Johnson in, Maroth on DL

Tyler Johnson has been activated and is available tonight. Mike Maroth has been placed on the disabled list with what the team is calling "left elbow tendinitis." Didn’t see Maroth, so I didn’t get a chance to ask him anything more specific about it.



Glad to see TJ back. Hope that all Maroth’s troubles were injury related, and that the time off will heal them. Is it just me though or does it seem that we’ve had a lot of tendinitis problems this year?

Glad to have TJ’s help, especially with our worn out bullpen. I really hope Maroth’s troubles truly are injury related. If he can solve his issues, I like his stuff and attitude. I can see him as our 4th or fifth man in the rotation next year. Of course, that all depends on what’s out there and what his contract situation with us is…neither of which I know off the top of my head. (Matt…have you considered starting a thread to discuss the games while they are being played – like now – with a “no rants” rule?)

Well, those exist elsewhere. This really is intended as my blog, and not a message board. If that rubs people the wrong way, I’m sorry, but I just don’t feel like policing open threads to make sure everything is on the level.


(makes sense…thanks for answering)

On Maroth…I wonder if this desabled list stint is simply intended to give Maroth a break to gather himself without the pressure of fixing his issues on the fly, or in game situations from the bullpen. ah well. All the best to him.

Speaking of injuries, how is AP’s elbow?

How is Wellemeyer coming along these days, and what is his projected role for the Cards? With Wells and Reyes finally coming around, Would Wellemeyer be another middle innings guy and a spot starter?

My grandson told me Monday night that the Cardinals “stink”! There he was in his STL cap and even at 10 Years old, he understood that Cardinals management has stuck their finger in the eye of Cardicals fans everywhere by not even trying to put a competitive team on the field after winning the World Series. The team that won the World Series wasn’t very good to begin with and they let the best pitchers go and now have nothing. The Cardinals are weak up the middle with the exception of Molina. No pitching at all, an injured and not top rate shortstop, not even a major league talent at 2nd base and an injured and over the hill center firelder. None of the team hits regularly includiong Puhols and he is having his worst year as a major leager. It could have been much better if the team had retained at least the starters from last year. Now they will waste several years to “develop” pitching and by that time the existing “stars” will be several years older and some will be retired. I am disgusted as you can tell and I feel that the owners and GM have mismanaged the present while cashing in on their World Series sizzle. I don’t even watch the games anymore.

pujols does hit regularly, “period.” .317 average, .980 ops, 24 bombs; these are superstar numbers, “period.” amazingly, it is true that these numbers are below his normal production levels, i can hear haters formulating counter arguments, “yeah, but with runners in scoring position he…” This year, with risp albert is hitting .300, with an ops of .1083.
THIS IS A SUPERSTAR. (and at the end of this year his worst year will probably still be 2002).

i will grant you this, it is a little disappointing to see the lower numbers. i think there are three factors: 1)haters like the last guy to post (he feels the pressure, he is after all human) 2) injury issues (he seems to walk with a chronic limp) 3) i think he may be older than his listed age (and if he is i’m certain the organization knows about it), and for this last reason, i don’t really blame him for cheating on his age a bit, it’s hard to get considered by scouts if your not young enough, imagine if he had told the truth and the cards wouldn’t bite because he was too old.

Schmit, you just managed to annoy me on your last post. I am tired of people saying he’s not the age he says, you have no proof that he’s not so stop with the accusations.

Are Reyes and Wells now the Cardinals’ best starting pitchers? Even if they aren’t… my, how the world turns.

Rick Ankiel has been called up! In view of this item (Johnson and Maroth), I wonder if a similar move will be made to make room for Ankiel, like someone else going on DL (I know Juan took one off the foot last night).

oops…didn’t mean to put that address in there…it’s wrong anyway…was distracted while typing that and typed what I said on the phone…sorry guys! I wouldn’t put an address to redirect from Matt’s site…anyway…cool news about Ankiel, though.

I’ve been a Cardinals fan since before you guys were born. Auggie was cheap and stubborn (he got mad at Steve Carlton because he wanted a few extra thousand dollars and got rid of him)but these new guys are insulting to true Cardinals fans. These days it takes a BIG investment to field a competitive team and they just won’t cough up the dough. Let’s face it the Cards were lucky to even make the playoffs last year, much less win the WS. The owners took the money and ran. Now the loyal fans are stuck watching a non-competitive and often embarrasing team. The Braves are a team that know how to go out and get the players they need, the Cardinals don’t. All these guys you are talking about are mediocre. The pitching staff is ALL AAA, the outfield even with Edmonds is average and the middle infield isn’t playoff calibre. Even my ten year old grandson knows, “the Cardinals Stink”.

