Sunday updates

First of all, don’t forget to scroll down to this week’s Lucky Seven and answer the questions.

Anyway, here are today’s pregame news tidbits.

* Troy Cate has been optioned to Memphis, and Kelvin Jimenez called up. Cate wasn’t available today after his stint yesterday, so they brought in Jimenez for depth. Mike Maroth is available in the bullpen, since he won’t start till the end of the week or the weekend.

* Rolen is back in the lineup, batting sixth and playing third base. It’s an all right-handed lineup, with Ludwick in LF for Duncan, Taguchi in CF for Edmonds, and Ryan at 2B for Kennedy.



Will Cate be brought back up, or are they going to leave him in the minors till rosters expand?

I wonder to about Cate…Also, when will it be time for Duncan to play everyday?

What oh what are we going to do about starting pitching? I mean, really, outside of Wainwright and maybe Thompson, I don’t see anyone else on the scene now in the rotation next year.

I don’t mind Duncan not starting tonight actually. You don’t know a whole lot about the Braves starter (what is this his 3rd or 4th career start?), so I’d rather be safe and throw all the righties we have at them.

TLR pointed out that the opposing starter has a big L-R split in the Majors this year. Some research, however, suggests that in the Minors he had very little split. I’d have gone with Duncan after his big night last night, personally.


Is it possible that Thompson is getting tired out? He’s never been a full-time starter in his career, so does that play into his recent somewhat struggles?

Let me vent for a moment. I love the Cards, have been, and will be a fan through thick and thin.

I am, however, tired of the team trotting out this tired lineup over an over. I should say one of many lineups. True, we often score some runs. But I agree with those of you who believe it is time for Duncan to take his swings every night. Thompson was a starter in the minors, so maybe he is just meant to be a back of the rotation guy.

Also, Juan E. is fair, but NOT a consistent rbi man. He doesn’t get on base a lot, and has lapses in the field and on the basepaths. Rolen has given a lot to this team, but has also been inconsistent and temperamental. If he can’t swing, put him on the DL. What should Ludwick do? He has some pop and gets a few hits, but seems so fidgety and impatient at the plate.

Look, when you are winning you overlook or work through some things. Unless we make a miraculous run next week, it is time for CHANGES.

Thanks M. I did see that in your notes. I am going to Thursdays game 3, though. You said Maroth wouldn’t pitch until later in the week, and that’s why he was available yesterday out of the pen right? You think he’ll pitch Thursday? I’m really, really hoping to see Wainwright pitch. Is it looking like Wainwright on Wednesday??? Has TLR announced anything past Tuesday?

Duncan sits while his BA vs LHP’s is way higher than Ludwick’s. If someone has to sit, Edmonds or Juan E should be the ones. Duncan has the stats to rate playing every day, no matter who the opposition puts on the mound.

Sad news about Mike Coolbaugh. Really tragic for him, his family, and those young players who witnessed it.

I hate to see Cate sent down. He showed some promise in spite of a bad inning vs Atlanta. Any work on Tyler Johnson?

A week or so before the Maroth deal, someone posted that we were just getting another Wells. Most of us dismissed that suggestion, but in retrospect, it appears prophetic.

It’s a shame when young people die like that. It’s got to be heartbreaking on the person who hit the line drive and on the family of the Mike, hopefully they both get through this with no problems. I was talking to heymatto70 on msn and I’m going to have to agree with him, the base coach’s should be required to wear helmets in case anything like this happens, the players have to wear helmets, why not the base coaches? I too was ashamed to see Cate go down, I wish for him to be called back and see Jimenez sent back down, Jimenez hasn’t proved himself enough to be called back up, I say we keep him down this year and call him back up next year. Mike Maroth hasn’t been doing all that well, from what I’ve seen he wasn’t worth the trade. And how about Shelley Duncan, is there any psosibility the Cardinals might trade Encarnacion for Shelley and maybe some reliever or pitcher or something?

a few curious things i noticed watching the last nights game: eckstein strikes out swinging for the second time in like 3 games, rolen choking up on the bat, and tlr sitting in the dugout (is that new?). also, pujols is a beast

Oh so true, Albert Pujols is a beast. And woah, Tony sitting instead of standing, I think that may be a first. And here’s a trade I think might work: Juan Encarnacion, Anthony Reyes, and Mike Maroth for Octavio Dotel, David DeJesus, and some minor league player to be named.

crazy, you know my feelings about JE, but my sense is that trade gives away more pitching than it receives and the Cards need pitching more than anything else (would you seek to trade Izzy for hitting at the same time?) I think the Royals might part with Dotel but I’d be surprised if they let DeJesus go so cheap (at least in terms of recent performance — and Maroth’s AL [much less NL] numbers o’ late).

I don’t believe that it is, Mike Maroth apparently wasn’t worth the trade to the Cardinals he went from my hero in the first game he pitched to a zero since then, and I’m going to agree with my buddy heymatto70 that Reyes needs a change of sceneray, and what if we get some minor league prospect of a pitcher from them in the minors, would that change your mind?

How about Bennet/Encarnacion for Buck/DeJesus?

