Pineiro — updated

Hola from Pittsburgh. I’m not sure I understand the Pineiro pickup, if it’s all they do. My guess, though, is that it enables them to make another move, either to deal a starter or a reliever. Keep your eyes and ears open; we’ll see where it goes.

5 PM CT update — Pineiro is penciled in as the starter for Saturday. It’ll be Reyes Thursday, Wells Friday and Pineiro on Saturday. Maroth and Thompson to the pen for now, though one of them could get the call Saturday if for whatever reason Pineiro is not ready.



Only 2 hours left. Any rumors/dealings underway?

Keep checking sports web sites…Joel, maybe a starter who will be resurrected, or another Kip Wells…How about a package of players for Jon Garland?

Pads interested in Eck as a 2Bman and the Angels may want Juan. Who could we get back?

I don’t see 2 contenders giving us a starting pitcher worth giving up Juan or Eck. I would be more apt to believe in a deal with Cinc. for Arroyo or Florida for Willis…but, Arroyo has a long contract and Willis isn’t looking so hot these days. I will say I’m sick of picking up these bargain basement pitchers like Pineiro and “hoping” we can turn them into something servicable. I don’t mind losing Juan this year because we have quite a bit of outfield help (including Ankiel), but I would prefer to finish the season with Eck. Losing him could be a bigger disruption to the team, as well.

My dear friends, why do we put pitchers like Piniero down, he’s not that bad of a starter, he’s had a bad last couple of years, this is true, but he’s also had some good years, afterall what was Chris Carpenter when we picked him up? I’ll tell you this, he wasn’t as good as he is today. So who says that Piniero won’t be the next Chris Carpenter. Thank you and have a nice day!

I’m not down on Piniero, but I will say this…WHY IN THE FREAKIN WORLD is Maroth still coming in games after he’s getting blown up….It won’t matter who starts anymore as long as he’s on the dang team. Get his butt off the team and if he has issues, make him work it out in the frekin Minors. I can’t imagine why in the world TLR is soo stubborn for…This is getting sickening to watch…I mean we’re getting our butts handed to us by the 2 worst teams in the NL. IT’S obvious now we are the worst team after the display of coaching [or lack of] and our rediculously pathetic display of pitching. I guess maybe I’m to harsh on LaRussa b/c afterall, he can’t make them pitch. But, he can keep guys like Maroth from pitching when everyone in the league is crushing him. I mean when’s the last time he ever completed 1 INNING.
P.S. Sorry Matt for potentially hijacking this thread, but you can’t blame us fans b/c where else can we vent about this ugliness

Pitching…where in the heck is our pitching? Tough getting beaten by such “power-houses” as Pittsburgh and Washington. Maroth? Piniero?
Where will we get our next BP Pitcher? Who dares to compare one of these guys with Carpenter? Like comparing Reyes with Steve Carlton, isn’t it? When was the last time some of our stars smiled during a game? I’ve been a Card fan for 60 years, so I won’t give up. Looks like we’ve had some poor decision making since the WS.


My friend, Carpenter wasn’t that good when the Cardinals got him, but he turned it around, one bad start by a pitcher such as Piniero doesn’t mean he’ll be a bad pitcher for the team, he’s had 1 start this year, can’t expect him to do good right off the bat in his first start of the year.

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