Lucky Seven, bridges edition

Greetings from beautiful PNC Park, where we could use some air conditioning but the view is lovely.

1. Which five pitchers (all must be currently healthy and in the organization) should make up the Cardinals’ starting rotation right now?

2. Of all the players who actually changed hands at the trading deadline, who do you most wish the Cardinals had acquired?

3. Aside from the Cardinals, who has the best uniforms in the National League?

4. Who’s the best team in the National League? Who’s the best team in the American League?

5. BBQ — Texas? North Carolina? Memphis? KC? St. Louis? Elsewhere? I’m not talking about a specific restaurant, I’m talking about styles.

6. Where is your favorite place to go swimming?

7. Seen the Simpsons Movie? Thoughts?



Item # 1 – I would say Wainwright, Kip Wells, Anthony Reyes, Ryan Franklin, and Brad Thompson.


1. Assuming Wells’ issues are through and he continues to head the right direction.

2. Reyes isn’t bad, just needs to be watched and handled carefully.

3. Why not Franklin? What good is a setup man if you are 7 runs down by the 3rd inning? We could make due in the 8th and 7th innings with guys like Springer, Percival, etc.

4. Looper should be in the Pen. Valiant effort, but he’s just not a starter.

5. Maroth may get his issues ironed out IF he really is tipping his pitches. If so, bump Thompson and stick him in.

6. If Pineiro works out, put him in Franklin’s spot in my rotation, but unproven right now.

Item #2 – I wasn’t particularly interested in guys who DID move…but of the guys who did, I would only have liked to have seen Morris MAYBE for half a season to provide some veteran stability and leadership in his home town, but don’t think it would have ultimately worked out.

Item #3 – I like Houston’s home uniform.

Item #4 – National, I’m tempted to say Mets, but pitching issues and Beltran’s injury make me say Atlanta (Dotel and Tex? whew). American, gotta go BoSox.

Item #5 – KC…memphis seems too sweet at times and Texas tries too hard.

Item #6 – Rock bottom rivers in Missouri…almost any will do

Item #7 – Haven’t seen it…spent WAY too much money watching Transformers multiple times (don’t laugh, you know you like it, too). But, heard good things…especially the twist regarding Bart’s nudity.

I looooooved the Transformers movie. Perfect big dumb summer movie, and that’s intended as a compliment.

And, yes, my single favorite line in the Simpsons results from the bit you refer to.


#1. Oh, this IS sad…Wainwright, Reyes, Pinerio, Looper (ouch) and Wellemeyer or Wells (more than ouch). Nothing personal, but I’ve seen enough of Maroth for now, and Franklin is even more ill-suited for the rotation than Looper.

I was going to suggest Fredbird, but he’s better coming out of the ‘pen…or is it the coop? I always forget.😉

#2. No one, really. Our guy(s) didn’t show up on the radar. I think we’re going to have to wait for the off-season to get anything substantive done with respect to trades.

#3. Sorry, I’m a fashion imbecile. I really couldn’t say.

#4 (a). With the addition of Dotel and Teixeira, I’d have to say the Braves. Given Beltran going on the DL and Pedro working his way off same, the Mets need time to recover, or I’d put them right there as well. The Braves are healthy and hungry, and their recent acquisitions should have an immediate impact.

#4 (b). The Boston Red Sox, though I am loathe to acknowledge it. The Tigers are right up there, but better pitching wins the day for the Sweat Sox.

1) Wainwright, Looper, Reyes, Piniero, and Thompson, or maybe that advice that Pujols gave to Maroth will help him turn his year around, if that’s so, replace Looper with him.

2) Luis Castillo, guy has speed and average and would make a great number 1 or number 2 hitter in the lineup, if he’s number 1, bath Eckstein number 2, if he’s number 2 keep Eckstein as number 1.

3) The Mets, I like their uniform colors.

4) The best team in the National League is the Braves. The best team in the American Leaugue, I’m going to have to go with the Angels, I love K-Rod, he’s my favoritepitcher.

5) ????

6) Anywhere with a swimming pool or non polluted water.

7) Yeah, I have my sources who allow me to watch it whenever I want….bum bum bum, yeah it rules.

