July 2007

Rolen heads north; still waiting on Carpenter

Scott Rolen has headed up to St. Louis to receive an examination and treatment on his left shoulder. According to TLR, he’s to receive a shot, with the hope being that it will relieve and strengthen Rolen and help him re-invigorate his offensive production. Rolen hinted before he left that he had developed some concern about the shoulder, and his results certainly suggest some kind of problem.

Meanwhile, they’re still waiting on any kind of news on Carpenter. That obviously means he’s weighing some pretty heavy stuff. May know something tonight, maybe tomorrow, TLR said he expects no later than tomorrow. Stay tuned.

-M, belly full of Cuban food and Cuban coffee. Mmmmmmm.

Carp non-update

Due to flight delays, Carp did not see Dr. Paletta today after all. They will meet tomorrow.


Photos from SF

I’ve returned from All-Star week, and am now able to post my photos. Also, some news from the park — Daniel Berk covered the workout today and reports that Wellemeyer will go on the DL with an elbow injury that resulted from banging his elbow against his knee on his delivery (OUCH!). Cavazos will be recalled. Additionally, Eckstein will be activated and Ryan sent out.

Anyway, on with the photos.



Bonds waits on another pitch.


A view of the field from the press box — at this particular moment, the AL team is having its team photo taken.


The MLB.com workroom, where the magic happened all week.


Kids climb up on the Willie Mays statue to get a better view as players arrive during the “Red Carpet” event


Sierra Nevada AND Anchor Steam — gotta love AT&T Park. Don’t worry, the kids were nowhere near this.


Barry Bonds takes a cut in BP on Tuesday.


I thought this was cool — at Fanfest, you could buy a jersey and have them personalize it right before your eyes, stitching on a name and number.