Listen, rckoer…your comments are ridiculous. I would directly respond to them, but I don’t want to encourage you to post any more comments so far off topic. If you want to rant, please go somewhere else or wait for Matt to start a thread titled “Please tell me what you think of the Cardinals this year.”

RCK, sure there are real issues this year and the off-season wasn’t handled as well as it might have been (and who could argue about the Braves as a model franchise) but first off, your last post adds very little beyond your initial comment and, second, the Cardinals have been a regularly-improving, mid-market team for quite a few years with this year the first major downward blip in a decade.

Me, I’d like to see a deeper minor league system but look how long it took Milwaukee and Detroit to build theirs (tho the Twins and As-each with ownership far cheaper than the Cards-would be exceptions).

There have been a raft of injuries and a number of disappointments — all of which have been discussed here for some time, without us all agreeing. While there were questions about the outfield that probably ought to have been addressed, that doesn’t mean that El Kabayo or Sheffield would have been worth the price. There was no reason to expect Kennedy’s season to turn out as it has and there are many reasons to respect Eckstein (would you have reacted positively over the winter if he’d been traded or dropped? I wouldn’t have been).

Its a bad season, but rather unimaginably, its not yet a lost one… I wonder who it was who taught your grandson to have so little faith? We’re trying to raise our kids to be less fleeting in their allegiances than most are today (just as you, yourself, have been over the years.)

And, me, I’m hoping the Cardinals’ ownership and management is looking at the off-season as one filled with opportunity and one towards which all the money from last year and from this can be put to good use… however, this year finally turns out.

Lastly, if you ask me, more disgusting than Carleton — which was just stupid — was Curt Flood.

Thanks AR for your response unlike KR who wants to limit the thread to discussing minor league players.

Matthew is going to flip at some of these comments…

I hope Maroth gets what ever he needs worked out worked out. I glad TJ is back. I’ve always liked him. Big News adding Ankel to the lineup today. Can’t wait to see how he plays. I would put him in right. But that is just because im mad at Juan today.

Matt, what’s this’s reporting about Spiezio regarding a drug problem?

Ankiel’s up, he’s 1/4 with a 3 run homerun, Molina is 3/3 with a walk, Piniero pitched 6 innings of scoreless ball, the Cardinals have a 5 run lead, and Spiezio is being checked for drugs. That’s odd, I hope he’s not on steroid, I’d lose a lot of respect for him. The other stuff is great, I’m glad to see Ankiel back.

Congratulations to Rick Ankiel for making it back and for such a spectacular homerun tonight! I hope he continues to be successful in the majors because he has worked so hard to get there. He is a true inspiration to young people to work hard to achieve their dreams. Also, my prayers and best wishes go out to Scott Spiezio. He is one of my favorite Cardinals, and I hope he overcomes his problem. I’m pulling for him to make it all the way back to the team this season and stick around for a long time.

First, I need to apologize to Joel Piniero. Not for what I’ve said, but what I’ve thought. Joel, I hope this is a sign for what is to come from you. I am thrilled beyond belief for Rick Ankiel!
What a return! I recently responded to the minor leaguers that I have kept up with. Rick was at the top of my list. I hope for everybodies sake that Scott S. is clean of anything illegal. Guys, I’ve been a Carda fan, from here in Texas, since 1945. I listened, “watched” with my imagination, as Jack Buck, Harry Carrey,Joe Garagiola, and one or two others gave us a real-to-life account fo what Musial, Red, Country, Marty M., Harry the Hat, and others thrilled us bird fans.Max Lanier was trying to speed up his fast ball to 88!

I stayed w/the Cards through the hard times, the Lane trades, and into the 60s when, at mid-season, the Cards were something like 13 games down right at mid-season. Then they traded Broglio and ??? to the Cubbys for a .250 hitter. Some unknown guy naamed Lou Brock. I cried when Lefty went to the Phils. I winced when J.D. Drew was dealt off even though his production wasn’t great and his injuries were often. I bled with Flood, fully knowing that he was right. McGee was a winner! Besides Stan the Man Red,Country, and Lefty Carlton, I admired Gibby the most. Three Card catchers were true leaders. I’ll mention them later. I loved the “little ball” days of Whitey’s bitds. I was out at San Diego the day Whitey had just resigned hoping to get his and Mike Roarke’s autographs. No deal. We all get whizzed at things. That’s why they call us fans and “after-the-fact” experts.

It’s not too late. Cubs and Brew Crew might just fizzle out. Otherwise, we’ll just have to get “Western” with the management and make some deals over the winter. After all, we are the best fans in baseball. rckoerber, I’m probably older than you!