1. Sad state of affairs: Wainwright, Maroth(if Albert’s theory that he’s tipping his pitches is true), Looper, Franklin, Reyes.
2. The only one I was at all intrigued by was Morris for a half season, he’s better than almost everyone in our rotation and I’ve always liked him, but I don’t like his salary.

3. I like San Francisco’s home uni’s.

4. Mets or Braves in the NL.

Red Sox (as much as it pains me) in Al.

5. I really like Memphis BBQ

6. Ocean

7. I haven’t seen it, but I want to.

One note to everybody, because it’s been mentioned twice already —

If you get Morris, you don’t just get him for half a season. You get him for this year, and next year, AND with a club option — and therefore at least paying the $1 million buyout — for 2009.


yeah…that’s why I didn’t think it would work out (Morris’ salary situation). Was thinking we might be able to unload him in the offseason, but it’s too much of a high-priced risk for me when we should be looking to at least partially rebuild with some young talent.

sorry, Matt, don’t mean to change the subject on this thread, but just to say it…Umpires following players halfway back to the dugout eggs them on and the Umpire should be punished for it. I’m sick of it. They can stuff their pride in their back pocket instead of looking for a way to express dominance.


i apologize. was not my intent.

1. Wainwright, Reyes, Wells, Thompson, Maroth

2. Wilson Betemit

3. Colorado

4. Cubs/Braves …. Red Sox

1. Which five pitchers (all must be currently healthy and in the organization) should make up the Cardinals’ starting rotation right now?

Anthony Reyes, let him get experience the hard way, Looper, Wainwright (might eventually be better than Carp), Hawksworth (Give the kid a chance) and Pineiro. It is time to try new things.

2. We could of used Kyle Loshe. He has great stuff and would of been a fantastic number 3 guy in our rotation.

3. Other than the Cards, I would choose Dodgers. There is something so historic about their uniforms. I gues other than changing B to a LA on the hat not much has ever changed. Plus the blue and white is really clean.

4. I think the mets are eaisy the best with ATL and Philly second and third. I wish the Central was as competitive as the East.

5. Western KY BBQ is the best. Dry hickory smoked, not drawned in sauce, MMM! Check out BBQ on the River in Paducah if you ever get a chance. Great BBQ festival.

6. Parents pool, I know Dad keeps it very clean.

7. As a long time fan, I found the movie good but not great. I thought they should of used more second and third tier characters. A special appearance of Side Show Bob as the real Villan would of been great. But I don’t get paid to write.

with a hardhead like larussa around, what difference does it make who his starting 5 are? 3-0 vs the lowly pirates, reyes has already thrown 80 pitches after 4 complete innings, so he leaves him in to ‘GET THE VICTORY’ but guess what. he gets pounded for three to tie the game and depress everyone, i.e, his team, the cards fans like me etc. etc;. quit worrying about reyes, wells, maroth, looper, wainwright and the rest of that crowd and their egos and feelings. these guys get themselves into the trouble they find themselves in, so jerk ‘um earlier as they start to lose their stuff, not after they give up 3,4,5 or more runs. if your pen gets tires, tough toenails. they are to pitch when needed, tired or not. finally, nice job tony, izzy pitches to 3 batters so you then bring in thompson who looks more and more likea starter for the cubs every day. opponents pound every strike he delivers as we hold our collective b reathes trying to run down fly balls hit to the track, and lasers sent all over the field. it is really getting old watching a guy manage a game who seems to forget the importance of getting a win over all else, day after day, night after night. you keep giving away game after game and before its over you are far from even being a contender.

OK, here’s the deal. Any further unrelated comments on this thread will be deleted. I have said more times than I can count, please don’t hijack threads.

Kevin, I appreciate your response.

Nikkie, I don’t understand why this is such a hard concept to understand, two posts after I already reminded you guys of it.



In relation to Item #2: I hadn’t thought of Lohse, and I have to admit I’m not familiar with him, but looking at his stats…I can’t say I’m ‘too’ impressed. ERA of 4.58 and a 6 – 12 record this year. We have enough pitchers who ‘could’ pan out. If we were going to make a move at the deadline, I would like to see us go after someone clearly better than what we have…maybe he is, I don’t know.

