Here's to you, Commish

Big, big congratulations to Rick Hummel, one of the classiest, most gracious and most knowledgable people I’ve come across in baseball. What an amazing honor. And for anyone who doesn’t know the Commish, his speech showed you pretty much everything — a humble, funny, decent person.



I went to inductions today. It was so crowded that we had to leave after Gwynn and Ripken’s speech.

When will you be elected Mattew?

Not M., but M. will be elected when the BBWAA lets internet sportswriters join the association. You have to be a member of the association to be eligible for the Hall of Fame vote, and internet sportswriters aren’t allowed to join the BBWAA.

Maybe someday, but not today.

–Mrs. Dude

Mattew is already in our hall of fame!

The deadline passes today, looks like no serious trade activity. When, oh when, will we see Ankiel get his shot? Surely, it won’t be much longer.

Sorry about the miss-spell.

Why wont they let internet sportswriters in? Matthew is good writer and if he does it for 20 more years or dies or something, the BBWAA should make a way.

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