else. He isn’t worth that big contract.

Not good for anything else? That’s crazy talk right there. He bats for average, he’s an average defender, and he’s great when it comes to stealing. Just in case you haven’t noticed, the Cardinals lack speed in their lineup, you add him up there near the top of the rotation, have him bat leadoff, have eckstein bat second and Pierre will score you quite a bit of runs which is what the Cardinals haven’t done a lot of this year.

Pierre’s OBP is only .316. It hasn’t been above .330 in the last three years. Not exactly what you want in a lead-off man. He is impatient at the plate. I much prefer having someone scrappy like Eckstein who is going to make the pitcher work to get the first batter.

I’d much rather have someone who can steal bases and score runs.

Stealing bases isn’t that important if you can’t get on base. The last time that Pierre exceeded Eck’s OBP was in 2004, Eck’s last year with the Angels. With the Cards, Eck has been at least 20 points higher.

Hmm, can’t get on base huh, that’s why he’s got 38 stolen bases to Eckstein’s 2 stolen bases, and that he’s got 59 runs compared to Ecksteins 27.

You failed to address my point. Pierre still doesn’t get on base as much as Eckstein. Yes he is fast, we all get it. But Eck can’t help it if people don’t bring him home when he does get on. That’s the big thing. Runs aren’t that important stat wise when determining a players worth, it is too dependent on the other players getting the job done.

Dude did you not here a thing I said, I said simply move Eckstein to the number 2 spot and make Pierre bat first, that way we have a person with speed who can get on, and a person with a little speed who can get on, right in front of pujols, if Pierre gets on first, and then Eckstein hits a single, you have a person on first and second, then Pierre and Eckstein do the double steal, then you have two people in scoring position for Albert Pujols, it’s a deadly threat.

What I am saying is that Eck is a better lead off man because he gets on more. I listened to your argument. My response was why Eckstein is the better option for the lead off spot. You didn’t listen to me.

No I don’t, because the simple fact is I know what I’m talking about, I gaurantee you if you have Pierre bat leadoff and Eckstein bat second we’d score a lot more runs than if we had Eckstein bat leadoff and Pierre bat second.

I don’t think Pierre should be there at all. Eck should lead off and I would rather see someone like Ludwick or Speizio in the two hole. Duncan seems to be settling into the four or five spot in the order, so it makes sense that one of those guys steps up. Maybe Rolen too. You look at the flashy steals numbers and get all excited, but the fact is that if Pierre is on first with Pujols at bat and he swipes second, they will WALK Pujols with the base open. That is a BAD thing. Speed is fun to see, but it isn’t as productive in this type of line up. If we had a team like Whitey’s from the 80s, Pierre would fit right in. We don’t though, and he wouldn’t.

So you want to see someone with a .250 batting average in the number 2 hole and a guy who’s on the DL? Great managing there, lets see how many games you’d win with that lineup. Isn’t that why the Cardinals are I don’t know 43-48, because they keep doing that lineup? And you’re saying that if Pierre steals, thy’re going to walk Pujols, hmm, that sure is funny, they usually don’t walk unless the games on the line.

Or when there is a runner in scoring position and they have a base open. Sound familiar? Ludwick is improving his discipline at the plate, and Speizio is a clutch hitter. Rolen’s average is on the rise, it’s just his power that is lacking.

Hm, then when they walk Pujols, if you put Duncan in the number 4 spot, they have him to deal with.

That is true. But I would still rather have the bat in Pujols hands, and if you think that they won’t walk Pujols to get to Duncan look at Duncan’s strikeouts. He is still a young hitter who swings at some bad pitches. He has tremendous upside, but that doesn’t help in the present time.

Yes and when Albert came into the majors he had 69 strikeouts, I gaurantee you, by this time next year, Duncans strikeout total will be down by at least 20 or 30.

But next year is not this year. And I still believe that they would walk Pujols to get to Duncan or whoever they have behind him when there is a runner in scoring position and first base open. Because, and I say this as a huge Pujols fan, not only do they keep him from beating them but he is not fast and sets up a double play.

Pujols may not be a fast runner, but he’s a smart runner, look at the 15 stolen bases (I believe that’s what it was) that he had in 2004, he didn’t do that with speed, he did that with intelligence. And me personally I think it’d be foolish to walk a 100 rbi guy to get to another 100 rbi guy, but they did it against David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez made them pay for it.

Or maybe it was the opposite way around.

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