Carp non-update

Due to flight delays, Carp did not see Dr. Paletta today after all. They will meet tomorrow.



Well hopefully he’s good to go. And sorry if this sounds rude Matthew, but in the thing you just posted about Kennedy heating up, you said the cardinals won 5-2, the score was 5-3.

Details are important to a point crazy, but give Matthew a break. We are 9 1/2 back. Sure, maybe the division is weak, but the Brewers have the best record in the national league,and the Cubs are improving.

The Cards are a tease. Win a few, lose a few. I have tried to keep up the faith, but will now reiterate: THIS TEAM CANNOT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS, at least not without miraculous recovers and an addition or two.

Please, let’s give them a long slow road, and not try for Carp and Mulder until next year.

As far as free agents go, look at how things would be if we HAD signed some of the ones we went after, as in Padilla, Schmidt, Burnett? Maybe, if Carp and Mulder do come back strong, next year has hope.

I pull for them. They do some things well, at times, on offense or defense. But it is still painful to watch Rolen and Encarnacion at bat in rbi situations.

We need an rbi man. Ankiel needs more time. Ludwick is not consistent enough. Who can it be? from within or without.

Edgar Gonzalez keeps on hitting, not for great power, for decent average and a lot of doubles. Who is Hoffpauir?

Brendan Ryan seems faster and stronger than Eckstein. He seems to have a better arm and more range. But will he turn into a major league gamer? Could we see a keystone combo next year of Ryan and Hoffpaur?

As you can see, I have a lot to vent. What a season!

Sorry, one more thing.

Wells is scheduled to pitch tonight. Tony said the Cards didn’t have much of an option.


Hey, I pull for the guy. I still hear Duncan and others talk about his ability, and how he should get better results.


If a miracle happens, fine, but, and I will say this respectfully, Wells does not have the mental makeup to be an effective starter. He is enduring a long decline.

I feel for him and the Cardinals.

Me personally, I just don’t like what Wells has done from the starting rotating, alas I do like what he’s done as a reliever, can anyone say middle reliever with a 4 man rotation until Carpenter gets back consisting of Looper, Wainwright, Maroth, and Thompson? And I like Andy Cavazcos strikeout to walk ration, but I am a bit disappointed with his era, and I like Troy Cate alot, he’s pitched strong every time we’ve thrown him out there. I also like what Skip Schumaker and Brendan Ryan have been doing so far, I say we give Schumaker more time to prove himself by giving him more at bats, and despite Adam Kennedy’s recent offensive outburst, except for yesterday’s 1 for 5 night, I say we make Brendan Ryan the starting second baseman and see how it works out. I don’t know about an rbi guy though.

I wish TLR would stop saying things that just aren’t true. The Cards do have other options besides trotting Wells out there every 5 days to give up 5 first innings runs. It’s just that LaDunc doesn’t want to even try the other options. WALT!!! Please put somebody in charge with the guts to try new things and make decisions NOT based on numbers.

I don’t really see any other options. Reyes is in the same boat as Wells is (as far as MLB performance), Hawksworth still needs a bit of time, Wellemeyer Carp and Mulder are still on the mend. Who else is there? Only other option i see possibly being out there is Cavazos or Kelvim Jimenez.

How many times do I have to say it, before someone finally agrees with me? Ryan Franklin. Bottom line.

Forget Franklin in the rotation. Would he better than what we have had? Probably. Would he be good enough? I don’t think so. He has found his comfort zone. He signed with us because of that. Leave him where his is at.

Exactly. He’s found a great setup man mentality, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else in that spot. Izzy can’t go 2 innings anymore.

Okay, so you’re saying we have a 5 man rotation with Kip Wells in it, who will give you a good start every now and then but will give you more bad starts than good, when we can simply throw Franklin into the starting rotation until Carpenter gets back. He came to this team wanting to be a starter, has he started a game yet, no he hasn’t, let the guy do what he wants to do and start a couple of games until Carpenter is back in this rotation, then move him back to being set up.

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