About time to see Ank in the Big birds lineup! I was a skeptic a few years ago when he said he wanted to play outfield but hes proven me wrong! 6 games thats all we are down I think with people getting healthy and a couple new faces we just might turn this season around! lets not give up hope!
We need to offer Pinero a multi year deal and lock him up hes young and I think he can do the job dont balk card we need pitching!

Sorry if it seems I’m hijacking the threat, but I’m not, this team should be a team that has young players. Next year I want a young outfield with Duncan, Ankiel and someone else, and maybe some younger players in the infield, and a few young arms in the starting rotation and bullpen: Wainwright, Reyes, etc.

Ya know… I had a lengthy and terse response to RCK all loaded up and ready to go, but in respect to His Royal Blogness, Matt, (NO sarcasm intended, Matt, just in case your alarm was going off), I’ve saved my response to RCK for another day. I can barely contain myself, though. ARGH! :-[

My take on Johnson & Maroth…

* TJ back in the ‘pen = GOOD. Nice to have him back…a lefty who can bring it. Ditch the bleach job, though, dude. I’m a Cali-fornian, and I wouldn’t even roll like that😉

* Maroth off the active list, regardless of the rationale, convoluted or legitimate = BETTER

At the very least, Maroth needs time to chill, disconnect from his recent flameouts and get well…be that psychologically, physically or both. In plain words, he’s not helping the team right now, but he deserves(?) the opportunity — albeit at a low-risk salary equivalent — to demonstrate he still has the skills to succeed at this level. He’s a good egg. Keep him. Get him well. See what happens. Lest we forget…in his first outing as a Cardinal starter, he was brilliant.

PS – Matt, when do we start looking to the future on this here blog? I may be in the minority, but I think this one (2007) is done, as much as it pains me to resign myself to that outcome. That, and responses to this thread are WAY the…you get the idea…out there.

mathdude5, you are a highly intelligent human being and I like the way you worded everything you just said, it sounded so intellectual. I am not sure, but maybe Maroth just hasn’t adjusted to the move to the National League, maybe he was comfortable with the Tigers, or maybe he really is just injured. It’s all too hard to know right now. I agree, he will be a nice guy to have in the future, he’s young, we can work with him, and we can hopefully develope him into a guy that could help this team out in the future. I think that after we activate him from the DL, I think that’s where he’s at, isn’t it? Anyways, we should send him to the minors for a bit, let him get comfortable pitching as a member of the Cardinals organization, then bring him back up judged on how he did down there, try to work with him, some bullpen work, then some starts, see how he does. Then if all goes well, make him your number 5 starter for next year. I seem to have noticed that Kip Wells has really been improving over his last 10 games pitched, this is really good for the team, he’s doing what the team wanted him to do. I say if he finishes the year strong, make him your number 3 or 4 starter for next year and see how he works out next year. If it doesn’t work out all so well, designate him for assignment and try some other people. Maybe a starting rotation of Kip Wells, Mark Mulder, Adam Wainwright, Joel Piniero, and Anthony Reyes for next year. A rotation with a couple of veterans and a few youngster, that’d be nice to see. Then if all goes well, when Carpenter returns we can either move to a 6 man rotation or move Kip to the bullpen if he doesn’t do so good, then if Reyes doesn’t do good that’s when we should try out Maroth. I would like to see the Cardinals get some nice youngster to play for this team next year.

Anyone have any feelings about the David Wellsification of MLB… me, I’m just flabbergasted that Roger Clemens (who I can’t stand) got five games for the classic, traditional and obviously careful plunking of Alex Rios the other night. We desperately need a Commissioner who wasn’t and an owner and doesn’t think like one, or so it seems from here in mid-Michigan.

i suspect clemens is on performance enhancers

Does anyone know if Matthew is okay? He hasn’t made an appearance here in a while and some Daniel Berk guy has been writing all the stories for Last I heard of Matt was in a pre-game interview the other day on the radio.

Matthew’s probably fine. Berk is the college study for the year, learning the trade and stuff like that from Mr. Leach. I think he’s doing a pretty good job. Matthew probably took the homestead off to let Berk handle it/visit with his family.

Because I bad mouth Tony LaRussa, regularly, I’d like to give props when deemed appropriate. Like this quote from Daniel’s piece about Encarnacion’s 3rd straight game out of the lineup…”When a player goes out there, you have to give 100 percent of offense, baserunning, defense. There are parts of his game he can play better. We need it. If you want playing time, you have to do it.” Thank you Tony, for finally telling Juan E. to “Play a Hard Nine”. That is, afterall, your philosophy. Good job T. And also would like to say I really enjoyed seeing Tony’s emotions flow after Ankiel’s first homer in his first game back. I can’t say I’ve ever seen him show that much emotion. (Except maybe when he’s mad at a pitcher for throwing near someone’s head).

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