UPDATED: Kennedy out, Ryan up, Encarnacion scratched

Greetings, all… Your faithful correspondent is back from a little family time (including sitting in the stands to see Anks’ display yesterday — wow).

Today’s news:

Adam Kennedy has been placed on the 15-day DL with a torn medial meniscus (that’s in the knee, for those of you who don’t care much for the names of bones and ligaments and whatnot). In his place, Brendan Ryan has been recalled from Memphis. Ryan is starting today at third base, with Rolen taking a previously scheduled day off. Miles is starting at second. Elsewhere in today’s lineup, Ankiel is playing center, Ludwick left and Encarnacion right.

CORRECTION/UPDATE: Encarnacion has been scratched. So Taguchi is starting in center field and batting fifth, and Rick Ankiel is playing right field and batting second. Ryan Ludwick has moved up from 5th to 4th in the order.



Kennedy out with a torn meniscus. Oops, that sounds like arthroscopic surgery at the very least. Makes me wonder how long he’s been nursing that injury. Which knee? If it occurred some time back — say, May, for example😉 — it might explain his dismal year at the plate.

Ryan back in the fold. Sweeeet! With Ankiel up for good — hopefully, as he’s out of options — it seems as though management is road testing for 2008 (and beyond). Hope springs eternal.

Glad you got to spend time with the fam, Matt. We missed you around here, though.

Hey, Matt! Glad to have you back. Heard your interview on the radio – good job.

Any news on why Juan was scratched? I know what I’ve read says moving Juan in the offseason seems more likely than moving him now, but his relationship with La Russa and the club seems strained with the arrival of Ankiel. Any thoughts?


That is the mystery of the day. Hope to know more soon.

If Anks hits like that when you are in the stands, we may need you to do that more often M.

If Tony hears about you being in the stands, as superstitious as he is, he might pull some strings and demand you sit in the stands from now on.

Heh… Y’all may be right.

Club official reports that TLR said Encarnacion’s knee is “barking.”


Re: Encarnacion

I hope something’s afoot — trade-wise.

Consider this…

Encarnacion’s value may actually be higher now than it will be over the winter. A contender trying to fill an immediate need may decide they like him. Stop laughing — it could happen.

In the end, the Cardinal organization just needs to find a team that values Encarnacion’s services (and has a sense of urgency about that need) more than they do (no duh). A buyer in need is likely to pay more now, so why not send him on his way while the market is near it’s peak?

Over the winter, the sense of urgency shifts to the seller’s side of the equation, and their (the Cardinal organization’s) negotiating leverage is appreciably diminished.

Well, the only thing about leverage is this —

Given how he’s pretty much buried right now, every team knows the Cards are, um, a motivated seller. So it’s sort of like the Jack Wilson/Pirates situation — when everybody knows you’re dying to get rid of a guy, your leverage drops drastically.

We’ll see, though…


I think Jocketty still has one or two more big trades left in his mind, one of those i hope involve Juan if he isn’t going to get playing time. Is there any preparations for the thought that Ankiel may be a flash in the pan (which I really hope never happens)

It’s probably too late, but we should have let the air out of the tires of the Dodger bus and play them three or four more times!
How ’bout our “Short Cards!” Eck, Miles, with help from Ludwick, Ryan, and Ankiel. Hope this is a sign! A.R. delivers from the mound again like the management has expected of him. Big series coming up. It isn’t totally critical, but some ground could be gained in a hurry.

Sorry about A. Kennedy. steady glove and offered some timely hits now and then.

Yes guys, I can see a possible trade coming up. The last two series with west coast teams might just wake up some people. With Rolen doing well with rest, plus old “Hollywood,” things are looking good. Dunc can get hot again, too. With “Fat Albert,” anything can happen

Tony, we’re with you, Babe!

Hope the Baylor Bear can pick up a win in Millertown, Tuesday. He can do it!

TLR has always liked having spare pieces on the chessboard to make moves with. We didn’t see them in the LA series because he clearly wanted to see what Ankiel could do, but Tony is still who he is. I do confess some surprise that Encarnacion didn’t bat in the 9th on Friday instead of Ludwick, but that was really about the only opportunity all series to insert Encarnacion in a “strategic” situation.

There is also the point that as weird as the roster looks right now, with all those outfielders and only one spare infielder, there’s not really much choice. Unless I’m missing something (Hoffpauir?), there’s nobody playing SS/3B in the farm system that looks major-league ready. Under those circumstances, why not keep an extra outfielder and press Taguchi into emergency duty around second if push comes to shove?

All of that said, one of TLR’s shortcomings as a manager — and to be sure, he has more strengths than shortcomings — is unnecessary tendency to make sure that his doghouse is occupied. This doesn’t seem like a good time for Encarnacion to be designated for that task, whether he deserves it or not. I’d rather see him playing some now, if for no other reason than to be able to dangle him as trade bait under conditions that do *not* look like a dump.

Talk about rich farm systems, look at what the Cards have had to draw on this year. The club now has 3 guys capable of starting any day that were all on the Memphis roster in April, and Skip is still down in Memphis waiting for Sept. 1. I have to admit that I didn’t think much of Skip early on, but the last time he came up, he made a good impresstion with some very timely hits and a respectable BA.

I’m not real concerned about “getting something” for Juan. We have an abundance of outfielders and outfield prospects. Our pitching is looking like it can at least hold it’s own. We probably won’t want to be in a HUGE buying mode for starting pitching until we see what we have in Carp and Mulder. So…really…what are we REALLY looking to buy with him? Anything we could get for him won’t be much (if any) upgrade from what we have. However…I AM interested in moving him just so we can put his 6.5 million dollar salary to better use. I can’t see paying starting outfielder salary for a guy who just isn’t our best option in right field most days. Quite frankly, I don’t care if we are a motivated seller or not…for me, it’s not about what we can get for him. It’s about what we can do without him. It’s time to move on. Juan just didn’t work out in St. Louis.

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