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It’s not the right day, but it’s been too long, so here is Lucky Seven, back in all its glory. Greetings from Atlanta, where it’s the last day of the road trip — so I get to see my beloved bride, as well as our two animals, tomorrow. Outstanding news indeed.

One reminder for those of you who are new or who may have forgotten. If you don’t have an answer to a question, that’s fine, just leave it blank. But please don’t give me sarcastic/snotty/whatever answers about how "there are no other sports but baseball" or "movies are useless to me" or whatever. If you don’t want to answer one of the questions, just don’t answer it. Also, don’t take shots at other people’s answers. Again, just answer the questions you want to answer, ignore the ones you don’t. Thanks.

With Heart by Stars playing on the iPod, here are the questions:

1. Are the Cardinals contenders for the 2007 postseason?

2. With that in mind, how should they approach the deadline? Blow the whole thing up? Be buyers, but only buyers to strengthen the 2008 team? Buyers in the short term, say with a boost to this year’s rotation or offense? Stand pat?

3. Do you have any concerns about how the Carpenter situation was handled? If so, what?

4. Aside from big league ballparks, what’s your favorite venue in sports? Anything goes, from the place where you played your high school football to the Edward Jones Dome to Augusta National to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Can be a place you’ve visited, or a place you’ve just seen on TV.

5. What’s your favorite movie of the summer thus far? What movie still to come are you most looking forward to? (this is a VERY easy one for me, but y’all have at it…)

6. Mrs. Dude touched on this topic the other day. What’s your song of the summer so far this year?

7. What’s the perfect summer food?



1. I wouldn’t say “contenders” but maybe if the Brewers and Cubs just totaly fall…

Ah… what am I talking about, the answer is no.

2. They should not buy any end-of-the-contract players. Some ’08 trades sound good though.

3. I’m not a doctor just a 13-year-old boy, so I don’t know.

7. Green beans with ham.

1) Not out of it yet. I’m not expecting much, but that’s when surprising things can happen. Staying positive and enjoying the good things is more pleasant than constant whining and moaning.
2) Stand pat. Not much out there worth buying right now.

3) No concerns about how the Carp thing was handled. Since I don’t have all the info, how can I judge?

4)Burlington (NC) Royals rookie league ballpark. Primitive, but fun atmosphere, chance to talk to opposing pitchers who sit in the stands and chart. Good BBQ. And CHEAP.

5)Shrek III is the only movie I’ve seen. I liked it.



1) No I don’t believe they are, I think they have a good chance of having a winning record though.

2) I think they should make trades in order to make next years team better.

6) Rhianna and Chris Brown-Umbrella Remix.

7) Anything Chinese all the time.

1. No. Too many holes to fill. It would be a miracle, with big CHANGES necessary!

2. Buyers and Sellers to strengthen the future. Try to move Juan, Reyes, Eckstein, Kennedy, Wells, Flores, maybe Rolen. plus any non-essential prospects. We need starting pitching and center field help.

3. Hard to say. Maybe he was rushed. Maybe he needed different doctors. Maybe it just happened.

4. This is a stretch. The Roman Colosseum. It was used for sports of its day. I have visited it.

5. I want to see the new Die Hard, but more than anything am awaiting the new Halloween.

6. Song? I am thinking about it.

7. Fried Chicken and Watermelon.

1. Not unless they expand it to 16 teams per league.

2. Try to get any value for players who aren’t in the plans for 2008. Wells, Encarnacion, Reyes, Eckstein, etc.

3. Carpenter had all kinds of injury problems in the past, so this is no surprise. I’m expecting him to spend the rest of his contract having surgeries and pitching for Palm Beach. Anything more will be a bonus.

4. My favorite is Faurot Field on a nice Saturday afternoon.

5. I enjoyed Live Free or Die Hard a lot and I can’t wait to see The Simpsons.

6. I don’t think I’ve heard any new music this summer, at least none that I like.

7. Brats!

1. The Brewers are awfully young. They could stumble. The Cubs, well, they ARE the Cubs, so they could swoon yet again. But I don’t expect the Cards to be in the playoffs as they’re going now. They’re too injury-prone.

2. They need to move Eck to second, get a shortstop and decide if Rolen will ever again be the Rolen of old. Then there’s Edmonds (one of my favorites) who should be a DH in the junior curcuit. Then they need some pitching and they need to take pity on those of us who are getting older and can’t take many more of Isringhausen’s near-cardiac performances.

