Lucky Seven, pre-deadline edition

With barely five hours until the Simpsons movie premieres on the East Coast, let’s get on with Lucky Seven. I almost wrote Lucky Sven, which I suppose might count as a Questionable Content reference. Anyway.

1. David Eckstein: sign him to a new deal, trade him before the deadline, or let him walk for draft picks after the year? If he’s gone, who is the 2008 shortstop?

2. Izzy: trade him? If you keep him, presumably you pick up the option for 2008. If you trade him, who closes next year?

3. As the team is currently made up, what should they do with the 2 spot in the order? Is there one guy you want there, or do you like the job-sharing arrangement?

4. Who will win the National League Central?

5. Let’s tip a cap to one of the great Internet phenomena of years past — the Road to Springfield, which was actually started by an old friend of mine. Who is the best Simpsons supporting character? That is, aside from the five main family members.

6. Who is the best character on TV today?

7. What’s the most beautiful natural site in America?

-M, completely addicted to the new White Stripes album.


1. Trade Ecksteim for best available player, then check out what else is available after the season is over. The Cards need in infield and outfield. This is no time to go after blue light specials or give away the farm (AAA, AA prospects).

2. Again, trade, free up the $$$ for younger, healthier players. The Astros are probably offering a surplus closer. Altho not overpowering, Franklin might fill the need next year.

3. Put Juan E in two spot. He is getting hits, just at the wrong time in the middle of the order.

4. Too close to call.

7. Grand Canyon.

1. David Eckstein:

Trade him. Miles is just as good. Ryan’s arm is stronger than Miles’, but I like Miles’ peskiness at the plate.

2. Izzy: trade him?

Yes; Franklin can close. Pick up a starter the quality cash you get for Izzy/Ech, and make Looper your set-up man.

3. As the team is currently made up, what should they do with the 2 spot in the order?

Duncan. I like La Russa’s “power in the two hole” idea. It gets in the head of pitchers. Until Duncan can hit lefties consistently, share it with someone.

4. Who will win the National League Central?


5. What?

6. Who is the best character on TV today?

Pop culture stinks.

7. What’s the most beautiful natural site in America?

That I’v seen…Lake Tahoe

1. Trade him.
2. Trade him.

3. 2 hole by committee.

4. Brewers.

5. Very tough one, but I think I’ve got to with Chief Wiggum.

6. Murray from Flight of the Chonchords.

7. Like Tahoe is a pretty good choice, but I’ve got to go with Waverly Lake.

Would enjoy catching up Matthew. Shoot me an e-mail when you get a chance.

Allen McConnaughhay

1) I say we try and trade Eckstein for a good quality starter, noone big, just someone who can do the job. I say that we could make Brendan Ryan the Short Stop for next year, depending on how he does the rest of this year, if he starts to mess up like Bo Hart did then I say we try and get a good short stop also.

2) I say that we trade Izzy also, he’s been good, but I think we’re paying too much for him seeing as he has 2 different sides, good, and bad, I say that if we trade him we make Ryan Franklin the starter for next year or if Anthony Reyes doesn’t get back the ability to pitch good from the starting spot I say we try him as a closer, it’s worth a shot.

3) I say we move Jim Edmonds to the number 2 spot, he may not be hitting all that good as of right now, but I say getting more pitches in the number 2 spot and he’ll start to hit better and score the Cardinals some runs.

4) I think the Brewers will, even though the Cubs are playing hot right now, I still think the Brewers will find a way to win it, they’re a young team, but they got a lot of heart.

1. Trade Eck. Find a starter. Platoon Ryan – gotta love the glove – and Miles for now, but find someone who a legitimate leadoff hitter to fill the void.

2. Trade Izzy. Find a starter, or consider a center fielder to replace Edmonds/Taguchi or second baseman (apologies to Kennedy and Jockety) to shore up the defense up the middle. Let Franklin close in the short term. If Franklin doesn’t seem right there, then go shopping this winter for a new closer with the intention of moving Franklin back to set-up guy.

3. My first impulse is to suggest Duncan in the 2 spot (plenty of pop in his bat), but lately, he’s the only one that occasionally protects Pujols when Dunc bats clean-up. Or Encarnacion/Edmonds depending on the opposing starter match-up. Who knows, Encarnacion may not be as much of a rally killer in the #2 spot, and he has some pop, though he tends to show it with the bases empty. Edmonds is kind of an unknown at this stage in his career — especially after a long stay on the DL. His body’s breaking down, and he’s got one foot out in the pasture (toward retirement).

