Sweet tea and shoulder shots

Greetings from Atlanta, which is as close to my beloved hometown as the Major Leagues get during the regular season. It feels a lot like home — even had some sweet tea with lunch today. Good times.

* Rolen is already back from StL. Probably won’t play till Sunday, and possibly not till Tuesday, but we’ll see. He had a shot. He said the shoulder capsule has tightened, but that his labrum looked good on an MRI. Still a fairly open-ended issue, truth be told.

* Edmonds is activated, starting in center field and batting fifth. Andy Cavazos optioned, so for a day or two or four they’re down to 11 pitchers.

* Still, still, still waiting on Carp announcement.

-M, digging FM 92.9 here in Atlanta.


Just out of curiousity is 92.9 there in Atlanta the same it is in Illinois and that’s an all rap station, because that’d be weird.

Nope, it’s basically alt rock for old folks like myself.🙂


I thought we were supposed to know Carp’s status by today. Was that just a guess on the staff’s part? Or has Carp not made a decision, like between rehab and season ending surgery similar to Mulder’s choice last year?

I think we’re going to know by the end of the night. Whatever it is, it’s going to be a significant blow, that much is unfortunately pretty clear. If this were a matter of sitting out one week versus sitting out three weeks, something like that, the decision wouldn’t take this long.

Whatever the announcement is, it’s safe to say that the news won’t be good.


Any negotiatons the Cardinals have offered in return for some pitching?

That’s kinda what I was afraid of M. But I figured that if they didn’t make an announcement right after seeing the doctor, Carp was doing some tough thinking and that can’t be good.

As much as I like Encarnacion, I’d be willing to trade him to get someone like Gil Meche and then give someone else some time in right field, or make another trade and get some pitching and a hitter.

I am nervous about Carp’s condition also. Time to take it slow and depend on Carp and Mulder next year (if possible).

Encarnacion needs to go. He has an occasional good game. He hits a few homers. He is not a dependable rbi man. His obp is not so good. He has repeated lapses in the field, on the bases, and at bat. Ludiwick needs to be more patient. He has power, but strikes out too much.

What does anyone know about Hoffpauer? His stats are great. What about an infield next year of Pujols, Hoffp;auer, Ryan, and (gulp) Gonzalez. Edgar hits well but makes quite a few errors.

Everyone, please comment on my post.


More surgery for Carp. His season is over, and he may miss a significant portion of next year. Joe Strauss posted this on StL.com.

Aww phooey.

Wait wait, hold on.


Carp’s season is over….Cardinals season is over.

For once crazy, I agree. Barring a miraculous turnaround by Wells and a frontline trade by Walt, we may start to look at 2008 or even 09 if he’s out too long.

Well without Carpenter, and with Wells only giving good starts once every like 7 starts, with the rest being absolutely horrible, and Maroth pitching the way he’s been, I say we’re pretty much SOL, I’m pretty sure what I mean by that, I’m not going to go into much detail, let’s just say we’re doomed, dooooooommmmmmmmmeeeeddddd.

After watching that game..I’m becoming a big fan of Brendan Ryan. I hope he isnt one of the players that is on the trade list for Mike Maroth.

With Carp going down, what do you think the chances of Reyes comming back up?

I think the chances of Reyes coming back up before they expand the rosters is very litte, and I too like Brendan Ryan, I say we let him be the starting second baseman instead of Kennedy, because Ryan is proving himself and Kennedy just isn’t showing us what he’s made of.

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