Odd and random stat of the night

Don’t ask why, but I looked this up tonight. Albert Pujols destroys Dominican pitchers.

There are nine Dominican pitchers against whom Pujols has at least 10 career at-bats. They are Ramon Ortiz, Jose Lima, Jose Mesa, Salomon Torres, Pedro Astacio, Victor Santos, Octavio Dotel, Odalis Perez and Claudio Vargas.

Against those nine pitchers, Pujols is 59-for-134 — that’s a .440 batting average. He’s hit 17 home runs in those 134 at-bats.

It doesn’t mean a thing. But it’s a cool number. This is the way my brain works.



Looking at pitching staff records today, saw that Marquis and Suppan have not been superstars for their respective teams. Suppan is 8-9 w/5.08 ERA and has not won since June22. Marquis is now 7-6, w/4.20 ERA and has allowed 16 HRs. They would not have been the answer to the Card’s problems this year.

It still takes runs to win a game and it seems the woods are full of LHP’s to throw at the Cards. I’m surprised the opposition is not bringing LHP’s from the minors just to pitch against the Cards. Their lack of success against left handers is a mystery.

For starters, Suppan had similar stats at this point last year, then he turned his season around, so saying that Suppan wouldn’t do good for the Cardinals based upon current stats is an understatement, and my second point is that Marquis has never been a superstar for any team, I thought they should have never gotten him.

Stats are interesting, and sometimes strange. Rick Horton loves them, doesn’t he?

Do you analyze the Cards by numbers or feel? I suppose if they win the last three with the Brewers they are back in it. Then again, how much can we fool ourselves.

OK OK OK. The lineup doe shave issues. It too often seems tired, listless, overmatched. Yet the Cards do manage to score some runs.

Make no mistake about it, the bottom line is starting pitching. That’s what the Cards need, and that is why they have no chance this year…unless? well I guess miracles have happened.

Hey, I have been pulling for them. In my heart I thought they might pull it out. Realistically, the most dangerous thing is probably that they will win a couple of games against Brewers, hindering Jocketty’s willingness to aggressively start rebuilding.

Man, last night was BRUTAL the way Maroth is pitching I am wondering if he isnt playing hurt. His stuff isnt good right now its crazy how teams are just killing him. I really like him as a person and Cards fans deserve a person that is quality at life as well as baseball but I think the bullpen has to be in the immediate future for him. Anyone know what the comeback projection for Mark Mulder is? It will be interesting to see how Reyes gets back on the horse after being gone going back to AAA ball might be the ticket to get the confidence back to him.
In Search of a life raft!

Dan from Des Moines

I’m not a Cardinal fan…I’m a Met fan…a National League fan…and I can’t understand how a team like the Cardinals, a team that doesn’t score many runs can afford to keep a bat like Duncan’s on the bench in ANY ballgame. Lefty, Righty…I don’t give a darn…if I’m playing the Cardinals I don’t want Duncan coming up to the plate. What gives?

Oh my gawd, Ryan Ludwick, deliver us from the evil.

Way to go Reyes!!!

That was surprising, I really thought that we’d lose both of those games, seeing as the first one we were down 6-0 and the other we threw a guy with an 0-10 record out on the mound, I thought it was a recipe for disaster, but now I’m suprised by this team, I say if we win tommorow then yes there’s a good possiblity we’re still in this. I would have much rather taken 2 of three from the Cubs rather than 1 of three though.

Way to go guys in taking 2! maybe just maybe we might go on a win streak or maybe take 20 out of 25 or something would be awsome. Im not joining the diehard believers yet to much of a realist here, but maybe today might get us over the hump and make a very close race of things.
I want to know what Walt has up his sleeve in the next 3 weeks. In the past he usually waits his genius for trading after the first deadline, so this is my nail biting time.

jleykis@yahoo.com have u ever seen Duncan play outfield? that has alot to do with it!

I thrilled to yesterday’s victories. I still have hope. I still want us to give it our best shot.

I am still not realistically hopeful. Winning two games? So what. Win 6 more in a row and we’ll talk.

Still time to look at rebuilding as the number one challenge.

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