4. The Cubs, but just barely. One caveat…if Weeks finds his stick and Sheets rebounds well from the DL, the Brewers will have more staying power, and can likely pull it off. That, and I just can’t help thinking the Cubs will find a way to blow it in the last week. Nothing monumental, just historically typical.

5. It’s a toss-up…Nelson (thuggish but sympathetic), Ralph (prince of the nonsensical one-liner), or Flanders (Homer’s su-diddly-ucky punching bag).

6. By default – Jack Bauer from “24.” Kicks butt. Takes names. Saves the world. It’s a tired theme, but he makes it work, and you can’t ask for much more than that.

7. Denali – The Great One (aka, Mt. McKinley).

1. Explore a trade, but only if something juicy can be obtained in return, like a big-time pitching prospect. That being unlikely, expect to have him at season’s end, in which case a similar calculus applies: sign him if and only if the contract negotiations go reasonably, otherwise let him walk. Ryan is looking surprisingly adequate as a replacement.

2. Keep him and pick up the option. If this team can beat the injury hex, they’ll be competitive next year, and can justify the expense of a top closer. Meanwhile, Chris Perez isn’t quite ready yet, but he should be by 2009.

3. Do it one day at a time. TLR is good at spotting favorable matchups; let him do his job.

4. Cubs.😦 They won’t play deep into October, though.

5-6. Forgive a minor rant here, Matthew, but man, it’s SUMMERTIME. Next time you do a Lucky Seven, would you mind having bottom-of-the-order Qs more like the next one, that involve actually getting out and DOING something, rather than the **** tube? Thanks.

7. This one is more like it; thank you. Depending on my mood (and, non-trivially, the weather), I’d go for either Denali or the Yosemite Valley — the view of the Valley as you emerge from the road tunnel is unbelievable. Honorable mention: Maroon Bells, Colorado.

1. Trade or let go and take the draft pick. Brendan Ryan.
2. Now is the perfect time to trade him. Not sure who takes his place, maybe Chris Perez?

3. Jim Edmonds

4. Cubs.

5. Milhouse.

6. Dwight Schrute.

7. Grant Canyon isn’t very original, but it’s the best site I’ve seen in person.

1. trade Eck
2. trade Encarnacion

use Ryan at SS and bring Ankiel up to play RF. Let him play everyday.

3. Groom Schumacher for CF to replace Edmonds.

4. for Eck and Juan restock the minors

a starting 8 of Molina, Pujols, Miles/Kennedy, Ryan, Rolen, Duncan, Schumacher, Ankiel.

would reduce payroll and build for the future.

Pitching will be ok once Carp and Mulder are healthy. How many teams lose their 1 & 2 starters and are competitive?

1. Keep. Two rings. WS MVP. He can get it done, just having a rough year. I may, however, just not have the heart to trade Eck. Love the way he plays the game.
2. No doubt. KEEP.

3. I guess you keep making out the line-up according to who is streaking and who is on the mound. Cards simply don’t have a two-hitter at the moment, which is a tough ticket when we have the best hitter in baseball hitting 3rd.

4. Cards. We won today.

5. Nice one, I am going with Moe.

6. Schrute. [“The Jesus” playing Billy Martin has been nice. Surpisingly, not a bad show for ESPN, considering their past efforts. Or, I’m getting old and completely out-of-touch]

7. Grand Tetons

1. Sign Eckstein back and put him at 2B. Trade Kennedy for some minor league help. Sign A-Rod to play SS😉 Baseball wet dream.

2. We’ve been hanging on to veterans a bit too long… I love Izzy.. But this IS the best time to trade him. We can get some massive payoff. I think you have to move Franklin into the closer spot this year. If it goes well, leave him there next year.

3. I like having Duncan hit 4th. And if we’re looking for pop in the 2-spot I think Rolen fits it pretty well…

4. It’s probably going to be the Cubs. But I don’t want it to. The brewers were doomed when Sheets went down.

5. The best supporting character on the Simpsons has to Ralph. I laugh every time he’s on!

6. Dr. Gregory House!

7. hmmm… Don’t see much… Corn fields of iowa😉

1. Trade him. I love the guy, but I think Ryan can handle the job and free up some cash to be used for a starter.
2. Keep him. You have to have a guy you know can finish the game out there. The rest of the pen is good, but not as good and you don’t want a “good enough” closer out there.