Well, I just think you are all jumping the gun a bit by saying Maroth was not worth the trade. Give him time. Remember last year Jeff Weaver seemed worthless after he came to St.Louis, but then he found his release point and became effective again….By the way, M, it looks like it’s gonna be Loop on Thursday against the Cubbies,right?

Whoever writes the summaries for the “probable starting pitcher” page keeps touting Thompson as a stopgap starter who belongs in the bullpen. In contrast, Thompson has shown himself capable as a starter and, as his strength and confidence build (like in the Atlanta game) he is the #2 man in the rotation as far as I am concerned. You don’t have to throw 90+ mph to be a successful starter.

An idea to knock around, maybe Maroth, Wells or Reyes ought to think of becoming a knuckleballer.

Reyes for Meche? Looper/Kennedy for Gorzelanny/Sanchez? Are any of these trades sounding good? Edmonds/Reyes (know I’ve already mentioned Reyes, just mention possible trades) for Duncan/Vizcaino/Wang?

No way the Yankees are going to trade Wang. Especially not for Reyes. And why would we trade for Shelley Duncan? He is a first baseman, which we have the best available anyway, and converting him to outfield would be foolish because we have a bevy of young outfielders coming up. I am glad Dunc’s brother is doing well, but there is not place on the team for him. Why would the Pirates trade a rising star in Gorzelanny for Looper who has been good for us, but doesn’t have an upside? And why would they trade the reigning batting champ for Kennedy? The other team has to see a benefit to the trade Crazy.

I could see Reyes for Meche possibly happening, but the Royals would have to willing to take on an awful lot of the ridiculous salary they gave him last off-season, and I don’t see that happening.

Hey buddy, go to the Yankees website, Shellye Duncan is a right fielder, they’re using him as a 1st baseman and a DH because they already have a RF by the name of Bobby Abreu, not sure if you knew that or not. And um, yeah in case you don’t know, Chris Duncan spent most of the minors as a 1st baseman not a LF but look where the Cardinals have him. Why not have an outfield of Duncan, Edmonds, and Duncan?


Okay, I admit that was my bad on Shelley. And yes, I know Chris spent most of minor league career as a first baseman, but not everyone can change positions as well, and certainly not something you want to do midseason. Not to mention that we do have a lot of talented outfielders already, like Ankiel, Rasmus, Ludwick, Haerther(sp?), and others. And you didn’t respond to the fact that the trade you propose wouldn’t happen anyway because the Yankees aren’t going to part with Wang, if we trade Edmonds to get Duncan we can’t have an outfield of Duncan, Edmonds, and Duncan, and the Yankees wouldn’t take Edmonds because they are full up on outfielders. So yes, I made one mistake, but the bulk of my post was not about that.

Well Edmonds has played first bast and he could be a designated hitter if they wanted him to, then we could have an outfield of Duncan, Schumaker, and Duncan. Either that or we could call Ankiel up, have him play Center, and have our outfield be Duncan, Ankiel, and Duncan. Then we could ask for a minor league starter to replace Reyes or something like that. I’m just saying, whatever trade we have to do, I’d like to see Duncan on the Cardinals. And I think that Buck from the Royals would be a nice addition to the Cardinals roster also.

And if not a trade for Wang, how about Mussina, yeah, he’s old, but the Yankees might be willing to deal him due to his era of 4.97 this year. Although he may be old, it’s better than Kip Wells out there on the mound every 5 days.

I think sticking with Bennett as the back up catcher is a better plan, because the pitchers are comfortable with him and also because they already have him. Mussina might be alright, but he is breaking down pretty badly and making entirely too much money for the Cards to pick up his whole contract. That is the big problem with trades, the market goes insane and then teams that spent a lot of money on players don’t want them anymore, leaving a lot of huge contacts floating out there that nobody is willing to pick up completely. As for Edmonds becoming a regular first basemen for the Yanks in return for a relatively young power hitter, don’t bet on it. I would love to see the Duncan family united as much as anyone, but I just don’t think it is going to happen anytime soon. Besides, if you get your way and kick LaRussa to the curb Dave Duncan will probably go with him. Honestly, I don’t expect the Cardinals to be very active on the trade market, and certainly not at the price that the Yankees would ask for Shelley and Wang or the Pirates for Gorzelanny and Sanchez.

Wow, what a game last night huh. Two nice starts in a row for Wells. Way to go! Can you believe the game was decided by a Scott Rolen error and lack of production from Sir Albert!? How crazy is that? Albert looked terrible last night. I think his oblique has flared up, and he doesn’t want to tell LaRussa. My theory is he has lost some of that respect for LaRussa he talked about. And rightfully so. I wouldn’t respect a manager who didn’t communicate with his own player at the All-Star game. I wouldn’t respect a man who made the comments TLR made after that game. “If Albert doesn’t understand, then that’s too bad.” WHAT!!!! ALbert finished last night 0 for 5 with 4 runners left on base. WE all know that’s not Albert. He couldn’t even manage a deep sac fly with a runner on third and less than 2 out. That’s just not Albert Pujols. Something is up.

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