3. This is not going to end well. I suspect we’ll never see him pitch again.

4. The California Speedway, Fontana, CA.

5. Live Free or Die Hard.

6. No Comment.

7. A salami and cheddar sandwich, cup of chili and Leinenkuegal Honey Weiss beer from Baungartner’s in Monroe, Wis. Really.

On number one, I forgot to add I don’t care if they miss this year as long as (a) the Damned Astros stay in the second division and (b) as long as I don’t have to listen to Tim McCarver’s lame “color” commentary on Fox.

1. No, they are barely holding their own as it is.

2. Address long term needs.

3. No.

4. Hank Aaron Stadium (baseball park) Mobile, AL.

7. Ribs

1) If Mulder can make a full return this year, mid-August at the latest, then it’s possible. Otherwise no.
2) I’m not sure. I would like to see Juan Encarnacion moved definitely and if they aren’t planning to resign Eck, then move him too. Some pitching in return would be nice.

3) No. Some things just aren’t avoidable. We needed him back, and they did the best they could to get him back as soon and as healthy as possible.

4) I don’t know if you could count Doubleday Field in Cooperstown as a MLB ball park, but I would go with that. Especially when they hold the Hall of Fame Game.

5)Thus far I would have to say that Pirates 3 is my favorite. Of the ones yet to come, I would say the Simpson’s Movie.

6) That’s come out this summer? I don’t have any.

7) Good ol’ American eats: Hot Dogs at a ballgame (Fenway Franks especially)

1. Are the Cardinals contenders for the 2007 postseason?

No! With Carpenter out for the season they don’t have the pitching.

2. With that in mind, how should they approach the deadline? Blow the whole thing up? Be buyers, but only buyers to strengthen the 2008 team? Buyers in the short term, say with a boost to this year’s rotation or offense? Stand pat?

I think they should blow off the 07 season and concentrate on the future. In the short term 08 BUT they should be looking at the long term as well. I think they should continue and accelerate the process of rebuilding the farm system. I don’t think they should trade away young talent for anyone who is likely to have fewer than 5 years left as a PRODUCTIVE major league ball player.

Yeh, I know—Easier said than done.

3. Do you have any concerns about how the Carpenter situation was handled? If so, what?

My only question is Does he have any more major league years left. If he really has arthritic degeneration I wouldn’t be surprised if he can’t come back at all. If that’s the case are they going to have to eat his 5 year $64 million salary. That would be a tough pill to swallow and will it slow down the building for the future?

4. Aside from big league ballparks, what’s your favorite venue in sports? Anything goes, from the place where you played your high school football to the Edward Jones Dome to Augusta National to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Can be a place you’ve visited, or a place you’ve just seen on TV.

5. What’s your favorite movie of the summer thus far? What movie still to come are you most looking forward to? (this is a VERY easy one for me, but y’all have at it…)

6. Mrs. Dude touched on this topic the other day. What’s your song of the summer so far this year?

7. What’s the perfect summer food?

That’s easy–ice cream (also winter and fall and spring).

Crazy–that Umbrella song is wicked catchy. It may unseat Lip Gloss as the song of Summer 2007.

1. Don’t know much about baseball, but I think it might take a lot to get them in contention. However, stranger things have happened and once you get to the playoffs, it’s anyone’s game.

3. My concern with the Carp. situation has more to do with what seems to be a continual failure on the part of the medical staff to diagnose and act proactively on injuries. It seems like a (costly) pattern.

4. Augusta National Golf Club, I think, followed closely by the IMS.

5. The Simpsons movie.

6. Either Lip Gloss or Umbrella, with regards to catchiness.

7. I’m going with “Pieceofpi2003” on this one–ice cream, though corn on the cob is #2. There’s an ice cream shop in Columbus-Jeni’s-that makes a sweet corn ice cream. It sounds icky, but it’s actually really great.

1. No, much as I’d like to say “yes.” Don’t hold out much hope for this season.
2. Be buyers, but concentrate on the future.

