Carp — fears confirmed

Will have TJ surgery next week. More to come.


Hey, Matthew, I beat you to it. I posted the news at 6:58 on your last blog.

This is not a piece of news I am happy to have posted.

I guess we still should give it our all this year. I just think tough decisions need to be made, mainly planning for the next 1 to 3 years.

Well, now doesn’t that ****. I wish Carp smooth surgery and a speedy recovery. The team will be there when he gets back, though there will likely be a few new faces and a few that are gone. I refuse to say the season is over, but things don’t look good. I hope they don’t sell the future in an attempt to buy the present, like giving up their young talent in an attempt to fix the rotation. Like trading for Gil Meche or Kyle Lohse when they are going to need that talent in a couple years. That was what set their farm system so far behind, which is just recently recovered. But I’ll keep hoping for a turnaround, regardless of how bad it looks.

Huh, didn’t realize that was considered a swear word. Good to know.

Brain Teaser:

Since the game has gone south.

What current mlb hitter, has hit, in the majors, against a pitcher who once pitched to Ted Williams?

Julio Franco.

Hmm, well this I was sort of expecting, not only due to the delay, but also due to the fact he was talking about discomfort while pitching in the minors in a rehabilitation start. Well hopefully he’ll be back next year, but not half way during next season, I’m talking about near the beginning. But yeah, next year should be a good year.

Woah, Mike Maroth, you were really worth that trade.

What pitcher did Julio face.

Yes. Julio is the right answer.

I know it has only been a small amount of starts, but Maroth has not really shown what he can do. Maybe we should pull a Casey Stengel and make the player to be named Maroth.

Lol, nice.

Jim Kaat.

Sorry, should I have let somebody else play?

How about this? Which player in your opinion is better, the player that hit two grand slams in the same inning or the player that hit 4 homeruns and drove in 12 rbis in the same game? (I forget both of their names)

Fernando Tatis hit the 2 GS (off the same pitcher no less) and I think Green had the 12 RBIs. May have been Cameron or Delgado.

Fernando Tatis hit two grand slams in one inning, only one to do that as far as I know. Mike Whiten was the other one. I go with Whiten having the better day, because it took more skill to hit four out where Tatis was put in a great situation and made the most of it.

Okay, which one in your opinion is better though? And just out of curiousity, am I the one with the most posts overall since joining the blog? I think I may be the fastest to 200. *a tear drops* I’d like to thank you all for putting up with me, I’d like to thank Matthew for making it possible for me to post, I’d like to thank my parents for giving birth to me so I could post these, and I’d like to thank god for everything in between. It’s been an up and down hill for me, but it’s been fun none the less.

Also, I believe Whiten drove in a run in the second game of the double-header that day for 13 rbi.

Oh MArk Whitten, my mistake.

I’d take the 2 GS in one inning. Never gonna happen again, at least not off of the same pitcher.

Would you rather be the guy hitting .378 with 59 HRs and 171 RBIs or the guy who hits behind him?

I’d like to be the guy that got his autograph. Does that count?

Heh, that reminds me, earlier today I was playing a baseball game and I started the game with Albert Pujols with 1 homerun and 1 rbi and batting .167, that game I had him hit 6 homeruns in 6 at bats and drive in 13 rbis, the very next game I went 4 for 4 with 1 homerun and 6 rbis, does this mean I am too skiled when using Albert Pujols in that game, or does it simply mean that I’m hopeless and have no life whatsoever in order to be that good with him?

Um, can’t it be both?

I’d rather be the guy hitting .378 with 59 homers and 171 rbis, as long as I’m not known for doing anything illegal that could cause harm to myself or others.

Would you rather be the guy hitting 60 HRs or the one hitting behind him?

I’d rather be the guy who’s hit 32 homeruns and driven in 92 rbis alread, or the guy batting .358.

the guy with 60 HRs is Babe Ruth, and the guy behind him is Gehrig.

Way to go bulldoggo. Hmm…I suppose I would take hard hittin Mark Whiten also. Hey, what Cards pitcher threw a no-hitter the day after the opposing team did the same to the Cards?

What a deal? The Cards play of late has led to us doing thing rather discussion the season. Oh well, it’s fun.

Um, I’m not sure but I’ll take a guess, was it Gibson?


Guessing Gibson would never be a bad move, but it was not him in this case.

Hmm, I don’t know.

Ray Washburn.

Bravo. I can’t stump this crowd. Didn’t Ray pitch one after Gaylord Perry did it for the Gians.

yep he did.

Here’s an easy one:

What member of the 3000 hit club had exactly half of his hits at home and half on the road?

stan the man

Here’s the easiest question of all. Which Cardinals player is the only player in baseball history to hit 30 + homeruns and drove in 100 + rbis in his first 5 years in the majors (or maybe it was 6) and is on pace to do it again.

Here is one that isn’t Cards related, but an interesting baseball fact: What is the only team to field an infield of two pairs of siblings?

Stanley Frank Musial is the correct answer to my question. Crazy’s is AP.