As far as Castillo, don’t we pretty much have a grab bag of second baseman already (Miles, Kennedy, Eck could play it, Ryan could be called up, and Spezio could play it)? We’re not really deficient there, just don’t ‘really’ have a regular at the position. I mean, I agree with Matt’s earlier stance…I would 10 – 1 rather go after a short stop than anything else if we need an infielder.

1. Too sad to even list — sorry
3. Mets, even though it kills me to say it

4. I am honestly impressed by the Cubs at this point in the National League and Boston in the American League

5. Absolutely no doubt whatsoever — Paducah, Kentucky — and if you haven’t eaten barbeque there, you haven’t eaten barbeque.

6. Jack’s Fork River in Missouri, Mulberry River in Arkansas — or any good backyard inground pool — contradictory, I know, but true.

7. Ashamed to admit I haven’t seen it yet — will be interested to read other comments.

matthew, i was attempting to hijack nothing and thought my remarks were relevant to the specific question asked. my apologies anyway, i guess. p.s. your prior posting re hijacking was missed by yours truly while the games go on. delete at will, it is, afterall, your blog. thanks, the nikster

1. All of the answers to this one are so unpalatable that I would be tempted to experiment with a *4*-man rotation of Wainwright, Looper, Reyes, and somebody — Pineiro unless/until he shows he can’t do it, then Wells (gulp). Give Thompson or Franklin the occasional spot start during long weeks, or have a bullpen game. Put Wainwright and Reyes on strict pitch counts to keep the load from getting too taxing for their young arms. Yeah, it might not work out, but are the 5-man rotation options any better?
2. Kyle Lohse, which is a pretty clear indication that this year’s pre-deadline activity was nothing to get excited about.

3. Cubs. There is a purity to their uniforms that others who have succumbed to glitz don’t have.

4. At this point in the season, quite possibly the Cubs, which is a disgusting thought. For the year as a whole, Mets, which is even more disgusting.

5. No strong preferences. Texas, maybe.

6. Kauai, Hawaii.

7. No, and I won’t. Complete disinterest.

1. AW, Loop, Thompson, Reyes, Maroth

2. none

3. Cinci

4. Cubs/Rsox

5. BBQ My dad’s backyard grill, baby!

6. nowhere

7. pop culture stinks

1. Adam Wainwright, Anthony Reyes, Kip Wells, Joel Pineiro, Ryan Franklin
2. Kyle Lohse, I suppose.

3. Detroit Tigers. Love the Old English D, particularly the road caps with the burnt orange.

4. AL-Red Sox. NL-Mets, but they seem sorta vulnerable to the Braves now. Cubs aren’t so bad either.

5. I lived in OK for 5 years, so I’ll go with Texas. Smoke it out and sauce it up!

6. I don’t swim…well I should say I don’t swim well. Which is why I don’t swim in public…or really ever.

7. Why pay 10 bucks to watch the Simpsons on the theater when they are on TV like 5 times a day for free?

1. Looper, Waino, Reyes, Pineiro, Thompson. No particular order.

2. Eric Gagne. You can never have too many good arms. Maybe if we get enough we won’t need a starting rotation.

3. The cubs pinstripe is always sharp looking. Even though I loath them.

4. I think the Braves look like they are now. But before the trades, Cubs.

5. Carolina BBQ is BY FAR the best.

6. I hate swimming around in a pool of everyone else’s filth. So nowhere.

7. Saw it. Fantastic. They made it short enough that it was enjoyable, but long enough that you don’t feel cheated.🙂 Great movie! Fans of the show have to watch!

1. Wainwright, Reyes, Looper, Thompson, and give Pineiro a shot. It’s not like we have much choice, haha.
2. Nobody really. I was suprised to see them get Pineiro.

3. Eh I never really pay attention.

4. The cubs are the cubs so I’ll never ever give them the benefit of the doubt. Mets in NL, and Red Sox..dang.

5. Can’t say I’ve been around the world of BBQ. St Louis style Ribs are pretty sweet, and I’ll agree North Carolina’s BBQ in general is awesome. Don’t have distinct favorite.