3. I’m afraid I don’t know enough to comment. I’ve had a bad feeling all summer, though.

4. Arkansas Travelers stadium in Little Rock, AR in the late 70’s — what fun!

5. Live Free or Die Hard most fun so far; most looking forward to The Simpson’s Movie.

6. Entire new White Stripes cd!

7. Ice cream — always!

1. Barely, the upcoming Brewers and Cubs series will be the final word on wheter they’re out for now.
2. It’s about time to blow it up or at least try and deal some larger contracts of veteran players for smaller contracts of younger players. Maybe Izzy, Encarnacion, Kennedy, Edmonds, Maroth or even Rolen. I hate to see them trade Reyes now, with his stock as low as it’s ever been. Anyway…

3. Not really, but I don’t know enough about exactly what went down.

4. SIU Arena when Creighton is in Carbondale.

5. Transformers was hugely entertaining. The Simpsons Movie should be awesome.

6. Icky Thump and This is Why I’m Hot

7. Barbecue anything and ice cold beer.

1. Yes, but just barely. It’ll take a pitcher or two doing a Shoeless Joe Hardy impression (OK, Shoeless Joe Hardy was a position player, but you get the idea…) plus some cooperaton — but that kind of cooperation is nothing new to the Brewers and Cubs, so it’s not out of the question. I wouldn’t mortgage the house on it, though, which brings me to:
2. Stand pat, with one exception that I hate to bring up. To do anything drastic with an eye to becoming a contender is ridiculous, yet there’s too much good stuff there to tear it down. However, it’s probably time to see what kind of value the team can get in a trade involving — gulp — Anthony Reyes. I don’t think TLR and Dunc will ever take him seriously again, but the man has talent. It might be possible to say “what this guy needs is a change of scenery” and dangle him in front of someone in the AL for some serious middle-infield prospects and a generic arm.

3. Yes, I have one specific concern: was he rushed? I don’t know of any data on whether pitchers coming back from other injuries are particularly prone to UCL blowouts, but it seems plausible. Matthew, Will Carroll at Baseball Prospectus seems to think highly of you; suppose you could pick his brain on this one?

4-6. No opinion.

7. Brats on the grill with watermelon for dessert.

Oops, sorry to follow-up myself, but something important was missing in my answer #3: correct it to “I don’t know of any data on whether pitchers coming back EARLY from other injuries are particularly prone to UCL blowouts.” That’s the key question here.

Wow, the Simpsons Movie got a ton of votes. I don’t watch the show and have no interest in the movie, but maybe I should check it out when it makes cable tv.

At the risk of young Matthew tearing my head off for not answering the question properly, here are five great sports venues.

1. Lambeau Field

2. Michie Stadium – US Military Academy football field

3. Pebble Beach

4. Al Lang Field – Spring Training home of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

5. Kezar Pavilion – Home of San Francisco Pro-Am Summer Basketball League.

simple suggestion – buy copies of MONEYBALL – AND TEST THE FRONT OFFICE ON THE CONTENTS. remember **** schofield way back when?

1. If they play good, sound ball, yes. Williams, Moris, Supan and Marquis weren’t exactly four aces in 2004, yet the birds got to the W.S. Carp isn’t the end of the chapter this year. If the birds play sound ball, they may make a Wild Card run, and a little help from the Brewers and Cubs would be nice too. Maroth will come through. If that happens, I’m comfortable with Wainright, Maroth, Thompson, Looper (and Mulder to juggle)as your post season horses.

2. They should get a quality pitcher both for this season and long term, even if it takes getting rid of a good glove or bat. The temptation is to shop Izzy, but they can’t afford to lose him.

3. Sounds like it was not forseen. The guy pitched two rehab games. They were expecting him to make 8-9 starts in the bigs. Stuff happens.

4. The future Lucas Oil Stadium. (I’m a hoosier!)

5. not a movie watcher; pop culture *****.

6. not a music guy; see above.

7. Ribs and Grape Faygo

1) At this rate, I’m going to have to vote no. It’s not that irreparable damage has been done, it’s that this team lacks the pieces to get back on track for a surge — namely legitimate starting pitching, consistent offense, and strong defense. Right now, we’ve got Albert having a mortal year, a bullpen, a bunch of walking wounded, and… that’s pretty much it.

2) My vote goes for only trades that will wind up helping in 2008. I seriously doubt Walt will be able to trade for enough of the pieces of what we are missing. Everybody needs starting pitching this year and virtually nobody has it to spare. Also, I think our chances are better for the future if we hang onto some of the good pieces we have now instead of rebuilding from the ground up.

3) Yes. H-E-doublehockeysticks yes. I don’t think I have enough information to call any nameless team physicians incompetent, but I can see a very troublesome philosophy in action on behalf of at least one party. Bernie discussed this today, but I have to reiterate that it concerns me when three high profile cases (Mulder, Rolen, and Carp) are mishandled by the medical staff/club.