3. Rolen. The power is gone for now, but the average is okay and he runs the bases well.

4. Ask on Monday. If the Birds get hot this weekend my answer might change.

5. Todd Flanders. “Lies make the baby Jesus cry.”

6. Michael Westen USA’s “Burn Notice” Best new summer shower ever.

7. Rocky Mountain National Park

1. Trade Eck. Plug in Miles and Ryan somehow. It’s one of the only strengths on the team. Sad, but bad luck has forced our hand.

2. Trade. Try Franklin or plug someone in. I’m willing to experiment. ****, we’ve experimented with every other thing. P.S. I mistakenly suggested Wainright as a closer option. That’s silly…….for now.

3. EN-CAR-NAH-SEE-OWN or Duncan in the two spot. Perhaps we could let Shannon and the other tv guys have a contest. If over half of them can pronounce Juan’s name, then he hits in the two spot.

4. Brewers-ish I guess. I’m not sure I care at this point.

5. Peter or Stewie from Family Guy.

6. I’ll go with Chief Wiggum.

7. San Diego.

5. Ralph Wiggam–“I bent my Wookie.”

6. Either Brian Griffin from Family Guy or Emma from Degrassi:TNG. I don’t watch a lot of scripted television, which explains my lame answers.

7. The Badlands (with Rock Mountain Nt’l Park a close second)

Hey, blank the Simpsons Movie

1. Trade Eck now, Ryan first in line.

2. Izzy? Wow. Hard to replace. Sure there are good arms around, but closing is unique. Perez ready? Oh well, trade Izz, but only for a LOT.

3. Who knows? Maybe Schu or Tag.

4. Cubs

5. I don’t care about the Simpsons. Can’t remember much about the Simpsons.

6. I don’t watch many shows. Do you mean in a fact or fiction show?

7. Hmm, so many. Could be Yosemite, could be Empire State Building, could be a certain woman.

No Juan in the second spot. He will not have a high enough obp, or ops, or rss, or whatever. Seriously, trade Juan. He is too inconsistent.

No No No. No Duncan in the two spot. Ideally number 5 if we can get a solid cleanup hitter. 4 spot is OK.

Schu and Tag get on base enough, with a little pop.

1.Trade him if you can get decent talent in return. If not, let him walk and scoop up some draft picks. Give Ryan a shot in 2008. Go from there.

2. Trade him now, while the stock his high. Next season may be aboutl like this one, so what’s the point in picking up that option for a closer like Izzy. I’ve always been an Izzy supporter, but now is the time to let him go. Again, only if they can get good, young talent in return. The Scott Linebrink deal makes me think they should be able to get very good young talent.

3. I would like to see Rolen in that spot to possibly spark his power, but his on-base has been low and that hurts Albert. If Kennedy were hitting better I think he’d be ideal right there.

4. I still believe in the Cards. They’ve got to make it happen this weekend for me to keep that much faith.

5. Wow, that’s tough. I’ll pick three. Comic Book Guy, Apu and Lenny.

6. Cartman

7. Sight: The 2006 World Series.

Site: The Grand Canyon is amazing.

1. Love Eck he is kinda like the heartbeat of the team.
2. Trade Izzy for what you can get, Franklin next closer.

3.Chris Duncan lots of power could average for a power hitter, see’s great pitches with Albert behind him.

4.Cu.. Chica….***** cant say it, Brewers

5.Never watched the show

6.Mike Rowe

7.Mojave desert.

1. With Brendan Ryan I think you have to see what can be had for Eckstein. I love his hard nosed play but The Cards need to make moves to improve.

2. I wouldn’t actively shop Izzy around. My heart beats faster everytime he comes into the game but year in and year out he saves a lot of games.

3. Platooning #2 is OK. I’ve entertained thoughts of seeing Rolen there. Getting more good pitches in front of Pujols can only improve his offensive output.

4. Don’t want to talk about it but they wear blue and play up the street from me in at field named after a gum company.

5. Hands down, Chief Wiggum: “This is Wiggum reporting a 318 – waking a police officer.”

6. You mean there’s something other than baseball on the box in my living room?

7. Great Smoky Mts in the morning.

1. Keep Eck, find a spot for Ryan.
2. Keep Izzy.

3. We don’t have a good #2 guy on the roster now so keep it a platoon position.

4. I hate to say it . . . Cubs.

5. Have never watched the Simpsons.

6. Al Hrabosky!

7. Rocky Mtns Natl Park at dusk when the elk come out.

Here is my crazy picks for this trade deadline.
1 & 2. Eck, Izzy, Juan E, should be gone. That leads to Miles playing out the season at SS, bring up Ankiel to play its time, and platoon a closer heck we have to start getting into winning positions to have a closer.