6.) Johnson Shut Ins was a cool place on the Black River, maybe two hours away from St. Louis. I used to swim there a ton when I was a kid, but I here it’s been closed for a long time or something? I miss that place.

7.) I can’t watch the Simpsons. Mainly because my last name is “Smithers” and my family and I have been roundly heckled for the past 17 years in school, and elsewhere. I just can’t enjoy it at all, haha.

Sorry if you think I’m hijacking the thread, but dang, please quit talking about all these styles of BBQ you’re making me hungry, lol.

1. Wainwright, Looper, Reyes, Maroth, and Thompson, assuming Pineiro flops. We need to see him in action before judging. If he lasts more than an inning without giving up a run, put him in. If Maroth screws up another start, Thompson in his place.

2. Those prospects the Brewers gave up? I dunno, not many good players of Cardinal-need seemed to switch hands. I wish we would’ve sold off a guy or two for something, though.

3. I like the Braves unis, as well as the Padres jerseys. Giants look classy, but I’m not a fan of the no-name jersey style.

4. I’d like to say the Padres since I love the one-two punch of Peavy and Young. In a short series, I’d take the Padres due to that, but their lack of offense kills them in the end. If Pedro is Pedro, the Mets are the team to beat. With a better pitcher helming the rotation, I’d go with the Phils. That line-up has a ton of chemistry. Give the Braves better starting pitchers and I’d be all over them, too… Thing is, NO team stands out as great this year the way that the Mets did last year.

5. Memphis style is good. ****, I just love BBQ.

6. Anywhere! I love to swim, but live in an apartment building with no pool. Boo!

7. Saw it, enjoyed it. “I like men now!”

1. Wainwright,Looper, Pineiro, Reyes, Maroth, if the pitch-tipping gets fixed
2. Matt Morris, if anyone

3. Dodgers. Simple,classic

4. Maybe Braves,with the new additions. No one’s pitching impresses

5. Eastern Carolina, or western KY.

Ooops–forgot to pick best AL team. Red Sox, with Tigers a close 2nd.

1. AW, Looper, Reyes, Thompson, Maroth. (Maybe Oquendo?)

2. Gagne, why not.

3. Love the Pirates color scheme.

4. Mets and Tigers

5. IMO, pork BBQ reigns supreme (sorry Texas) so I’ll go with Memphis.

6. Cozumel

7. Not yet.

Crazy–Dum dum dum indeed–your secret source does sound all mysterious. It’s a fantastic movie, though, right? And ditto on the ‘all this talk about BBQ is making me hungry’.

Erik–there’s a bit in the movie about how stupid people are for paying to see the movie when you can see it on TV for free…

6. KC-style for me.
8. I loved it. We were dorks, though, and saw it at midnight the day it opened. I’ve gotten miles and miles out of Spiderpig.

Mrs. Dude, who is actually pretty curious about where you can get good ‘que in the StL.

never should have traded for pineiro

2castillo adds what the cards lack

3i like dodgers and braves

4NL-Padres-just enough AL- Angels-its their turn

5Memphis but im not picky

6Atl ocean

7Not yet

1. Looper, Wells, Thompson, Wainwright, Reyes.
2. I don’t know. Maybe nobody.

3. I liked the old D-backs uniform. If that doesn’t count… maybe the Astros.

4. Boston and Mets

6. Lakes?

7. Haven’t seen it yet.

That was a short lucky seven.

#1 Wainwright
#2 Wells

#3 Reyes ( need to find out if he can do it)

#4 Maroth ( need to find out if he can do it too)

#5Pineiro ( need to find out if he can do it also)

I think Suppan but I wasn’t sick about anyone leaving.


Cubs/Red Sox

KC is my favorite style

The pool at The Hard Rock Casino in Vegas!

Not yet but I will.