Pujols. Also fasted to 250 homers, and on pace to hit 300 faster than anyone else.

Woot, is it 5 or 6 years though?

Its six. This is AP’s seventh season.

Alright, thanks. Am I the only person who gets chills throughout my body whenever the Cardinals are in the post season and someone hits a homerun? Am I the only anime dork here? Who here has a MySpace? So many questions. Can you answer them all? Go.

No guesses on my question?

What was your question talking about?

Who is the only team in baseball to start an infield composed of two sets of brothers?

Well I know the Angels had Molina and Molina when Molina was playing for the Cardinals, if that made any sense, but I don’t think they had any other sets of brothers, so I’m going to say…….Red Sox, I really have no clue, I just felt like saying Red Sox.

Nope not the Red Sox.

The first baseman was Stephen Larkin, if that is any help.

Hmm, Braves? Reds? Mets? Cleavland Cavaliers? Lol, that’s basketball.

That’s a lot of guesses. It was the Reds though. Larkin at first, Boone at second, Larkin at short, and Boone at third.

Oh, Reds then.

Wow, this is getting annoying. When I post there’s already another post. Crazy. Anyways the only Larkin I know played for the Reds

Am I the only one considering letting Isringhausen come in more often when the Cardinals are down by a lot of runs in order to give him more pitching time?

That’s a difficult thing to do because you don’t know if you’ll need him the next day or not.

Yeah, well if that happens we’ll just throw Franklin out there to get the save, afterall there are a lot of set up men out there that do pitch in some save opportunities when the team wants to rest their closer.

hard to believe this was posted 7:08 P.M. and already have 56 mesages on it.

That’s true, but most setup men are more tested in save situations than franklin is. I’m not saying I’m opposed to it, but I also don’t want TLR to say “ok 7th inning, down by 10+ runs, Izzy hasn’t thrown in 1 week, so I have to put him in” and then the next day have a 1 run lead in the 9th and franklin out of his niche.

Well he needs to pitch more is all I’m saying, a lot of closers will get upset if they don’t get to pitch some innings, I’m the type of guy who would like to see a closer that has 38 saves with 50 + innings pitched, I just like to see all relievers with at least 50 innings of pitching, don’t know why, I just am. But eh, oh well, it happens, I’m also the type of guy who likes one pitcher with 200 + strikeouts and the rest be ground ball pitchers with a double play infield. Don’t know why, that’s just the way I am. I also like speedsters at the top of the lineup fallowed by 2 power hitters, again, I don’t know why, that’s just the way I am.

I like 3 inning closers. Fingers and Gossage are so much superior than Hoffman IMO. Rivera ranks up with them just because of his postseason saves and the fact that he’s done it all in NY. I also prefer GB pitchers as a staff because I like seeing great defensive SS and 3Bmen (Rolen, Ripken, Visquel)

Oh, so you must be a fan of Jeter and the 3rd baseman for the Red Sox who leads all 3rd basemen in fielding percentage for his career?

Not Jeter. He fields well, but I’ve seen him flub WAY too many routine plays. He tries to make things flashy, doesn’t just use fundamentals. But lets not start a debate about that huh?

Eh, it happens, how about Jose Reyes? I’m not sure how good he is at defense, but I’m thinking it’d have to be somewhat decent seeing as he has the speed to get to what most short stops can’t get to. Reyes is one of my favorite Short stops, the other got turned into a 3rd baseman. (A-Rod)

Only time i watch the Mets is when they play the Cards, so I don’t see him enough.

Well I like him because not only can he steal you a base, but last year he hit 17 homeruns I think and he had 67 or something like that in rbis with 50 + stolen bases, and ESPN stat tracker said this year he’s on pace to steal 83 bases.

This is not about Carp but I didn’t know how to contact anyone in Cardinal Country. Forgive me.
I have been a Cardinal fan from NJ since 1958 and have had only respect for the organization. It has come to my attention that there is the possibility that Rudy LaRussa and or Walt Jocketty may be leaving at the end of this year — possibly to Cinn. This could be a big mistake for our Cardinals as these two have done more for the organization in their tenure than any other invividuals could have done. If you could convey this to Mr. DeWitt and Mr. Lamping that they should make it their business to reward these two financially and respectfully for their work and retain them both it would be appreciated. If others would lend their support to this effort I think we could hopfully have them retained and our team will be able to continue to thrive with our fine manager and GM.


Well buddy, I’m going to have to say that LaRussa could stay, but he’s not my favorite manager, due to his not playing Albert during the All-star game and due to his DUI that’s not exactly being a good role model for other players in the organization or young Cardinals fans, as far as Jockity, I don’t think he should stay, yes he has done some good for the organizationg, but I also do not like his lack of spending money.