4) I am looking forward to the different atmosphere of minor league ball when I visit Springfield in a couple weeks. I suppose I did enjoy my few minutes of watching cricket over the fence in Bath, but I’m not prepared to say it’s my favorite.

5) I am such a kid: Ratatouille.

6) Feels Like Today from Rascal Flatts has been playing on my iTunes a lot lately.

7) In lieu of homemade ice cream this summer I think I’ll have to vote for any fruit soaked in alcohol and pina colada sno-cones.


1. The Cards are in no way making the postseason.
2. Stand pat.

3. Yeah – I’m beginning to not like Paletta. This shouldn’t be as bad as it is.

4. I haven’t been to much outside of the ballpark, so I’ve got a choice between Ford Field rooting for the Rams in 03 or Warwick Hills seeing the Buick Open. Warwick it is.

5. I’m not much of a Simpsons fan but I’m thinking about seeing the Simpsons movie.

6. I haven’t really found a fave summer song yet.

7. Steak and Pepsi or steak/root beer all the way

1) I’m definitely not giving up yet. There is still a lot of the season left, and anything can happen (fingers crossed).

3) From what I heard, the time off was working for Carpenter. Even with this setback, I can’t think of any reason why this was mishandled.

4) I went to a Women’s World Cup match at Lincoln Financial Field before the Eagles even played their first game there and fell in love with the stadium. U.S. beat Nigeria 5-0, by the way.

5) Haven’t been to many movies this summer, but I did like the new Harry Potter one. And I know it’s still a long ways away, but since they’re at least filming it now it should count: Indiana Jones 4!!!

6) I wouldn’t call it my favorite, but since it’s been stuck in my head for two weeks now (seriously!), William Shatner’s cover of “Common People” is defining my summer. Someone please make it stop….

7) Any soul food.


2.Too bad the other 29 GMs have seen rolens’ and edmonds’ slow bats. The only player I would think anybody might want is Izzy and whos gonna close. Do nothing.

3.Don’t think the doctors told him to have sketchy at best mechanics.

4.A Busch race at Gateway was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

5.Just got the Matrix trilogy on hdhvd. don’t know if that counts.

6.Lycanthrope. Seems like I hear it everywhere.

7.Steak the size of your head.

1. Not with their makeshift starting rotation.
2. I think maybe see what you can get for Juan( bring up Ankiel) and I think Reyes needs a change of scenery. He is young and talented surely they can get someone good in return.

3. Is it just me or does the Cardinals seem to have a lot of season ending injuries. Why? How do they compare to other major league teams?

4. Old RFK.

5.Took the kids to see pirates it was good, but I want to see the next Bourne movie.


7.Anything grilled, with salad and melon for dessert.

1. 70/30 against.
2. Stand pat for now, unless a good deal on a starter materializes. Get ready to deal Izzy and move Wainright to close.

3. Probably handled okay. Just bad luck.

4. Disch Falk Field for University of Texas baseball. Nothing special, just cool to watch good ball.

5. Sicko (theaters). Deadwood (season 3 on DVD)

6. Into the Open by Heartless Baaas…tar..ds

7. Cold fried chicken, cucumber salad, bloody mary/margarita

Dude that’s crazy talk right there, moving Wainwright back to closing, Wainwright is 9-7 this year with an era of 4.16, obviously he’s making it in the starting rotation.

C’mon — I specifically requested in the post NOT to take shots at other people’s opinions.

Did you really? Sorry, didn’t see it. ^_^” Can you ever forgive me? And Matthew would you be willing to make this trade: Juan Encarnacion and some minor league pitcher to the Royals for Reggie Sanders and Octavio Dotel. I know this off topic, but I really need an opinion on this.

1. No
2. Trade/buy for the future.

3. Does any other club over the last five/ten years have a history of as many pitchers going down as the Cardinals?

4. Ratatouille (yea, Elle)

5. The Black Angels’ Young Men Dead

6. Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella on Ciabatta with a nice Chipotle Mayo, a fresh corn on the cob side and, depending on your taste, a nice glass of sauvignon blanc or pint of belgian white beer.

1. This seven game home stand against the cubs and brewers will answer that question.

2. If they become contenders in the next seven games, they should go for it and be buyers for the short term. If they lose, they should deal Isringhausen to a playoff contender, he is worth quite a bit.