A whimsical thought about #3 inspired by last night’s game honoring the Negro League teams of the past: I like almost all of the modern uniforms more than I like any of the ones from 75 years ago, whether MLB or the Negro Leagues. People really tried to play baseball in ill-fitting pajamas? No wonder the ballparks usually weren’t full.🙂 I generally come down on the side of “tradition” rather than “novelty” in the way baseball is played and watched, but not all traditions should be preserved…

1. Wainwright, Wells, Reyes, Thompson, Looper (wow that looks bad)
2. Luis Castillo or Kyle Lohse

3. Pirates or Marlins

4. Red Sox and Atlanta

5. Texas

6. Pensacola Beach

7. Haven’t seen it

1. Wainwright,Reyes,Wells,Maroth,Miles..He looked better than some.
2.I dont think anyone who got traded was any better than what we have. So why mortgage the future for a ho-hum player.

3.Royals home uni’s.

4.Braves and Red Sox.


6.Lake Michigan

7.Never ever seen the Simpsons, so wont watch movie.

1. Wainwright, Looper, Wells, Pineiro, Reyes…I think I’m gonna be sick.

2. Kyle Davies, Matt Harrison and Beau Jones. Young arms, with tons of talent.

3. Although I dispise everything they are, the Cubs have classic unis.

4. Red Sox and Cubs…sick again.

5. Memphis

6. Anywhere with deep, clean water.

7. Unfortunately not.

1. At this point, probably Miles, Fredbird, and three of our Class A pitchers might do as well.
2.The “Tex Man” from Texas.

(Move Albert back to OF)

3. Cinci. Can’t go against the red and white.

4. Red Sox and Mets.

5. Memphis and Eagle Lake, TX.

6. My own pool.

7. Watched Bourne Ultimatum. It is a dandy!

Agreed with everyone else, cross out Maroth on my ballot and fill it in with Aaron Miles. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing what So Taguchi can do. He’ll spits dee hot fire, mon!

1. Which five pitchers (all must be currently healthy and in the organization) should make up the Cardinals’ starting rotation right now?
1. a. Wainwright

b. Looper

c. Reyes

d. Pineiro

e. Maroth (you got to have a lefty in your rotation)

2. Of all the players who actually changed hands at the trading deadline, who do you most wish the Cardinals had acquired? Castillo, We need a guy with speed and someone that can play the 4 hole everyday!

3. Aside from the Cardinals, who has the best uniforms in the National League? Hmmm I would say when the white sox wear the white pinstrip pants with the black shirts (I hope they still wear them that was very intimidating when Black Jack Mcdowell was there)

4. Who’s the best team in the National League? Who’s the best team in the American League? Easy one there American league the Red Sox they traded for the series this year and National league I would say Braves after their trades.

5. BBQ — Texas? North Carolina? Memphis? KC? St. Louis? Elsewhere? I’m not talking about a specific restaurant, I’m talking about styles. You must be kidding! Is there any other than KC?

6. Where is your favorite place to go swimming?

The best place would be Chase Field in the pool when they are playing the Cards!

7. Seen the Simpsons Movie? Thoughts? I havent seen it I grew out of the Simpsons when King of the Hill came out.

1). Jack Palance, John Wayne, Koufax, Nolan Ryan, J.R. Richard

2) Morris, I guess.

3) Yankees. But it hurts me to say it.

4) Mets and Red Sox.

5) Texas, consarned it!

6) Barton Springs, Austin, TX. Or Camel’s Hole in Austin (nekkid strippers and punk rockers everywhere. Heaven.)

7) No. Gonna Netflix it, I’m sure.

1. Wainwright, Looper, Reyes, Thompson, Wells.

2. Players who got traded? Morris I guess. No one really. But he was really the only impact SP that got traded. Which is what we need.

3. I like the Mets uni’s. Bonus: The Charger’s baby blues are the best in Major League sports

4. Today? Cubs and Red Sox. Hopefully we can crush the Cubs hope in the September series. That will be fun.

5. KC

6. Convention Center Beach, Okianawa Japan.

7.) It was worth my $8. So much better than anything in the last few seasons.

Okay, I seem to have changed my mind about the starting rotation, based on some recent performance by some of our starters.
Kip Wells, Anthony Reyes, Joel Piniero, Adam Wainwright, and Looper. Then when Wellameyer gets healthy have him replace Looper and move Looper to what he’s used to being…a relief pitcher, then when Mulder returns have a 5 rotations with Reyes and Wells switching off and on competing for that final spot.

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