Check out the body of work LaRussa has over the years he’s been here. Except for this year and maybe one other, we’re always right in the hunt for a playoff spot. And Jocketty, in this small market, with the $ he is allowed to spend has done fantastic with those resources. Compare our two guys with some of the other clubs and how they’ve done over that same period of time.

consider this. what happens when #5s’ contract is up, or near up, and we don’t have an established (core) of decent ball players? are we going to match the 250 million dollar contract other teams are going to shell out, and basically have a one man team of Pujols? now i don’t think jockitchy is the one to hang given he is not the sole owner of the club, but somebody better get on the ball and start spending wisely. as much as i would not like edmonds to retire on another team, he was a waste of money. lets face it he’s older, he beat the **** out of his body his entire career, and he is not going to get healthy. i hate to see some of our greats go but for the future we will eventually have to move on. carpenter had promise of great things, and did great things, but reality is that he has had less playing time than injury time, and as a team this is not a proactive situation. the legacy is over, roland will not be the player he was, carp…too many what ifs, mulder should never have been on this team.
prediction—like haren, reyes will be traded from the team and 1-2 years later will come back to slap us silly like we were not made aware that the round white thing was what the pieces of wood were for. GO CARDS!

For starters, Mulder is a good pitcher, he’s a welcome player to this team, he was plagued by injuries last year which is why he didn’t do so good, but when healthy he’ll do awesome as a member of the Cardinals. I disagree with you gfink, you say that Walt is doing good as a small market spender, if I remember correctly he let Suppan go, Suppan may not have been the best pitcher on the team last year, but he helped hold this team together, and when it comes to spending I don’t think he did too good seeing as he signed Wells and Kennedy and look where they are.

Crazy, you are inconsistent in your stance on injured players. Mulder has missed far more time than Edmonds, but you demonize him for missing time and excuse Mulder’s poor performance because of his injuries. The Mulder trade was not a good one, I didn’t think so at the time and I don’t think so now. Haren was just starting to put it together, Kiko was great in the bullpen, and Daric Barton was one of the best hitters in the farm system. I hope Mulder comes back and is the pitcher that the Cards traded for, but you can’t use the same argument to praise one guy and **** another.

Jim Edmonds keeps taking trips to the disabled list, when pitching for the Cardinals Mulder has only beeon on the DL twice, the first time he came back and didn’t do so good, so they reexamined his shoulder, then gave him shoulder surgery, Jim Edmonds keeps missing time for an injured toe or back spasms, not surgery.

Oh and if you want to get technical Jim Edmonds is supposed to be the every day starting centerfielder, Mulder is a pitcher, he only plays once every five games.

Friday night in Atlanta. Duncan sits whoile Edmonds plays. Edmonds is hitting less than .150 vs left handers. Dunc is a good 60 points higher vs LHP but he sits. If he is ever going to be an every day player, he needs to play every day.

Hey, I’ve got somewhat of an idea that might make our outfield a bit better when it comes to defense, move Duncan to right, and Encarnacion to left.

A tossup about where Dunc and Juan play in the outfield. Defense is not their game, but at least with Dunc in the game, you get a chance to score some runs. Pujols hits a homer every 17 at bats, Dunc one every 14 or so.

Ah, Dunc was also a 1B in the minors so you can’t expect him to be the greatest right off the bat, you got to give him time he’ll eventually adjust to this new position, give him another year and I think he’ll do just fine. I was thinking about switching it up because Encarnacion has a little more speed and most of the hits I’ve seen have either been to center or left so I’m just saying switch it up a bit, we already have a losing season, we’ve lost Carpenter and I don’t think we’re going to make the playoffs, so what could a little shuffling the positions hurt?

Only problem with Duncan playing RF is that he doesn’t have the range yet, nor does he have a strong enough arm. LFers typically cover less ground and have to make shorter throws.

when was the last time you saw juan (do i have to run) e. get his suit dirty for an out or a run? also, crazy, to stick with the theme for this blog. who would you rather have on your team, a young player with a strong arm- good motion- and a bright future, or a guy that will spend 3 out of four years on the dl while we all talk about what he used to do and when he will start doing it again?

No, no, no I think you’re misunderstanding me. I like Dan Haren and would love him to be back in a Cardinals uniform, but I’m also saying that I like Mulder and since we can’t go back on our trade I’d like to see him remain in a Cardinals uniform. That is of course if that’s what you mean, but if you mean an outfielder I’d rather have the young player with a strong arm, good motion, and a bright future. And I think you misunderstood me also heymatto, I’m simply saying to switch some things up since this year is a dead year, try and make the most out of it by experimenting with your players so you can make some decisions for next year.

M, Who do you think will be pitching next Thursday gainst the Cubs at Busch? I know TLR is very unpredictable, but make your best guess…if you don’t mind. I will be there for the game and am hoping to NOT see Wells, even after his last excellent start.

Is there any possibility that the Cardinals might try to get Shelley Duncan from the Yankees? And I haven’t been watching the Whitesox this year, but there’s a pitcher on their team who is in his first year of pitching and it’s as a starter, he’s got an era of 4.85 or something like that and a record of 6-6, I’m not saying we’re going to go get him or to make a trade to get him, but I like Danks.

Shaun, as you probably saw in my notes, they revealed yesterday it’s Wells.

Matthew do you know when the Cardinals could expect to see Mulder start again?

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