Attaboy, Caleb

Pittsburgh is normally my town for odd amusements, but Milwaukee has delivered some fun over these couple of days.

This morning, around 11 or so, I heard what sounded like somebody practicing guitar in the next room over at the hotel. It wasn’t too loud or anything, so it wasn’t a big deal. Then, a few minutes later, I realized that it was actually a band warming up — and they ended up playing apparently right outside my window. Fortunately, they were excellent. So if you’re in Milwaukee and you get the chance to go hear Reilly, I’d definitely recommend you do so. Raucous Irish rock. The kind of thing you want to hear as you’re downing half-and-half pints in an Irish pub.

But really, the highlight of the day came just a few moments ago, on the big video board in center field at Miller Park. The following text message was displayed:


Congratulations indeed. Be good to that pig. Can he swing from a web? No, he can’t. He’s a pig.



Is it Spider-pig?

Sorry…couldn’t resist :-p

He’s not Spiderpig anymore. He’s Harry Plopper.



I was elected to lead, not to read.

You smiled, I’m off the hook.

Has anyone seen how far they estimate that shot from Pujols went last night? I was at the game and all of us agreed that would have been one of the longest balls any of us had ever seen had it not smashed into the scoreboard.

It was listed at 445.

Man woulda thought it was longer than that… oh well. Still a rocket and most impressive. Thanks Matt!!


If Juan isn’t expected to play this road trip, and it really is because of his knee, why don’t the Cardinals put him on the 15-day DL (backdated) and call up Schumaker rather than play shorthanded on a critical trip?

Thanks! (not trying to get off topic…but i’m not really sure what the topic is for this post…you know…other than Simpsons’ quotes) 🙂

On the HR — I’ve long held the opinion that visiting players are docked 10 percent or so, at every ballpark. I suspect if Fielder had hit that ball, the estimated distance might have been higher.

And as for Juan, well, I agree in theory. (Sure, Marge, IN THEORY — in theory, communism works! In THEORY.) However, it appears that in practice, he may not be out that long after all — check my notebook when it goes up a little later today.


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