3. Do you think Carpenter signed the contract knowing he could possibly need all this surgery? It would make sense, he said he knew he had the spurs, they just did not bother him. He probably knew he would have to try and deal with them someday, so why not at the beginning of a six year contract.

4. I went to college at the University of Oregon. Autzen Stadium was a beautiful setting. If you walked there from campus you had to first walk over a river and then through some woods. Then at the end of the game, thousands of drunk rowdy fans would all file out through this relatively narrow path in some beautiful forest. It was quite a scene.

5. The only movie I know about this Summer is the Simpsons movie. I cant say that I think it will be that good, but I feel obligated to see it.

6. Modest Mouse Dashboard

7. BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

1.) No (Unfortunately)
2.) I think they should try to trade some of the age. Edmonds, Eckstein, etc. They may still have some market value. They should try to get some near big league ready minor leaguers. (I know I sound a little too optomistic)

3.) Even though he has been the focus since April, we really don’t have a lot of information on Carp’s injury situation. It was a bone chip removal, right? So what did he do to require TJ surgery? Something seems amiss.

4.) Churchill Downs

5.) Favorite so far: Chalk Looking forward to: The Simpsons Movie

6.) Up the Cuts by Against Me! I have been waiting for the new album for months.


1. No, not at all.
2. Sell what you can IE, perhaps Encarnacion, Eckstein.., buy what you can. Just whatever you do, keep 08 in mind.

3. I think we all saw TJ coming a long way away, i have questions on if he was properly diagnosed to begin with.


5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

6. …dunno…

7. dry rubbed pork steaks with bbq baked beans and macaroni salad.

1. Ask me in a week
2. Again, I think the answer will be clear after this homestand

3. No concerns. If doctors said he had to go through with it, who am I to argue? Hopefully he will be strong for 09.

4. When I went to England I saw several old Olympic sites. Ski jumps and bobsled tracks were still there. That was pretty nifty.

5. Harry Potter

7. Erm….Bacon and pineapple pizza.

1) The Cardinals are out of it, unfortunately.
2) Approach the deadline by getting rid of some of the more expensive guys and see about getting some prospects. Trade Encarnacion, trade Izzy, trade Springer, etc. Get some good young players or prospects

3) The way Carpenter’s injury was handled didn’t bother me as much as the way they handled Rolen’s injury in ’05. But that’s another topic.

4) I like the field I play softball at. Does that count?

5) I liked 1408. Don’t really know about future movies coming out.

6) “In the Summertime’ by the Phunk Junkeez

7) Bbq brats.

Hey, all he said was a field, he never said what kind, so yeah, softball fields do count. =D

You know I’m not really a Cards fan, M, but I got a second…

1) I’m looking and they’re 9 games back of Milwaukee. Obviously, teams have made up similar distances in short times (wasn’t Minnesota further behind Detroit at about this time last year?), but the Cards are probably too beat up. Of course, I didn’t think they were serious contenders in last year’s playoffs, either.

2) In my fantasy world, they should give Pujols to the Giants for nothing. In reality, though, I’d be looking at 2008 and beyond.

3) I don’t follow the team closely enough to have an opinion, but I do remember you recommending Carp in a fantasy league to me a few years ago, and that advice won me the league. And then I think you told me to be wary of holding him, anticipating exactly what has happened to him.

4) Arco Arena in Sacramento. It’s electric when the crowd is into the game. I’m also very fond of Raley Field, where Oakland’s AAA team plays.

5) I dug Harry Potter immensely. As for what’s to come, I’m not looking forward to the Simpsons film as much as SOMEBODY I know, but I will probably see it this weekend.

6) I just downloaded Springsteen Live in Dublin from iTunes, and am enjoying it immensely. I’ve also been introduced to Michael Franti, and find him to be very groovy.

7) Whatever I’m eating at the ballpark. And beer.

Micawber… Michael Franti has been very groovy for a very long time. I saw him as the lead member of his first band (after he left/graduated from UC Berkeley?), The Beat Nigs — they played bass, metal grinder, chains on sheet metal and other racket-making materials all topped with topical/political lyrics for 90 minutes in the Catalyst in Santa Cruz… blew the doors off the place (and that was ’89 or ’90, I think).

Contenders for last place perhaps. Anybody dissatisfied with job Jock has done. Take away our lucky world series win last year and you are left with several questionable moves over the last couple of years i.e. haren for mulder? losing suppan over 6-8 million, kip wells, signing Jim Edmonds for 2 more years, and overall philosophy of raping are farm system to my embarrassment.

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