Opinions are like… oh, never mind

Just two unrelated opinions from somebody who has far too many of them…

1. Walt Jocketty must have gotten a little extra spring in his step when he heard about the Scott Linebrink trade. As Nate Silver broke down at Baseball Prospectus, Linebrink’s not really having that great a year, though he’s been very good in the recent past. But mostly, the Brewers gave up a ton to get him — one legitimate, very good prospects and two other interesting arms. I’m baffled by this deal.
And if you’re a Cards fan, you’ve got to love it. Because if that’s the going price for setup men, the Cardinals could really strike gold in the next few days.

2. The 6:40 p.m. fireworks blast before home games is just ridiculous. What’s the point? Absurdly loud fireworks in daylight when no one is in the park yet. Um. Huh? Please, Cards marketing or promotions or whoever does this, please kill it off. Thanks.


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Words of encouragement Matthew. It seems we all have been debating the Cards chances for a while. In reality, this team has looked mediocre to bad for most of last and this year. Of course I mean regular season, and our WS was deserved and sweet.

Suppan is gone. Carpenter may be back in 2020. Edmonds, and even Rolen could hardly be part of a middle-sized three, much less a big three. This tired, uninspired team needs to retool, now.

We have a core. Who can go?

Well, I will ask you all, who should go so we can rebuild?

I agree with tntnt2001. Edmonds, although is awesome defensively, needs to retire. Rolen has spurts of offensive power here and there, between spurts of injuries. Eckstein, another good defensive player, is not consistently good on offense. Adam Kennedy is not any better. It looks to me like the only core that we would want to keep is Pujols, Duncan, and Molina (who is also offensively challenged). And I haven’t even gotten to the pitching yet. Carpenter and Mulder are keepers, but as far as I am concerned, no one else on the pitching staff is safe, except for Izzy who will make a good bargaining chip if need be.

The Cards have built a great defensive team, but we are not winning any games on defense alone. Which brings me to my question for the great, wise M. Who looks like good pickups for the Cards before the deadline and who looks like good trading chips?

I’m sure Eckstein and Izzy would reel in great things for contenders, although I hate to see them go. I still have faith in Reyes and obviously Wainwright, even if the man can’t beat the Cubs if his life depended on it.

With the possibility of Dontrelle Willis being available, and considering the Cardinals attempts to land him in the past, is a trade for Willis possible, likely, etc.? I’m thinking something like send Juan E. for Willis with possibly someone else in the deal and then call up Ankiel to try his hand at right field…???

When you consider the Cards are paying nearly $40 MILLION a year for Rolen, Juan, Edmonds and Izzy, why not trade them for whatever you can get? If they won’t bring anything in a trade, let them go. The club could then use the money to sign some quality free agents this fall.

Of all the ones listed, Izzy is probably the most valuable (although i am white knuckled every time he takes the mound, wondering which Izzy will show up), but a sub-500 team doesn’t need a $10 million a year closer.

I agree, we could trade Eckstein, Izzy, and Edmonds, not sure what we’d get out of it, but we could also trade Kennedy, maybe even Bennet, get some offense and some pitching, not relievers, starters, we already have relievers.

I’m confused with all the trade rumors that were floating before the deadline that no significant trades were made. Feels like the birds have thrown in the towel for the year. It looks as though there’s at least the idea that Ankiel is being primed to take over the center field position. I’ll admit I’ve been a huge Edmonds fan since he arrived in St. Louis. Having said that, talk of trading him would only suppose that there could be an interest in picking up a 37 year old with the health issues he’s had in the last few years. I think we’d have better luck trading players like Encarnacion or Rolen–big money and more prospects. We could throw Izzy in as a bonus. The bottom line seems to be, for whatever reason, it doesn’t appear that we are willing to spend any money to get any young players, or not so young for that matter, that can bring new blood to the team.

Hats off to a winner and great competitor…Rick Ankiel. While our Sunday Morning Coaches and Second Guessers map out trades, Rick puts some life in the lineup. Can he be as successful as Babe Ruth when he got away from pitching? Time will tell. Keep hittin and fielding Ankiel, this stuff is contagious! The season isn’t over yet. I agree that a trade or two could help. Some of our older stars have lost a little spring in their step, but who knows, they might start hitting better. Scott needs to quit hitting the first pitch to him. Wish I had the stats of the results of his doing that. Such a great guy and talent. Hope he can get things going. Old “Hollywood” is starting to hit. That would certainly help.

Tony, I know how you’ve felt during the past three days as Rick Ankiel has busteda the pellet. I truly teared up myself. What a story! Thank God it is happening in Redbird Land.

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