4. Brewers they are the best team in the NL.

5. Moe

6.Barney (NPH) from “How I Met Your Mother”

7. Old Faithful

1. I gotta say I like Eckstein a LOT but I don’t think St. Louis will sign him back for whatever reason. I say the Cards should keep him until the end of the year so Ryan can develop more and Miles can get better at SS.
2. Izzy is getting paid more than he’s worth. He’s still a good closer so trade him while you can. This sounds weird but maybe Frankie-lin as closer?

3. Eck or Duncan

4. What do the experts say? I pick the total opposte of whatever they say.

5. IDK, to many to chose.

1. Trade Eckstein and play Ryan
2. Keep Izzy unless overwhelmed by an offer. Trading him basically means giving up on 08 imo.

4. I hate to say it but, Cubbies.

5. Moe “Anita Mantahug, is there a Mantahug in here”

6. Still Jack Bauer, though he may be losing his edge.

7. Rocky Mountain National Park is the best.

1. Walk for draft picks, I love the guy but the Cards aren’t gonna get anything for him.
2. Keep him, real closers are few and far between.

3. Schumacker, has pop, decent bat control and leaves Duncan to protect Pujols (which, no matter how many hits he gets, Encarnacion will never do.)

4. Cubs, I can’t stand Pinella (and it has nothing to do with the Cubs).

5. Idon’know

6. House

7. Sunrise over Crater Lake, OR vs. Perfect star-speckled nighttime skies over The Boundary Waters in August.

1. They already have so much money tied up in contracts next year. I like Eckstein but the Cardinals probably need to free up some space where they can to develop new talent (eg Ryan).
2. Izzy is pitching so well right now it almost seems like a waste to let him stay with the Cardinals. A team in playoff contention will give up a lot for him , and he probably would not mind a shot at winning it all. Franklin can close out the season.

3. Mix it up, it’s a good time to experiment.

4. The St Louis Cardinals of course, what?

5. Police Chief Wiggum. A good versatile character, a lot of plots can involve an incompetent head of police.

6. There aren’t too many characters on TV today, no good ones at least. It’s all that reality TV ****.

7. The Redwood Forest in Northern California. You’ve got to respect trees that have managed to stick around for this long in this day in age.

1. Trade Eck, Juan, and a prospect or two for an expensive, durable starter. I actually trust Ryan for 2008.

2. Izzy: Keep Him. He’s a local guy who’s doing his job admirably. No one out there could replace him at his pricetag.

3. #2: Duncan

4. Despite a close, late comback by the Cards (in my dreams)… the Cubs. but they’ll lose out in the first round.

5. Mr. Burns… though my personal favorite is Barney.

6. Peter Griffin

7. the mountains in Colorado… though Pickle Springs is beautiful as well.

1&2: I’m not a proponent of making a trade for the sake of making a trade. However, if a team out threre wants one of them more than we want to trade them…

4.St. Louis.

5.Montgomery Burns.

6.Bill O’Reilly

7.Glacier National Park.

The California coast

With all due respect to your friend who started the site ( a great idea, by the way), I have to take issue with the idea of “supporting” characters on the Simpsons. While Burns is certainly not part of the family (except for when Marge painted him), he is so integral to the story that it’s hard to consider him supporting. Many episodes focus on him as the protagonist – the obvious one being “Burns, Baby, Burns”, that terrible episode with Rodney Dangerfield as his illegitimate son Larry. So I propose we narrow the search even further and discount any character around whom more than one episode has been centered (e.g. Grandpa’s out – so is Flanders – so is Skinner). With that in mind, Doctor Nick Riviera and Professor Frink take the cake. You gotta go with the man who went to Hollywood Upstairs Medical College and the man who so famously questioned the “God” Lisa: “UNshrink you? Well that would require some sort of a Rebigulator which is a concept so ridiculous it makes me want to laugh out loud and chortle… but aaahh, but not at you O holiest of Gods with the wrathfulness and the vengeance and the bloodreign and the ‘hey hey hey it hurts me’. brilliant.

1. Let Eck walk. Ryan for 2008.
2. Keep the best pitcher they’ve got right now. Why would they trade their best?

3. Pineiro should be a nice fit for the 2 spot.

4. Scrubbies have the division, Cards finish 3rd.

5. Got me – I don’t watch the Simpsons much.

6. Not sure. Don’t watch shows like Grey’s or reality shows.

7. Busch Stadium, baseball heaven.

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